Live Q&A: What else can a lawyer do?

According to a poll of junior lawyers on The Law Society website, a whopping 85% would consider an alternative career to law.

Far from being a case of the grass being greener on the other side though, a closer look at the comments from those who voted suggest many have no option other than looking outside law as they struggle to find openings for newly qualified lawyers.

And on top of this, responses also suggest many of those pursuing alternative careers are finding it tough, with some fearing their legal experience has made them too specialised — while others worry employers are wary about hiring career changers in case they were planning to return to law.

With little good news in the legal industry — The Times reported last year how as many as 10,000 lawyers could be out of work as the legal business faced the worst slump in decades — many lawyers could also find themselves facing an entirely unplanned career change.

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