Live Q&A: Behind the scenes jobs in TV

From pretending to be a baby elephant and setting the questions on Mastermind to designing a set on Coronation Street — this is all unsung work which goes on behind the scenes in television.

I recently got a fascinating glimpse into the varied working life of TV professionals behind the camera in a recent Guardian Television and Radio article.

Ever heard of a foley artist? No, me neither. They recreate everyday sounds for use in film-making. Ben Jones, who works in this role, told Guardian writer Becky Barnicoat how he uses gardening gloves, a concrete floor and sand to help make the sound of a snake — and how custard powder is perfect for recreating the sound of walking in snow.

If foley artistry isn’t your bag, there is a huge variety of different careers in the television industry being carried out by its 55,800-strong workforce. To help you get to grips with opportunities behind the scenes, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to answer your questions — join them at 1pm on 13 October.

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