Live Q&A: Getting a graduate job in engineering

Recently, a senior manager of a European engineering company stated his organisation has a “huge and dire need for skilled people” and “could not recruit the talent it needed from the developed world”.

You don’t need to look far to find other employers who have their own recruitment woes. James Dyson, he of fancy vacuum cleaner and funky hand-dryer fame, has also struggled to recruit at his Wiltshire-based firm and has often spoken out about Britain’s lack of engineering graduates.

With their skills in such high demand, it isn’t too surprising that existing engineering students say they feel pretty good about their prospects after graduation. More than nine out of 10 students are confident about their career prospects when they finish studying, a recent survey revealed

There are fears, however, that some of the UK’s engineering talent could be lured away by opportunities in the US and emerging economies such as India and China. Which is not going to help the recruiters mentioned above, that’s for sure.

So, what does all this mean if you’re considering a career in engineering? If you are one of these coveted engineering students, what skills are employers expecting and what types of opportunities are there in the UK right now? Addressing these questions and more will be a panel of engineers and industry experts. Join them on 15 June between 1pm and 4pm – advance questions welcome below.

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