Live Q&A: Thinking about a career in human resources?

Yes, it’s partly down to the fact I’m nosy, but I’ve always wondered what’s like being the other side of the desk at a job interview; I’m fascinated to see how people perform while they’re being grilled under pressure.

Still, there’s plenty of insight out there from those who who make a living out of finding the right people for the roles they are aiming to fill. A big no-no for HR director at Starbucks Sandra Porter, by the way, is people who criticise their current employers, while for FedEx’s HR managing director Kevin Dunkeld it’s waffling on for the sake of it which sees candidates on a swift path to the rejection pile.

A career in HR is not just about hiring and firing, though, and the responsibilities involved can vary hugely depending on the size, nature and sector of an organisation.

In a recent Q&A, senior HR manager Claire Hill explained how the world of HR job titles can be pretty confusing. Claire explained how she’s worked for organisations where a HR executive was one of the most junior roles, while at others it was one of the most senior.

So, to help you wade through the job titles and decide whether it’s the career for you, we’re taking a closer look at the what HR professionals do. Join us to quiz a panel of industry experts – they’ll be offering the low-down on how they keep a happy workforce and answering questions about everything from CIPD qualifications to the importance of employment law knowledge on 14 June. And hopefully I’ll get some insights into sitting on the other side of the interview table…

Join us from 1pm until 4pm – advance questions welcome below.

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