Live Q&A: Working for think tanks

Time working at a thinktank features heavily on the the well-trodden path to Westminster — Patricia Hewitt and David Miliband are among the big names who helped cut their political teeth in the ideas industry.

With many researchers lured into government — or becoming MPs — after working for a thinktank, it is clear the skills gained influencing policymakers are in demand. If you’ve got your eye on a Downing Street career, it certainly seems like time spent working for a thinktank could be an asset to your CV.

But what does it take to break into this area? A head for research is, of course, is vital for many roles — but central to the objective of thinktanks is getting their message across, so new recruits with journalism and public relations experience are particularly desirable.

According to Tim Walker from the Independent, thinktanks are operating in a media-driven political environment — so good PR and communications are at the core of the operation.

So, if you think you could help a thinktank influence prime ministers, whether it is through a research role, or another area you’d like to specialise in, join our panel of experts in a live Q&A on October 25 at 1pm.

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