Live Q&A: What can I do with a management degree?

If you’ve ever had a bad boss you’ll know how important management skills are and while you could spend years reading all the books on the topic, last year our experts summed up the key points.

First, it’s important you remember that while it’s nice to be liked, respect trumps popularity and you’ll earn it on the back of good decisions and proven management expertise. So, to gain this expertise, you’ll need to get your head around the skills required to manage effectively. And be warned, one expert likened managing to spinning plates in a circus act – to avoid disaster, you need to keep an eye on all of them at once.

So, for those with their sights firmly set on a leadership position someday, you could do worse than gaining a degree in management studies. A recent Guardian Money article found that management grads are widely sought for graduate schemes across all sectors, as recruiters look for those that have the potential to progress to leadership roles.

But with options in professions ranging from marketing and sales to retail and finance, and covering everything in between, how do you find the one which is right for you? And more importantly, how do you show the skills you’ve gained?

To answer these questions we’ve rounded up a panel of experts who will be talking about the the common career paths management graduates follow and the transferable skills they have. Plus they’ll be taking your questions and offering advice on what to do with your management studies degree. Join our live Q&A on Wednesday 29 June from 1pm until 4pm – advance questions are welcome below.

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Our panel:

David Pardey is head of research and policy for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Louisa Roberts is the careers manager for the MSc Management course at Cass Business School.

Katie Best is head of postgraduate management programmes and principal lecturer at BPP Business School.

Dr Julie Crumbley is acting associate dean at Newcastle Business School (NBS), Northumbria University.

Alison Collins has seven years experience in graduate recruitment and careers work. She and has worked with postgraduate business students at Warwick Business School for the past year.

Barbara Sargent is programme leader for the BA Business Management (In-company) at Nottingham Business School.

Simon Dove is head of Centre for Work-Based Learning at the University of Gloucestershire.

Dr Niall Piercy is a senior lecturer in management and director of studies for the BSc Business Administration at the University of Bath School of Management.

Nicole Corr is marketing manager at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Dr Lucy Newton is a senior lecturer in management at Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Anthony Smith is a student on the Msc Management course at Warwick Business School. He will complete his studies this September, before starting a role on a graduate scheme.

Jon Fanning is a teaching fellow in employment and skills and the deputy provost of Goodricke College at the University of York.

Paul Davies is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Society at the University of Glamorgan.

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