Live Q&A: Graduate career options in hospitality

At £4,500 a head, you’ll probably won’t find many recent graduates enjoying the hospitality packages available at Olympic gold-medal events next year.

However, you might find them working there, because there appears to have been rather a lot of interest in careers in this sector recently.

That’s according to careers website Prospects, who say they’ve noticed a surge in traffic from graduates checking out the hospitality, tourism and sport sections on the site. Last January this sector was actually the most popular on the website.

So, what if you are keen to follow in the footsteps of the likes of restaurateur Michel Roux Jr or famous hotelier Alex Polizzi? Well, one employment expert reckons grads could find a good launch pad into a hospitality career at the Olympics.

Tom Hadley, director of policy at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, explained how the plentiful Olympic-related jobs which will be up for grabs are a good first step in the industry for recent graduates, and could lay the foundations for a future managerial role.

Still, if you’re not able to hotfoot it over to east London come 2012, there’s still plenty of scope for starting a career in this sector. Charlie Ball, deputy research director at The Higher Education Careers Service (HECSU), recently explained: “A lot of students have done work in the industry as part of their degree and many will be familiar and comfortable with it. It’s a career that’s open to people regardless of what their speciality is.”

So, if you are considering a hospitality-related career and you want to know more about the types of roles graduates go into within the sector, we’re holding a live Q&A on 24 June from 1pm until 4pm. Find out what employers are looking for, what skills are in demand and whether extra training is required with our panel of industry experts.

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