Live Q&A: Can I still get a job in the arts?

So, the wait is over. The Arts Council has revealed who is in luck and who has missed out after carrying out the onerous task of passing on overall government cuts of 15%.

Going by the regular distressed posts in our forums, it’s been pretty tough anyway finding a job in the arts in recent years. So, the news more than 200 arts organisations have lost Arts Council funding – with many more having money cut – doesn’t really make for encouraging news for graduate job seekers.

That said, cuts over in the public sector haven’t put graduates off. A recent poll of 15,000 students discovered 29% want to work in the public sector, making it the most popular career destination among those surveyed, despite the government’s swingeing programme of job cuts.

So, should changes to funding put you off looking for work? What opportunities are out there for graduates still keen to pursue a career in the arts? And, what do employers look for when they are hiring? Ask these questions and more in our live Q&A on 15 April, live between 1pm to 4p

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