Can Facebook Get You a Job?

At Monster, we believe that effectively using social media is an important part of the modern job search. So when bloggers and journalists pose the question “Can Facebook Get You a Job?” We say, “Sure, it can! That’s part of the reason we created our award-winning Facebook application, BeKnown — to help people use Facebook to advance their careers and create professional networks.”

According to this very interesting infographic (below), from MBA Online, 16 percent of Americans say they found their current job via an online social network. That’s up from 11 percent in 2010.

What this infographic points at but doesn’t quite discuss is the fact that modern job search isn’t limited to one platform or medium. You may find out about a job on, research the company on social media, turn to a BeKnown contact to find an “in” at the company, and then prepare for your interview by visiting the company’s career site — or some other combination. Using all the tools available to you is important.

The information here points to the growing importance of Facebook in a job search. Make sure you’re getting the most you can from Facebook today, with Monster’s free professional networking app on Facebook, BeKnown.

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