Working For Love [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’re a student working part-time or you’ve been gainfully employed for years, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been attracted to (or at least noticed) one of your fellow coworkers. Spending considerable amounts of time with someone allows you to get to know them fairly well, whether you want to or not. But sometimes, “getting to know” someone can foster some unexpected feelings.

Perhaps your cubicle is particularly proximal to a certain attractive coworker, or maybe you find yourself covering the same shifts as that other employee who makes your heart beat a little faster. Whatever the scenario, having feelings for someone you work with can be hugely euphoric, or entirely problematic. It may or may not come as a surprise that, in fact, a surprisingly small percentage of businesses have a written, functioning, “office-dating policy.” Because of this, entering into a relationship with a coworker can feel pretty confusing. Whether you’d jump at the chance to date a coworker, or you’d never even think about doing so, the world of inter-coworker dating is full of some interesting facts.

The following infographic explores the ins and outs of dating a coworker—not sure if you think dating your fellow worker would be smart or not? Read for yourself and find out!

Working For Love

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