Why students need Expert Career Advice?

Culture, Diversity and Unity, these are the words that pop into people’s mind when they speak about India. Rather, these are the terms the people of the world apply to us. If we look at the current scenario, Indians are making leaps and strides in various fields. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, SundarPichai, the CEO of Google, Rajeev Suri, CEO and President of Nokia, these are just a few of the names we see in our everyday lives.

The question that arises is that if Indians can accomplish why more people don’t find their fame in the limelight? The answer is the lack of proper career guidance that plagues our country. The mentality of each and every Indian household is to look for stability and security in careers rather than taking risks. Most people rely on the advice of their parents, relatives or peers while choosing a field instead of opting for one which will unlock their hidden potential.  Engineering, MBA, Medicine and Government jobs, these are the fields nearly 70% of the Indian population chooses. In today’s times, there are so many different sectors where people can enhance their skills and make a spot for themselves yet the lack of awareness about the same and the ‘follow the family legacy’ trends have severely affected the possibilities that are available in the market.

Expert Career Guidance is the way which not only helps people know where their skills lie, but also informs of the various opportunities available to them. Lack of knowledge about various sectors in the market is one of the primary causes for Indian being not able to make a stronghold in various fields. Currently, there are various career guidance counsellors and websites dedicated to ensuring that people do not take a ‘leap of faith’ when it comes to their career, but if you draw a chart of their presence, you will see that the numbers are abysmal. In a country of nearly 2 billion people, we are obsessed with producing more and more engineers and doctors rather than authors, chefs, journalists and such. An environment of creativity is being neglected in favour of an environment of stability and blandness.

A good career guidance counsellor instructs, informs and educates the candidate of their hidden potential and helps them discover the fields in which he/she can excel in. At this stage, it is essential that career counselling  be inculcated right from the school level itself so that when students choose their courses in Intermediate and their graduation, they are able to make a well informed decision instead of blindly following the advice of a third party who has no knowledge about the person’s potential and abilities.

If the right steps are taken by both the Public and Private Sector in establishing a strong career guidance base, it will be evident in the next decade that students will not make career decisions based on a whim and fancies but rather will choose the fields which will best suit their aptitude and personality. This trend will not only produce a society of skilled individuals in various fields, but will also help people lead a happy and stress free life!

About the Author :

Renu Kishor ,works as Search Engine Optimization Analyst @ CareerGuide.com. Beside her work she also has a keen interest in counselling students to take the right stride towards achieving their career goals. She like to write, listen to music beside travelling to exotic location.

image credits: Stuart Miles

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