Why Flexibility Is So Important For Modern MBA Programs

Choosing the right MBA program for your career goals can be intimidating. So many programs claim to be targeted towards certain core subjects like finance, entrepreneurship, or marketing. Sadly, the reality of most MBA programs is that the focus is usually very general, leaving students with a solid knowledge of relevant topics, but seldom with a deep understanding of the big picture. This can hold students back when it comes to job opportunities, as many employers are looking for students with a certain amount of experience and expertise.

In order to overcome this, many MBA programs are designing flexible curricula that cater to students who are in need of more substantial experience or who wish to do an MBA concurrently with other Masters programs or designations. The Laurier MBA is a prime example of this. Students are able to study part-time in Toronto and full-time in Waterloo, maximizing their ability to take advantage of the opportunities in both locations.

Additionally, students are able to build their working experience as they study. The Laurier MBA offers co-op programs wherein students can study full-time for part of the 20-month program, and gain valuable professional experience during the same period. With an impressive 100 percent employment rate for these co-op work terms, this means that even the least experienced of students can bolster their resumes.

For students who wish to work and study concurrently, some MBA programs offer part-time classes on weekends. This is ideal for those students with financial pressure, or those who wish to stay with the same employer, but need the accreditation to accelerate their careers. With its multiple campuses, the Laurier MBA leads the way in offering students more options.

Students can earn a Part time MBA in Toronto or in Waterloo and maintain their current professional positions. The Laurier Toronto MBA campus also offers students the opportunity to gain both an MBA with the CPA designation, or the new double degree, MBA and the Master of Finance.

The notion of receiving an MBA and another designation concurrently is becoming increasingly popular. As mentioned, employers seek candidates with a very specific skill-set that usually involves specialization and deep understanding of specific concepts. An MBA degree by itself is highly sought after, but students who can claim both an MBA and another coveted designation are perfectly prepared for the job market. MBA programs offered by Laurier providestudents the ability to achieve their MBA degrees while studying for a Masters of Finance degree or a CPA designation at the same time. They offer MBA specializations, such as the Innovation & Entrepreneur MBA, which provide students with that deep knowledge that will put them at the top of the employment piles after graduation.

There was a time when an MBA by itself was adequate to find employment in a variety of industries, positions, and locations. Today, however, this is no longer the case. MBAs must prove to their employers that their business knowledge is not merely superficial. An MBA program that offers students a variety of different study options while also being dynamic, flexible, and forward thinking is exactly what we need to thrive in today’s job market.



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