What to Look For in a Professional Training School

Everywhere we go today there is some form of advertising for education or training programs to get you prepare you for a good job. Many of these programs cost an affordable fee but it is really worth it if you are not given the connections or resources to find opportunity after training.

Almost 50 % of college student today are returning home jobless after graduation. Some certification programs and training schools are the same way unfortunately. The important thing to do is to find a training program that will not only teach you had to perform adequately in your career but give you the opportunity to have one as well.

Here are some key things to look for when seeking out training or certification to start a particular career:

Demand for Occupation

Just because a school or training program is advertising knowledge and certification to you, doesn’t mean there is sufficient opportunity in that field. Every gym has a flyer for a workshop to become a certified Personal Trainer but the bigger question is whether or not the gym is hiring.

In this economy time and money are the two most valuable things and we don’t want to waste them paying for training that will not help us flourish later on. Figure out what you are passionate about and see what the demand is and if it is worth the money to pay for training.

Work for Training

The companies that are safest to work for are the ones that guarantee you a job after training you. Training programs like flight schools or truck driving schools usually have the stipulation that if they train you, you must work for them for at least a year.

Transport and healthcare professions are the fields that seem to have the most of these programs. A nurse who receives her training from one place usually has an internship program set up with another hospital which can eventually turn into a job for you.

Proper Certification

People in this economy are willing to do grotesque things to make money. This includes lying to people who are looking for honest training and work. Craigslist is littered with advertisements about “Marketing” jobs that turn out to be door-to-door sales.

These people will pull you in, charge up-front fees to train you, give you a certificate, and then send you out to a dead-end job that you end up quitting a month later. A solicitor’s license costs as high as $1,500 in some states and only covers certain counties and almost all “sales” or “marketing” scams don’t even require you to get one to work for them.

If you get caught soliciting in an unfriendly neighborhood without proper credentials, that is a misdemeanor and a fine for trying to make a living with a company that sent you out in the field without proper certification.

Quality of Training

Becoming an electrician, plumber, nurse, trucker, welder, or pilot on paper definitely qualifies you to get into the field but it is important to get your training from somewhere reputable. When scoping out a training program look at what people who have gone through it have done afterwards.

One of the worst situations to be in is interviewing with someone who has already hired and fired three people that were trained at the same place as you. A supervisor will look at your resume and partially make up his/her mind when they see where you got your education.

It’s usually competitive and might be a little more expensive but it is a better investment to get training from somewhere that is reputable and when get frowned at when a supervisor reads your resume.

The current economy is tough and competitive which is why efficient training that gives you a legitimate chance at a career is important to look for. The best training program you could find is the one where a certified, profitable job is already waiting for you at the end.

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