What Companies Are In The Healthcare Field?

More potential care alternatives are now possible thanks to developments in healthcare, whether they come from data and communications, research and clinical trials, medical technologies, or consumer products. The leading businesses all share one thing in common: they are altering how we live and deal with one of the most crucial aspects of our lives, our health. These healthcare organizations are assessed based on various criteria, including the caliber of the management team, organizational performance, client adoption, and business expansion.

Numerous job opportunities are available in the healthcare sector. There are numerous occupations in this service industry to consider, including those in corporate health care, insurance, IT, engineering, and medicine. Finding the best employer for you might be aided by becoming familiar with some larger healthcare organizations.

This article will examine 20 distinct healthcare organizations and provide details on their location, size, areas of medical specialization, and benefits provided.

1. CVS Health

A significant pharmacy retail chain is CVS Health. In addition to its line of medical supplies, various retail goods, and clinical health care services, CVS, founded in 1963, offers pharmaceutical services. CSV Heath has an office in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and employs more than 10,000 people. They also have a division for health insurance. They employ specialists at the corporate and retail levels to manufacture, supply and dispense medicines and other goods. Full-time employees of CVS Health receive several perks, such as health and dental insurance. Employee discounts at any retail chain are also available to CVS employees.

2. Amerisource Bergen

AmerisourceBergen, a pharmaceutical business founded in 2001, creates and distributes medicines and other healthcare supplies. They deliver brand-name and generic medical products to pharmacies, health clinics, and other shops. They give multinational healthcare providers access to medical goods internationally as a worldwide enterprise. Full-time employees of AmerisourceBergen may be eligible for benefits like health and life insurance. Additionally, they can qualify for a signing bonus, flexible scheduling options, a retirement plan, and stock purchase opportunities. More than 10,000 people work at AmerisourceBergen situated in the Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, workplace.

3. Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health creates and distributes pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to customers, healthcare professionals, and retailers. They were founded in 1971, and its goal is to coordinate patient care by ensuring that retailers and medical service providers have access to products for use and delivery. They work with senior administrators, distribution managers, and drug developers. Cardinal Health offers health, dental, and vision insurance to its employees. They might also have a 401k, a retirement plan, and educational benefits. Most employees must be employed full-time by the business to be eligible for these benefits. The workplace is in Dublin, Ohio, and it has greater than 10,000 personnel

4. Johnson and Johnson

A significant worldwide firm, Johnson & Johnson, was established in 1885. They focus on producing over-the-counter medicines, prescription drugs, medical equipment, and supplies. They are a group of over 275 companies that make medical items. Johnson & Johnson offers administration, office management, development, research, and sales opportunities. A variety of products are distributed to wholesalers, hospitals, and retailers within the medical equipment and diagnostics division. Hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, clinics, doctors, nurses, and therapists primarily use these in the professional world. These goods include those from Cordis for managing circulatory disorders, DePuy for orthopedic joint repair, spinal care, and sports medicine, and Ethicon for surgical care and women’s health. This employer offers benefits like vision and health insurance to full-time employees. Johnson & Johnson is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with over 10,000 workers.

5. Allscripts

Allscripts, an information technology business founded in 1986, specializes in developing technical fixes for issues facing the healthcare sector. They create software for managing electronic health records that aid in administering medical facilities and hospitals. Additionally, this business makes accounting and analytical software for hospitals. Software developers, IT operations and help desk personnel, information design specialists, and sales representatives are all positions inside this organization. This corporation frequently offers its employees health, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance coverage. Additionally, they have alternatives for retirement planning. The workplace is in Chicago, Illinois, and there are 5,001 to 10,000 employees.

6. Unitedhealth Group

An international corporation that offers insurance and health care services is the UnitedHealth Group. The organization, founded in 1977, provides health services under the Optum name. Optum specializes in offering services related to medical technology. It provides insurance services for individuals and businesses under the UnitedHealthcare name. Both individuals who are employed and those who have retired can get insurance through the insurance division. Both local and international clients are served. This employer offers full-time employees health, dental, vision, and disability insurance. Additionally, they can be eligible for loan forgiveness or repayment plan choices. The workplace is in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with over 10,000 employees.

7. Walgreens Boots Alliance

The Walgreens Boots Alliance corporation has owned and run a chain of drugstores since its merger in 2014. They also own distribution and wholesale pharmacies. The business runs three segments: a pharmaceutical wholesaler, an international retail chain, and a national retail chain. They have a global chain under the Boots brand name, even though they predominantly operate under the Walgreens brand in the United States. Depending on whether they work total- or part-time hours, this organization offers a wide range of beneficial alternatives to its employees. For instance, they provide insurance benefits, paid time off, professional development, and gifts for tuition. Deerfield, Illinois, serves as the office’s site, with over 10,000 employees.

8. Cigna

Founded in 1865, Cigna is a leading provider of insurance worldwide. This business provides connected healthcare goods and services and medical, disability, life, dental, and accident insurance coverage. Their staff gathers information and develops insurance package policies that they will sell through their company. They provide a variety of advantages to their full-time workers. These perks include health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. For individuals wishing to further their education, they also provide a program that reimburses tuition. Additionally, Cigna provides flexible schedule choices, allowing employees in some jobs to work from home. The office is in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and more than 10,000 people work there.

9. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Children’s cancer research and treatment are the focus of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The hospital was established in 1962 and had numerous locations nationwide to serve children everywhere. The hospital employs medical experts in identifying and treating different types of pediatric cancer such as nurses, laboratory technicians, and doctors. As a research facility, St. Jude’s also employs research scientists and experts in the design of medical technologies. To direct and coordinate its operations, the hospital also needs administrators and supervisors at both the corporate and chain levels. Memphis, Tennessee, serves as the office’s location and employs 1,000–5,000 people.

10. Kaiser Permanente

The nonprofit healthcare organization Kaiser Permanente was established in 1945. They run numerous hospitals and clinics across the nation and offer their customers insurance. They employ various medical professionals and specialists because they run multiple medical facilities, including nurses, doctors, technicians, mental health therapists, and social workers. To maintain its administrative activities, they also employ corporate specialists. They use insurance experts who create benefit packages for clients through their insurance section. Full-time employees at this business may receive perks, including vision and health insurance. More than 10,000 people work at the Oakland, California, headquarters.

11. Bayada Home Health Care

Bayada Home Health Care, established in 1975, offers in-home healthcare services to those with disabilities and chronic health issues. By providing medical and emotional assistance at the patient’s home, they primarily focus on improving the quality of life for people with complicated medical problems. As a provider of home health services, Bayada employs licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, and registered nurses. Additionally, they might hire social work experts, administrative directors, and mental health therapists. This organization offers full-time employees health, dental, vision, and life insurance. More than 10,000 people work at the Moorestown, New Jersey, workplace.

12. Mckesson

The 1833-founded McKesson Corporation creates goods related to health care services, supplies, and information technology. Clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical firms, and other healthcare providers can use their services. The equipment and resources they require to do their jobs well are provided by companies that provide medical care in direct collaboration with their employees. For assistance with their supply management, information technology systems, and clinical service offerings, as an illustration, they consult with healthcare professionals. Benefits, including paid time off, parental leave, and health insurance, are available to full-time workers. Additionally, they might get employee discounts and a gym membership. Irving, Texas, serves as the office’s site and employs more than 10,000 people.

13. Memorial Sloan Kettering

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s cancer treatment and research facility are situated in New York. They were established in 1884 and offer their patients private, all-inclusive cancer care. They employ full-time medical personnel and have a robust program for training physicians. General practitioners, oncology specialists, nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, and other medical support personnel are all employed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. Additionally, they work with research associates who do clinical trials and study cancer. This employer provides perks like retirement plan options, gym membership, insurance coverage, and tuition reimbursement. The office has over 10,000 employees and is located in New York, New York.

14. Trilogy Health Services

A healthcare organization called Trilogy Health Services offers complete senior care. They have been in business since 1997, and they own and run senior residential care facilities and outpatient clinics specializing in memory care and rehabilitation. Trilogy Health Services employs qualified medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, occupational and physical therapists, and other senior care experts. For their residential facilities, they also use directors of recreation, specialists in food planning and preparation, and cleaners and hygienists. Benefits like debt repayment choices and health insurance are provided to full-time employees of this business. Additionally, they could have flexible hours. Louisville, Kentucky, serves as the office’s location and employs more than 10,000 people.

15. GE Healthcare

A technology and engineering firm called GE Healthcare is focused on creating innovative medical technologies that enhance patient care and diagnostic procedures. GE Healthcare, founded in 1892, emphasizes technology innovation to improve medical care and help doctors evaluate, diagnose, and treat medical disorders. This business employs software, industrial, materials, and biomedical engineers. Additionally, they employ project managers, maintenance specialists, medical technicians, and other administrative professionals. This company often provides insurance benefits, such as health care, to full-time workers. The company has over 10,000 employees, and its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois.

16. DaVita

Health care provider DaVita is committed to modernizing care delivery to raise the patient quality of life globally. The business is a leader in clinical quality and innovation and one of the largest renal care service providers in the United States. The company provides end-stage renal disease and chronic kidney failure treatment through DaVita Kidney Care. DaVita is dedicated to innovative, patient-centered care models, using cutting-edge technology and working toward integrated care delivery for everybody. Due to these initiatives, DaVita has expanded to become the nation’s largest home dialysis provider.

DaVita provided outpatient dialysis services to 202,600 patients at 2,827 facilities in the US as of March 31, 2021. Additionally, the business ran 323 outpatient dialysis facilities in ten different nations. DaVita has worked together to encourage the kidney care sector to embrace a reasonable and high-quality standard of care for all patients worldwide by reducing hospitalizations, enhancing mortality, and reducing costs.

17. Labcorp

Labcorp is a top global life science company that aims to enhance people’s health and quality of life. Our cutting-edge technologies, unmatched data, and expanding menu of caliber and highly-professional tests not only brief and empower patients and providers but also assist medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies in turning ideas into innovations. This is done by combining world-class diagnostic solutions with its drug development business. Through the development of vital vaccinations, cancer-fighting discoveries, and game-changing treatments for rare diseases, Labcorp’s more than 70,000 employees are pursuing significant scientific advancements and revolutionizing healthcare. The office is in Burlington, North Carolina.

18. Abbott

In all we do at Abbott, we are committed to assisting individuals to live more completely. With game-changing technologies, we’re reshaping the healthcare industry to help you get healthier and stronger, recognize medical emergencies immediately, and treat illnesses so you can resume your favorite activities. Abbott provides top medical gadgets, diagnostics, nutrition products, and branded generic pharmaceuticals to people in more than 160 countries from its headquarters in the Chicago suburbs to the north. Every day, more than 110,000 of us help millions of people worldwide live better and healthier lives. As a part of a worldwide community that offers them possibilities for professional growth and perks that are competitive locally, our workers are engaged in meaningful work.

19. Humana

Humana’s primary focus is on health. Humana is a top healthcare provider with its corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. By utilizing an integrated approach to lifelong well-being, Humana provides a wide range of products, healthcare services, and wellness solutions. Consider a career with Humana if you’re seeking a job that offers chances for advancement and development in a dependable sector. The company provides a wide range of benefits, including competitive, performance-based pay, retirement plans, health, dental, vision, and life insurance, on-site health screenings and personal health coaching, paid time off, tuition assistance, leadership development, mentorships, and much more. It also offers paid time off, paid holidays, and time off. Humana has been dedicated to assisting people in leading healthy, fulfilling lives since 1961. Their strategy is straightforward: provide individualized treatment from caring individuals. In order to help their members become the best versions of themselves, they accomplish this by listening to them and coming up with answers. Additionally, they have a strong sense of commitment to local communities around the nation and work hard to promote and enhance them.

20. UnitedHealth Group

The goal of UnitedHealth Group, a healthcare and wellness firm, is to help individuals live healthier lives and improve the efficiency of the healthcare system as a whole. We are 340,000 coworkers in two separate but complementary businesses working to improve access, affordability, outcomes, and experiences in order to grant the development of a modern, high-performing healthcare system. Optum provides care with the help of technology and data, giving patients, partners, and physicians the direction and resources they need to improve their health. UnitedHealthcare provides a broad variety of health benefits, making it possible for people to get coverage at an affordable price, streamlining the medical process, and providing access to high-quality treatment.

They share a vision of a value-based healthcare system that offers compassionate and equitable care and work with governments, employers, partners, and providers to deliver care for 146 million people.


The healthcare sector is among the fastest-growing and largest in the world. Health care accounts for more than 10% of the GDP in the majority of developed countries, which is a significant portion of the economy. The healthcare industry, also known as the medical industry or the health economy, is an amalgamation and integration of economic sectors that offer products and services for the treatment of patients in the curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care categories. It entails the creation and commercialization of products and services that support preserving and regaining health. I sincerely hope you found this information informative and beneficial.