What Companies Are In The Capital Goods Field? Top 20 Companies

Both first-time job searchers and seasoned professionals have a wide variety of unique alternatives to pick from if they’re interested in doing a job in the capital goods sector. If you’re wondering what companies are in the capital goods field, there are many corporate names that you could recognize. The capital goods industry is the organizations that make commodities and sell them to other businesses rather than directly to consumers. Two well-known and more significant capital goods producers are Caterpillar and John Deere, both of which manufacture heavy equipment that is extensively employed in the construction and agricultural industries. However, any business that manufactures a product that aids another company in providing a service to a customer falls under the capital goods category. The fabrication of cars for taxi services or even the production of hair shears are examples of capital goods producers. Given its size and reach across numerous industries, the capital goods sector appeals to job seekers like you. Even better, the industry offers many other job opportunities, including, to name a few, those in engineering, customer service, and marketing. From entry-level to higher-level positions, several roles are available.

What Are Capital Goods?

Capital goods are products that are manufactured rather than purchased directly by consumers. Don’t mix up capital products with raw materials, though. Raw materials, which are what capital products are not, are employed in the production of other things. Instead, capital items are employed in the production of other products or the delivery of services. Capital goods include things like construction vehicles, furniture, and manufacturing equipment.

What Comes Under The Capital Goods Field?

The capital goods field includes businesses that support other companies. These sectors comprise the following:

Chemicals industry – Chemicals are used by companies in this sector to make goods including soap, detergent, glue, and paint. Chemical-focused businesses produce products using natural resources such as natural gas, water, minerals, and oil.

Electronic industry – This accounts for a sizable portion of the industry. Consumer, industrial, communications, and semiconductor electronics make up the electronics sector.

Automotive industry – This sector is responsible for producing parts for bikes, cars, trucks, and other types of transportation.

Textile industry – Textile companies create materials including cotton, wool, and nylon. Additionally, it manufactures various raw materials used for the apparel industry, including dyes.

Industrial industry – This sector focuses on large production tools and machines. It also includes companies that sell equipment to other companies.

Top 20 Companies In The Capital Goods Field

Below, we go into further detail on the significance of the capital goods industry and provide a list of some major participants.

1. General Electric

General Electric, occasionally referred to as simply “GE,” is a manufacturing company founded in 1892. A multinational corporation, General Electric is active in several industries, including power, aviation, health care, and renewable energy. Both New York and Boston are home to their corporate headquarters. As a result, the company specializes in producing a wide range of products, including electric motors, software, wind turbines, various types of energy, guns, aviation engines, and more. General Electric makes $10 billion in revenue annually from sales.

2. Honeywell International

Since its inception in 1885, Honeywell International, more commonly referred to as Honeywell, has been engaged in the manufacturing industry. This company produces a wide variety of products, some of which are made especially for usage in automotive, aerospace, chemical, and industrial control. A vast range of items, including automotive components, specialized chemicals, polymers, engineered materials, and more, are produced by Honeywell. The company generates around 32 million dollars in revenue each year.

3. Union Pacific

The company that is currently known as Union Pacific started as a player in the logistics and transportation industries in 1862. Chemicals, coal, goods for agriculture, automobiles, and intermodal transportation are all produced by Union Pacific. Over two-thirds of the Western United States are connected by the corporation, which runs from all of the major ports on the Gulf Coast and West Coast to the eastern gates. Around 10,000 customers are served by Union Pacific, and it keeps ties with both the Canadian and Mexican train networks. The company generates annual revenue of over $10 billion.

4. Johnson Controls International

Johnson Controls International is a worldwide corporation with American and Irish legal status with headquarters in Cork, Ireland that manufactures security, HVAC, and fire systems for buildings. It employs 105,000 workers in about 2,000 sites on six continents as of the middle of 2019. In Fortune Global Magazine, it was ranked 389th 500 as of 2017, but as of 2017, it was no longer eligible for the Fortune 500 due to its non-American headquarters. Originally known as Johnson Controls, the firm was created by the combination of Tyco International and Johnson Controls, which was officially announced on January 25, 2016. Alex Molinaroli, the CEO at the time, benefited financially from the acquisition by avoiding taxes on international market operations.

5. Aisin Corporation

The Japanese company Aisin Corporation creates and manufactures systems and parts for the automobile sector. Aisin is a company that belongs to the Toyota Group and is listed at 359 in the 2020 rankings in the Fortune Global 500 firm. Aisin was established in 1965 and provides Toyota Motor Corporation and other significant OEMs with drivetrain, engine, aftermarket, body, chassis, and other automotive parts. Aisin sells a variety of goods in addition to automotive equipment, including heat exchange systems and cogeneration, welfare items, sewing machines, and beds from 1966 to 2020. Aisin Seiki announced a merger with its subsidiary Aisin AW in October 2019, unifying management and changing the company’s name. The united business becomes known as Aisin Corporation as of April 1, 2021.

6. Lockheed Martin

The business Lockheed Martin, which works in the aerospace and defense sectors, was founded in 1995. The core areas of specialization of the company include the production of air missiles, fire sensors, attack weapons, and several other kinds of defense weaponry. The company is well-known for being among the most significant firms in the security, technology, aerospace, and military support sectors. The principal clients for the company’s manufactured items and equipment are the Department of Defense of the United States and other American government organizations. Lockheed Martin consists of four distinct business divisions including rotary and mission systems, aviation, fire control and missiles, and space. Over $65 billion in revenue is generated by the corporation annually.

7. Deere & Company

The agriculture industry, which employs the majority of people, has been transformed by John Deere’s farming equipment. The headquarter of Deere & Company is in Moline, IL. Deere & Co. is the only place to go if you want to work for a company that helps to solve the food and fuel crises. In addition to providing options for growth for mid-career job seekers, John Deere also offers technical training programs. Deere & Co may have a job opportunity for you no matter where you are in your career. They are currently having 74,400 employees.

8. CNH Industrial

An American-British multinational firm with its headquarters in Basildon, UK, Exor, which is in turn controlled by the Agnelli family, controls and owns the majority of CNH Industrial N.V. The business is a component of the FTSE MIB index and is listed on the Borsa Italiana and New York Stock Exchange. The Netherlands is where the company is registered. The company’s headquarters are in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and its main office is in London, England. CNH Industrial creates, manufactures, and distributes construction and agricultural machinery through its many divisions. CNH Industrial is focused on growing its footprint in high-growth markets, particularly through joint ventures, and is present in all significant markets across the world. Around 63,000 people are currently employed by CNH Industrial across 67 production facilities and 56 R&D facilities. 180 nations are served by the business.

9. Boeing

Since its establishment in 1916, Boeing has been involved in the defense and aerospace sectors. Its organizational structure includes three separate business units: commercial aircraft and global services; military, space, and security; and space exploration and security. It is the largest aerospace enterprise in the world. Additionally, Boeing supports clients and airlines in more than 150 different countries. The company has an annual revenue of over $58 million and offers a wide range of services, some of which include the manufacture of commercial and military aircraft, electronic defense systems, space satellites, launch systems, weapons, and more.

10. 3M

A company called 3M, which has been around since 1902, is renowned for creating and producing a wide variety of consumer items. It is a conglomerate with a corporate office in Minnesota that focuses on producing a wide range of goods, such as laminates, adhesives, abrasives, paint protection films, window films, and more. The company currently offers more than 60,000 different products and services. In addition, it produces goods for dentists and orthodontics, vehicles, electrical components, medicine, and medical software that are offered under several brand names. The international network of 3M operations spans over 87 nations.

11. Raytheon

As a reputable aerospace and defense firm, Raytheon continues to serve as a defense contractor for the United States government, supplying weapons and defense systems. But Raytheon also works in the aerospace and space industries; in fact, their subsidiary Collins Aerospace created the space suits that are currently utilized on the International Space Station, making them a fascinating and forward-thinking business that attracts a lot of job seekers. Jobs at Raytheon are available in a variety of fields, including engineering, finance, human resources, and more. Forbes named Raytheon one of America’s Best Large Employers. The headquarters of Raytheon is in Waltham, MA.

12. ABB Limited

ABB Limited, more generally known as just ABB, is a company that works in the mining, energy, and utility sectors. It was established in 1898. The company places its main emphasis on producing control products, cable systems, switches, circuit breakers, and numerous other electronic devices. In addition, the business offers installation and upkeep services for systems that customers have acquired from it. Even though the corporation has its headquarters in North Carolina, the USA is the most significant market for its products. Over $26 million in revenue is generated by this company annually.

13. Northrop Grumman

The aerospace and defense sectors are where Northrop Grumman, a company founded in 1939, operates. The principal areas of focus for the company’s manufacturing operations include the production of military aerial vehicles, aircraft, autocannons, electronic systems, satellites, chain guns, rocket launch systems, ammunition, stealth bombers, and other ground and space defense tools and apparatus. A worldwide company called Northrop Grumman operates in several industries, including those related to aerospace, defense, mission, and space technologies, among others. The corporate headquarters of the corporation are spread across several American cities and towns. Long-term objectives for this military company include the replacement and enhancement of currently on-the-market defense products and the continuous development of novel new defense items. Each year, Northrop Grumman earns almost $30 billion in revenue.

14. Siemens

The technology corporation Siemens specializes in transportation, infrastructure, and healthcare products. Siemens, which claims to “create and implement approximately 7,600 ideas” each year, focuses more on abstract commodities than many businesses, such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and buildings. They provide global professional chances for those looking for work who want to change the world. Its headquarter is in Munich, Germany. The company has around 300,000 employees.

15. Caterpillar Inc.

Since its establishment in the construction industry in 1925, Caterpillar Inc., also known as CAT or Caterpillar, has been operating. Gas turbines, gas engines, and diesel-electric locomotives that are used in the mining and construction sectors are the company’s main areas of concentration. CAT has locations on every continent and in more than 180 countries. Together, these places cover the entire world. It provides goods and services to three important markets—those involved in the resource and construction sectors, and those involved in energy and transportation—and brings in more than $40 billion in income each year. Additionally, it provides equipment for drilling, hydraulics, paving, and other industries.

16. Adani Green Energy

Incorporated in 2015, Adani Green Energy is one of India’s biggest green energy companies. 20,434 MW are in its project backlog. Businesses build, own, and run large-scale wind and solar farms connected to the grid. State and federal government entities receive electricity from these plants. In 12 Indian states, AGEL manages 54 projects. Also being built are 12 other projects. The biggest solar power facility in the world is run by AGEL on 2,340 acres in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu. In FY22, the company that develops renewable energy bought 1740 MW and put 200 MW online.

17. China Communications Construction Company, LTD.

CCCC is a majority state-owned, publicly traded, an international engineering and construction firm that specializes in the design, building, and maintenance of infrastructure assets, such as railways airports, marine ports, roads, tunnels, subways, bridges, and oil platforms. The business has many subsidiaries, including Friede & Goldman, which designs offshore boats for the oil and gas industry, and John Holland Group, an infrastructure-focused construction company with headquarters in Australia.

18. Finolex Cables Limited

Electrical and communication cables, as well as other equipment, are manufactured and sold in India and overseas by Finolex Cables Limited. Its sections include Copper Rods, Electrical Cables, and Communication Cables. A few examples of electrical cables are automotive/battery, solar, 1100V and motor winding PVC insulated, UPS, heavy-duty, elevator, underground, power, low and high voltage, and control cables. Examples of communication cables include optic fiber, coaxial, local area network, CCTV, speaker, jelly-filled telephone, PE insulated telephone, and V-SAT cables.

19. Thermax

Thermax Limited offers chemical, energy, and environmental solutions in India and elsewhere. Its divisions are Energy, Environment, and Chemical. Evaporative condensers, closed-loop cooling towers, adiabatic and dry coolers, radiators, air-cooled heat exchangers and condensers, EPC solutions, and renewable energy solutions are all provided by the company.

20. Danaher Corporation

The headquarters of the American corporation Danaher Corporation is in Washington, D.C. The business creates, produces, and sells professional, industrial, medical, and commercial goods and services. Environmental & Applied Solutions, Diagnostics, and Life Sciences are the three platforms used by the organization. The corporation is named after the western Montana location of Danaher Creek. Mitchell Rales and Steven M. Rales, the company’s founders, first had the idea while fishing there. One of the first businesses to adopt the “Kaizen” concepts of manufacturing in North America —a lean manufacturing philosophy from Japan that emphasizes waste removal and continual improvement was Danaher Corporation.


It is just a sample of the businesses that make capital goods; as this market encompasses all companies that manufacture things for other companies, there are several opportunities available. You have a wide range of work alternatives, regardless of where you are in your career. Beyond the broad range of positions, the capital goods industry also appeals to job seekers who want to advance their careers inside a particular business or organization. If you’re searching for a job to help you learn and improve, this can be the best field for you to consider. Capital goods firms offer on-the-job training and programs to support education for their employees. The capital goods industry offers several promising opportunities that are worth investigating.