Using social media to find a job

The web is full of information on how business owners can utilise social media in order to capitalise on new marketing opportunities and better promote their businesses. However, did you know that these avenues can also be vital in helping jobseekers to find a job?

Of course, many people will be more than familiar with LinkedIn and the ways in which it can help you build business contacts and find new employment opportunities. There are groups and pages set up which are entirely geared towards advertising job opportunities and employment vacancies. Scouting through these will give you a wealth of different chances to apply for jobs and make contact with those who are recruiting. You should aim to make connections with the people within companies who are responsible for hiring new members of staff in order to maximise your chances of being noticed. The secret is simple: network!

Facebook, whilst far less geared towards business, is the biggest social network on the planet. For that reason alone, it cannot be ignored. Again, there are pages and groups set up for employment opportunities and simply posting a message on your wall to ask your friends if anyone knows of any local vacancies is likely to yield a few suggestions. It doesn’t cost anything other than a few seconds of your time, either, so why not give it a shot? What have you got to lose?

Twitter is very handy as its sole function is to enable users to meet new people with similar interests. Why not find someone who is interested in hiring a new recruit? Twitter’s keyword search can be extremely helpful in this situation and can enable you to find vacancies in your area which suit the field of work in which you’re looking to be employed. Many accounts are operated as content-bots which post tweets with details of local job vacancies. Although at first glance these can seem spammy and irritating, they can be fantastic for finding bona fide employment opportunities.

Whichever avenue you choose, make sure you tie it in with all the usual ways of looking for a job. Social media is easy, and best of all it’s free, so make full use of it!

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