Top 30 Tough Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

During the interview process, hiring managers will ask challenging and tough questions to understand better your professional goals, your long-term interest in your industry, and whether or not this particular job fits in with your dreams. They want to ensure that you won’t be seeking a new position within the next year if they hire you. If you are preparing for an interview, apart from common questions related to you’re job, you should also prepare yourself with the common tough questions from the hiring managers. We have compiled 30 top questions for you.

1. What Is A Misconception Other People Have About You That Isn’t True?

People have the misconception that I have a hard time making decisions, but the truth is that I want to get all of the information before I make a choice. Although it takes me some time to collect data and feedback, doing so enables me to make the best option possible, which is preferable to making a decision as quickly as possible.

2. This Might Be A Tough Question; So, What Are Your Least Favorite Tasks?

Because I’ve never been great at being comfortable in front of large groups of people, I’ve always disliked having to give presentations in public or during large meetings. I used to have such a strong aversion to giving speeches in public that I finally decided to join Toastmasters. I realized that improvements in this area are necessary for my profession’s progression and that the more I present to the team, the better I get, and the more comfortable I am doing so. Even though it is something I do not particularly enjoy doing, I am at ease performing the responsibilities associated with roles that require me to do it.

3. Tell Me About The Book You’re Reading Right Now.

My book club and I are currently reading Such a Fun Age for entertainment purposes. Still, in addition to that, I am an enthusiastic reader of a few different news outlets, and I subscribe to far too many newsletters. I was reading a very intriguing story published in the LA Times on how Gen Z will shake up the workplace. As a member of the millennial generation, reading about comparisons made between our ages is entertaining, and it keeps me on my toes as I work in career development.

4. If We Were To Give You A Marketing Budget Of One Million Dollars, How Would You Spend It, And How Would You Measure The Return On Investment?

Even though I don’t have all the information, I can give you a brief illustration of how I would decide where to begin, given what I know about the situation. Before spending a single dime on anything, it is crucial first to find out what the goals for the organization are and how we will evaluate them. From there, I would do an audit to determine what is thriving at the moment and what is not successful. For instance, if paid acquisitions bring in a large number of subscribers for us, the churn rate is unacceptably high. I want to find a solution to the problem of churn rate first before investing additional funds in paid marketing.

5. What Caused This Resume Gap?

At the beginning of the year 2020, a corporate merger caused me to lose my job, and shortly after that, a pandemic broke out. Before I went back to looking for work, during that period, I focused on taking care of my family, home-schooling my children, and enrolling in classes offered online to keep my technical skills updated. Being a mom while working full-time as a teacher has provided me with some of the most valuable experience I could have hoped to gain in project management. Because of this, I made sure to highlight some of the most important things I learned throughout this time on my CV.

6. A Tough Question For You, Describe The Perfect Working Day You Imagined For Yourself.

My ideal workday would contain enough time for me to do all of my assignments without having to rush between non-stop meetings or stay at the office late into the night to get everything done. Even though I significantly like the opportunity to work with the other people in the room during the meeting, it is essential for the efficiency and attention of the team that I do not do all of my work in the late evening.

7. Why Should We Consider Hiring You?

You brought up the company’s priority to develop online courses quite a few times throughout our interview. My previous experience would make me a valuable team member if given the opportunity. I have, in the past, not only authored, filmed, and produced courses, but I have also launched them and developed continuous marketing funnels for them. The introduction of a new course is, without a doubt, a complicated process, but evergreen marketing is what will drive an increase in your revenue.

8. How Much Salary Do You Hope To Make?

I have a pay range in mind that I have figured out based on research and considering that I have more than ten years of experience working in public relations. My level of experience, qualifications, and several PR awards bring value to my candidacy; nevertheless, I would like to wait until I learn more about the tasks and expectations of this role before I share my range. If this works, I do not doubt that we will be able to come up with a reasonable salary range.

9. Are You Prepared To Accept Failure?

Failure is something that I do not appreciate. Still, I recognize that it is inevitable sometimes, particularly when you are unsure which strategy would be most beneficial for a project and pick the wrong one. You need to come to terms with the fact that not everything you try will be successful and be able to recognize when it is time to alter your strategy. The first time I became aware of this was when I started working as a project manager at Building Designers and was given the responsibility of organizing the construction of an environmentally friendly HVAC system in a historic hotel. After the work had already begun, it became apparent that the materials we were utilizing would result in a significant cost overrun; as a result, I was compelled to turn to my “Plan B” to satisfy the obligations we’d made to our consumers. Always have a “Plan B!” in your back pocket.

10. What Would You Do Differently If You Could Relive The Most Recent Ten Years Of Your Life?

The past ten years have been the most eventful of my life, and there is not a single thing about them that I would change. It has been a blessing to have so many opportunities to learn and develop both as a professional and as a person, beginning with my time spent studying in college and continuing after I started working at ABC Corporation for the first time.

11. Just How Lucky Are You?

That is a very tough question. I am highly fortunate that fantastic people have presented me with excellent opportunities, and I have made the most of those opportunities. This is one of the main reasons I am incredibly fortunate. When I worked as a front desk agent at the ABC Hotel, my manager recognized my potential and encouraged me to build my skill set so that I might eventually become an event coordinator at the hotel. In addition to providing event planning services, I became certified as a chef since I enjoyed preparing meals for other people and wanted to give clients private catering services.

12. What Kind Of Lessons Have You Taken Away From Your Failures?

The most valuable learning comes from making mistakes. Even though I put a lot of effort into avoiding them, I’ve realized there are moments when you can’t help but make a poor choice. Several years ago, our department suffered from severe understaffing, and there was a lot of pressure to find and hire a new paralegal. Therefore, the members of our selection committee effectively hired the first applicant who walked through the door without honestly evaluating him or doing a more extensive search for a position. The entire two weeks passed without him being successful. We realized that it is worth it to put in the effort to identify qualified candidates, even if it means putting in more hours of work for oneself until the post is filled.

13. What Is It About You That Other People Criticize The Most?

People are continually telling me that I am overly critical of myself. This is because I put a significant portion of my ego into my work and am concerned that the copy I generate may not be “good enough.” However, it is a very typical mindset among authors, and I’d try to raise the bar rather than sloppily produce a lot of stuff that isn’t well thought out. I suggest increasing the standard.

14. Tell Me About The Aspects Of Your Prior Job You Liked And Disliked.

I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert, so the fact that my lab supervisor gave me the freedom to work on my own without too much oversight was helpful to me. I am a person who is highly organized and analytical, and I can concentrate as intently as a laser beam on the particulars of a scientific investigation. The only thing I didn’t like about the job was that the project financing was always in peril. This is a typical problem that I helped fix by drafting a few grant submissions funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

15. What Do You Anticipate Receiving From A Supervisor?

It has been my experience that I do best in environments where my superiors make an effort to present me with insightful criticism regarding my work performance. This demonstrates to me that I am proceeding in the appropriate direction. I also admire companies with a policy known as “open door,” which encourages employees to come to talk to management about any problems that may arise.

16. Tell Me About A Situation At Work In Which You Wish You Had Handled Something Differently.

When I first started, I believed I shouldn’t seek assistance from other people because I was supposed to be independent (even if they offered it). I was concerned that I might seem incompetent or desperate by doing this. As a consequence, I committed a few errors that I could have prevented by merely consulting a colleague regarding the strategy I ought to use. It didn’t take me long to understand that it would be more effective for me to request assistance from others (as well as to offer it back in return).

17. How Do You Deal With The Stress?

Communication is the most critical factor in trying circumstances, even if it means doing more than is necessary to ensure everyone is on the same page. For instance, I was collaborating with another team on a project when we discovered that some work was being completed in duplicate. We advanced the project and contributed substantially to a vital company goal due to our commitment to organizing a weekly standup meeting and maintaining open lines of honest communication with our teams and management.

18. Tell Me About Some Of The Most Positive And The Most Negative Management Situations You’ve Had.

Although one of my former bosses possessed a great deal of talent, she had a habit of micromanaging our team’s work and allowing for minimal leeway in how things were to be completed. It gave me the impression that she didn’t trust me, and there didn’t seem to be much potential for improving the procedure. My most recent boss did a fantastic job listening to my requirements and assisting me in acquiring the tools I need to accomplish my objectives. I am most productive when working under supervisors who foster an atmosphere of trust and collaboration among the team.

19. What Do You Consider To Be Your Main Weakness?

One of my areas of weakness that I’ve been attempting to improve is my capacity to offer helpful feedback. I am aware of the significant value I can add by providing input on work areas or projects I may have completed more effectively. I put down my comments before discussing them with my coworkers to make this process more efficient. This assists me in organizing my response, providing the most constructive critique I am capable of, and reducing the amount of anxiety I have.

20. Why Do You Feel The Need To Leave Your Current Position?

Even though I had a wonderful time working for my former firm, there aren’t many prospects for advancement in line with the direction I want to take in my career. This employment is ideal for me in terms of my skill set and my plans for the future of my professional life.

21. What Makes You Think You’d Be A Good Fit For This Job?

When I first started looking for a new job, one of the things I focused on was finding organizations that are dedicated to philanthropy, creativity, and ethics. I found that your organization is at the top of that list. I aim to find a position where I can use my enthusiasm for providing excellent user experiences. I know that your firm has always had an eye toward the future and used technology to improve the quality of customer experience.

22. Why Should We Consider Hiring You?

You should hire me because organizing is my passion, and I have demonstrated that I can do it effectively in the workplace. As an administrative assistant in the past, one of my responsibilities included coming up with a strategy to reorganize the office supplies cupboard according to category. We reduced the number of purchases we placed for office supplies, resulting in a cost savings of thirty percent compared to the previous year. I can’t wait to use the talents I’ve acquired in this position.

23. Do You Have Any Regrets In Your Life?

That is a tough question you asked there. I often wish I had more clarity regarding my professional goals earlier in my career. If I had more time to learn and improve, I could perform my job duties even more effectively. I was able to acquire knowledge and abilities that are beneficial to me in my current position that I would not have been able to obtain in any other way.

24. What Do You Consider To Be Your Best Accomplishment?

My former organization gave my team an award for being the most innovative process improvement team the year before. I was responsible for coordinating the group’s activities to generate ideas for improving the efficiency of the production process. After putting three tried-and-true strategies to the test, we selected the one that turned out to be the most successful. Because of the change in operations, the amount of time it took to produce something fell by 20%, which allowed us to double our output.

25. What Happens If You Put In Five Years Of Hard Work But Never Get A Promotion? A Significant Portion Of Our Workforce Does Not. Will, You Not Find It To Be Quite Frustrating?

I think of myself as ambitious, but I’m also efficient. I will be successful if I have opportunities to improve myself and my skills in this role. People get promoted at different rates by different firms, and working with you will keep me engaged and mentally active for a good many years to come.

26. You’ve Made A Previous Transition In Your Professional Life. Why Should I Take The Risk Of Letting You Try Something New On My Nickle?

As someone who has transitioned careers, I am a better employee because I’ve picked up many skills in my many jobs. Creative problem-solving is made more accessible by my possession of these skills.

27. Why Didn’t You Quit Your Job Sooner If You Were Aware Of How Difficult Things Were Getting At The Company You Were Working For?

I was putting in so much effort to keep my job, even while everyone around me was getting laid off, that I had little time left to explore alternative employment opportunities. As a result of the numerous acquisitions that have taken place in our industry recently, layoffs have become an accepted practice. At the very least, I gave it everything I had!

28. Do You Mean To Tell Me That, Even Though You Are In Your Forties Today, You Would Be Open To Beginning Your Career In This Organization At A Lower-Level Position?

There are times when moving your career forward requires you to take a step in the opposite direction. Getting my feet wet in an entry-level position would allow me to learn about your company from the ground up. My professional experience has been so dissimilar to what you have had that I would jump at the chance to begin my working life anew in the same industry as you. The reduction in pay will prove to be an excellent investment.

29.  At This Particular Organization, We Have A Soft Spot For Ladies, But The Majority Of Our Customers Are Chinese, And As A Result, We Have Been Debating Whether Or Not To Fill This Position With A Man.

Why exactly is it the case? I am probably more qualified than anyone else, whether they are a man or a woman, to handle the responsibilities of this position. Because of my father’s profession as a diplomat, our family had the opportunity to travel to seven different countries. I even had the chance to spend my junior year of high school in the Far East. My training requirements would be much lower than those of an American man who was born and raised in the country but has never held a job outside its borders.

30. What Would You Do If One Of Your Coworkers Managed To “Steal Credit” For All Of The Wonderful Ideas You Came Up With? How Would You Go About Dealing With It?

To begin, I would credit her with the ideas that were initially hers publicly. The other person may “return the favor” if you are gracious with the credit that they are due. If that doesn’t work, I’ll work out an arrangement with the other people involved in which we all agree to bring the ideas that are uniquely ours to our respective superiors. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have a straightforward conversation about the matter with her. If, on the other hand, my supervisor were the ones giving themselves credit for my ideas, I would proceed with caution. To some extent, it’s my job to make my bosses look good in front of others. If I receive pay increases and promotions due to my ideas, I would be happy.


You will be able to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are a strong candidate with the potential to succeed in the company, team, and role if you prepare and practice sample answers to some of these challenging interview questions. This will allow you to impress the hiring manager. We hope that your forthcoming interview goes well and wish you the very best of luck.