Tips To Get Your Resume Ready For Job Search In 2017

Decided to start your job search? The first roadblock that you need to jump is coming up with a perfect resume. Your resume is your number one tool that can open your doors towards your dream job.

The stakes are high and hence it is no wonder that a resume refresh brings up existential angst amongst job seekers. After all, it is not easy to condense your entire work experience into an error free single page document on which your entire career is dependent. Sounds stressful? Doesn’t it?

resume ready for a perfect jobBut, it does not have to be this fearful as if you take the right steps towards drafting an employer friendly resume, there is nothing that can hold you from getting shortlisted. Here are five steps that will get your  search in 2017.

#1 Ensure You Start with Right Factors

Do not depend on “one-size-fits-all” for a resume. The format and the information you use in it should directly be correlated to the job profile and industry standard you are applying to. Do not hesitate to take professional help.

The answer to the age old question of “how long your resume be?” depends on the number of years that you have. As a general rule:

  • Job seekers with under three years of experience should aim for a single page resume
  • Those with experience greater than three years should aim for two

Remember, a recruiter does not have time to glance through every information on your resume. So as far as possible provide them with the information that you think is most important for the reader.

#2 Get Your Basics at the Right Place

Every resume has a few must haves, regardless of the type of job and industry you are applying to. A resume must and most definitely have job titles,work experience, responsibilities and work summary.

The timeline is important for the recruiter. So, whether you are using a chronological format or functional format, it definitely should have a timeline.

Another basic information that needs to be present on your resume is your contact information.

#3 Break Through Keywords

Recruiters do not read every resume that comes in for a job opening. Often there is an ATS (applicant tracking system) that filters out resumes for the employer. The ATS uses keywords or phrases from the job description to filter your resume.

So it is necessary that you pack your resume with keywords. But ensure that you do not go over the board. Eventually, your resume would be read by human eyes. Sprinkle those keywords throughout the resume.

#4 Ensure your Resume is not outdated

Just like you know your dressing should be prim and proper for an interview, similarly, your resume should not appear out-of-date or inappropriate.

So, replace your objective section with the summary and get rid of clichés on it. Make sure that your resume defines your personality and speaks fresh and latest for you. Also, stick to basic fonts and avoid using those crazy ones.

#5 Be Discoverable

In this digital trend, it is important that you are discoverable to recruiters. Use social media platforms to portrait the best out of you. Also you should avoid putting up things that would make to unsuitable for the job you are applying to.

Use online portals for applications. Recruiters today scan a lot of resumes through online job portals as they are one of the most popular ways of searching the perfect employee.

Also, using an online portal makes it easy for you and the recruiter to find each other. So, get ahead and starting looking for a perfect job today.


Finding a job might be not an easy path to go to. But a correct start can make a lot of things easy for you. Just be careful enough to bring out the best of your entire work history, your achievements, your skills and your learnings in that one page of the resume.

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