Three Major Queries You Should Make to an ‘Executive Search’ Firm

It is very common among companies to search for those executive search firms that have impressive background and remarkable experience in the field. Although, these points do count, yet there are other factors which need to be focused on while looking to take the services of any of these firms. The questions that you must pop up when recruiting an executive search firm are listed out in the following paragraphs. They will guide you in finding the best firm for you company.

1st Question- Reaching Applicants:

The first question which you will need to ask is how the firm reaches those ‘potential’ applicants. The executive search firms should have the explanation for attracting qualified yet diverse pool of applicants. Search for those firms that make use of the most advanced technologies available to the ‘job search’ industry as this will enable the firms to make cheap advertisements for you (as their client), shifting the focus of most of the budget for advertising on those niche markets who have direct relations to the ‘opening’.

The firms should also be able to identify and communicate with the whole range of ‘passive’ candidates. This ‘reaching out’  to the ‘passive’ candidates must go beyond just digging their own database. You also need to find the various online processes that these firms use to communicate with the applicants. Do not opt for those executive search firms that focus on the quantitative aspect of questions. Rather go for those firms whose aim is to find quality candidates instead of quantity of candidates.

2nd Question-Assessing Applicants:

The second question you will need to make is the process in which the firm makes assessment of the applicant. Search for those firms that include the methods of conducting interviews and reviewing resumes. The process of executive search should include extensive ‘reference checks’ and ‘quantitative assessments’. While conversing with the firm, ask how they make translation for ‘interview responses’ in ‘numerical scores’. Evaluate how the firm concludes the results in a quantitative and scientific way. Those firms that resort to the use of science based method of recruitment shortlists high quality candidates due to their non-biased method of search. This is most useful while recruiting for nonprofit organizations through executive search firms.

3rd Question-Integrating Technology:

The third question which you will need to ask is how the firm has made use of the latest technology in its search process. The “red flag” process includes applicants sending their information through email to the recruiter who makes printouts of these materials to review them personally. It is expected of well-reputed executive search firms to make provision for online application of the applicants through the firm’s job portal which should be designed to capture as well as store each and every material present in the tracking or management system of the applicant. Those firms that lack such integrated systems will be unable to keep up with the enormous list of applicants available through any successful search. Results may include overlooking of qualified applicants or loss of their information/materials. It is irrelevant as to what system the firm actually uses. The client is only interested to know whether the firm has access to the latest ‘integrated applicant management’ system and that it is aware of the ‘recruiting environment’ changes, showing that the standard of the firm matches the latest technological advancements.


Making the above queries when you interview any executive search firm will help you get access to the most appropriate firm for improved candidate search (for the vacancy) for your company, implying that your company will profit from services of that particular firm.

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