Things To Remember When Preparing For A Job Interview

You’re excited about the prospect of working for a company you’ve stumbled upon, and in turn you hand over your CV. They were so impressed by your experience and the achievements you’ve made, they invite you to be interviewed. First thoughts running through your head – ‘How do I prepare?’ ‘What if they don’t like me or I say something stupid?’ We all go through the agonising struggle of self-doubt, but the key to success is preparation. This article will tell you how to remain calm and be seen as the perfect fit in the eyes of your potential employer.


This cannot be emphasised more! Do your research to find out further information about the company and what they offer the industry. There’s nothing worse than heading into an interview and the interviewer asks: ‘what do you know about the company?’ Only to find you have no input and absolutely nothing to say.

The best place to start is their company website and a simple Google search. Find out about the products and services they offer, when the company was founded and how many employees they have. This kind of research is essential and your interviewer will be impressed to see the effort you’ve made and the interest you’ve shown in their company.

Job description

Read, examine and reread the job description. It is imperative you analyse the details listed in the job description so you know exactly what the company is looking for in a candidate. Once you understand the skills, experience and values they’re looking for in an employee, it will be considerably easier to answer questions and demonstrate how your skills and experience coincide with their requirements.

Interview questions

Take time to consider some typical interview questions you can expect on the day. This will help you feel more at ease when you already have an answer prepared at the back of your mind. It will alleviate that catastrophic moment when your mind goes completely blank and a deafening silence takes over the room.

Carry out some role playing with a friend or family member; they can ask you the typical interview questions and you will know what kind of pressure to expect and how to respond.


Make sure your interview clothes are washed, ironed and ready to go the day before your interview. You don’t want to be clambering around trying to find the skirt or tie you thought would be the perfect addition to your attire. Select a standard professional ensemble while portraying a neat, clean and positive feel and you can’t go wrong.

Time, date and location

Make a good first impression and arrive at your interview in good time. Be sure to take note of the interview location with a simple Google search, and leave your destination so you arrive with 10 minutes to spare.

Verify the parking facilities or public transport schedules to account for any delays that may take place when travelling. Your interviewer will be less than impressed if you do not arrive on time!

The interview process can be a terrifying ordeal, but make it easier on yourself by carrying out the necessary preparations and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Before you enter the interview room, take a moment to clear those doubting demons who tell you you’re not good enough, and be ready to seize the opportunity. Just think, if you don’t get the job – every interview encounter is a fantastic experience to prepare you for your next interview to get you where you want to be.

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