The Top Seven Jobs That Can Lead To Fulfilling Careers

There is a stark difference between a job and a career. The former is something you do merely to earn a wage, while the latter is something you pursue because you love it. Sometimes, a job can lead to a successful career. It’s fantastic when it does, as it can lead to additional benefits, which include everything from tenure to the acquisition of contacts in the right places. Let’s explore seven otherwise plain jobs that can lead to fulfilling, lifelong careers.

1. Fast Food

Very few people actually want to work in the fast food industry, but the truth is that it can lead to rewarding opportunities. You need only stick with it long enough to make your way into the position of manager. Once there, the door for entering the corporate scene opens. You might end up as one a highly paid executive that makes marketing and logistics decisions.

2. An Electrician’s Helping Hand

Electricians regularly post ads asking for a helping hand or two. While this means you’ll be confined to being an assistant, you might just be in the right position if you want to become a master electrician. You can use your work with an electrician to begin studying for certification as an electrician. This can lead to a rewarding career that helps people and businesses.

3. Part-Time Labor

Work agencies are great because they can expose you to a variety of different types of work. Everything from telemarketing to carpentry can happen while working with them. This can all lead to exciting careers, some of which may have you starting your own business.

4. Internships

The position of intern can be perfect if you lack the skills or experience to properly qualify for a certain career, because it can give you the education and skills you need. The only problem is that the pay tends to be lower than that of your prospective career. By sticking with it, you can one day develop that internship into a full-time career.

5. Telemarketing

Telemarketing can be a great way to open new career paths for yourself. If you display the right amount of charisma and ability to sell products, then you may find yourself in a sales position. Careers like real estate, business-to-business sales and marketing tend to be valid career paths for people with experience telemarketing. Look into One Touch Direct for telemarketing jobs.

6. Clerical Jobs

Clerical duties are vital to the success of any organization or business. They ensure that people get the right messages and that interactions continue to flow smoothly. While demanding positions, clerical jobs can open the way for other career paths. You may even be your current boss’s boss one day, if you work hard enough.

7. Retail Jobs

Retail jobs can provide you with an invaluable insight into how to best serve customers and to make them happy. These same skills can be reapplied to almost any career you can think of. While working retail, you may even create contacts that can help you acquire that shiny, new career you’ve always wanted.

The bottom line is that even the simplest job can be made into something as daunting and valuable as a career. You need only keep your nose to the grindstone while you wait for opportunity to strike. When it does, you may find yourself with the kind of career you’ve always wanted by having the skills and experience required.

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