The Top 4 Ways to Tap into the Hidden Job Market

The World Wide Web has nowadays become the first source for finding a job. Many job seekers spend their precious time forwarding their resumes in response to online job postings all day long. However, disappointing as it may sound, where they are mistaken and what they don’t know is that half of the new job openings are already filled before they even make it to the online advertising stage. In current times of recession where job availability has become scarce, jobs go to those who know someone on the inside, have relatives working on a higher post in a company, or he/she approaches the company at the right time.

The hidden job market contains job openings that are available but haven’t been advertised. Reportedly 70%-80% jobs, which include some of the best and highest paying jobs, are not advertised on the internet or in the newspapers. These jobs are infamously called “hidden jobs”. Different employers use different techniques and adopt different methods including hiring someone referred to them from a trusted individual. Only successful job seekers can tap into this “hidden job market” by:

  • Networking
  • Cold calling
  • Attending Conventions
  • Directly Contacting Employers

Let’s Now Discuss the Four Ultimate Ways to Tap into the Hidden Job Market

1) Networking

Networking is the most widely used method by job seekers. It is basically a group of people that you may know, and the people that they may know and so on. The more people you know, the stronger your network will be. Your family and friends form the major part of your network.

Job advertising is an expensive process, so most employers often rely on referrals made to them by their network of trusted employees to find the right person.

By letting your network know that you are in the market looking for a particular job, they might be able to help you get in touch with an employer who is looking for a person like you or maybe assist you in applying for a job at a certain place even before it gets advertised.

2) Cold Calling

Trust me, 90% of the job seekers in the world wouldn’t even dare to try this method if they have the slightest idea of what cold calling is. It means contacting companies directly to find a job. Before trying, you may think it is terrifying, but most people react well and offer encouragement which further leads to help you find a suitable job. Yes, you are most likely to face rejections and setbacks by a lot of people, but don’t give up, it is worth the trouble.

3) Take Part in Conventions

Forums, conventions, seminars, trade shows are ideal places to tap into the hidden job market. They’ll let you make new contacts, make you aware of unadvertised new job-openings, develop new job-strategies, assist you in getting job-interviews, etc.

I admit, this approach can get expensive if you are out of work, but try attending at least one major meeting in a year in your chosen field, or try to make it a point to go to local industry gatherings with lower costs.

4) Contact Employers Directly

The problem of applying to advertised jobs is that your resume along with thousands others, goes through different stages before it reaches the concerned person, i.e. the hiring manager, and in certain cases, it gets lost or may not even be read because of way too many applications.

A clever move will be to contact the hiring manager directly. You can start by researching the manager using LinkedIn and the company’s website. Be bold enough to email or call the hiring manager directly to introduce yourself and tell them how your association and experience with the company will be useful. This might not lead to a job directly, but they might think of you in their next job opening in the near future.

Remember that nowadays the competition is more fierce and cut-throat than ever. Thus, the only way to get past that competitive clutter is to trying out things in a different (unique) way. Think things through and out of the box, and only then you will get to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently than the rest.

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