The New Age Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

If you are one of the many job seekers using job portals, then this article is just for you. Looking for an appropriate job is undoubtedly among the most challenging obstacles in our lives. No matter what your position is – jobless or looking for a change – anything that makes the hunt easy will be a boon. The recent introduction of job search apps for your smartphones is definitely going to make life convenient. Read on to know how.

According to a study named “State of Mobile Search 2013,” a job seeker searching on a smartphone is expected to act faster than a tablet user. The study by Cathy Boyle analyzes mobile internet usage and search behavior in the US. Let us further explore this facility of quick search mobility in the Indian context.

The Quest

There is no doubt that job searches today are mostly done using our digital devices, rather than the traditional running around city streets with the classifieds in our hands. Seeing the present job scenario in India, the youth of the nation is hoping for better employment opportunities. According to sources, the GDP growth of the country is gaining pace and fresh policies are being considered. However, even if there is a gamut of options waiting outside you are not going to land yourself work just by waiting. So, why wait? You now have the handiness of applying for that dream job using your smartphones. The best part about it is that not only can you search for work sitting in the comfort of your home, you can also seek and apply while on the move! The new mobile apps for job seekers allow you to take your search wherever you go.

The Smart Solution

Technology is mankind’s greatest gift to itself. In today’s age, if one is not utilizing this gift for being more organized, productive and successful, then he or she is probably lagging behind. The keen ones should be taking full advantage of the resources being provided.

Job portals have come up with user-friendly smartphone apps that aid employment while on the move. This development will allow you to reap more benefits than the other forms of job hunt. A phone is now more than just a device, it is a career-boosting world in its own. You can create your user profile for potential employers and also upload CVs.

Mobile applications by job sites are specially developed for smartphones, such as iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. The apps offer the comprehensive search structure that is originally provided on the website, supplemented with additional features. One can explore thousands of opportunities presented by various registered companies that are looking to hire people like you! All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and you are good to go.

Tapping Your Finger

The apps have been specially tailored to suit all purposes and meet the needs of the searchers. The companies have left no stone unturned to bring the power and reach of the internet to handsets, ensuring that their users never miss any opportunity. The applications are loaded with exclusive features enabling users to narrow down their job search using filter categories, like geographic location, experience, industry, current and expected remuneration as well as sector-related keywords – all available by a simple tap of finger on the smartphone. Searchers can also set custom alerts based on their immediate requirement. They will be notified by regular alerts sent to their inbox.

After logging on to the app, the users are greeted by an array of job recommendations that have been generated based on the data provided by the searcher. This data was fed into the system while creating your profile during sign-up. Whether you uploaded your résumé or not, the beneficial feeds will flash on your screen. You can then individually assess the detailed job descriptions and apply for the apt job in a safe and discreet manner. The portals know that your information is sensitive, therefore, the apps offer privacy settings that can be altered at any time using your mobile devices. You can also see the number of times your CV has been viewed by a company, apart from your details of the previously applied jobs and visited openings.

The Seeker

Entry level workers and newly graduated students are mostly on the look-out for new jobs. Incidentally, it is them who have the largest access to smartphones. They are well familiarized with the concept of mobile apps and can fine-tune themselves easily to new launches. Therefore, it is evident that the youth will seek maximum leverage out of such job search apps. These individuals are likely to use the app search for getting jobs in a preferred location.

The Reach

The process of job application via mobiles is not only an advantage for job seekers but also a gain for the employers as they now get an extra platform to reach their target audience and select from a larger pool of talent. Mobile phones are a widespread phenomenon, even greater than computers. An individual may or may not have a computer, but he is most likely to own a phone with internet usage. Thus, the potential employer is sure to deliver his message regarding the job opening to a wider audience. Even if a person is the owner of both the devices, studies state that when it comes to surfing the net smartphones engage this segment more than computers.

Also, the response time for job posting will now be decreased considerably, and a larger number of seekers will apply within a short duration.

The Industry Player

Among the many companies to have launched a job search mobile app, was the first to set up their version of job search engine for the smartphone users. The distinctive mobile app by Naukri is giving tough competition to its arch rivals. It is user-friendly and intuitive and gives you quick access to the available job postings. Compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices, this application will not take minutes of waiting and will get brownie points for high interactivity. In addition to all the mentioned features, there is a history enabled option that allows you to pick up from where you last left.

Searching for jobs on your clunky computers and laptops is soon becoming a trend of the past. This new trend in job search behavior is here to stay. So let us accustom ourselves with the changing times and turn to mobile apps for search purposes. Let’s start exploring!

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