Ten Creative Jobs and Careers That Can Get You Heavy Pay Checks

It is said that half of the brain is responsible for the creativity that can spring within a human being. Best are the people who take advantage of this creativity to live a rich and fun life. Here are ten creative jobs that can get you steady yet heavy paychecks.

1. Videographer

Do you love recording? Why not record for a living? Becoming a videographer can be a difficult task to fulfill but it is creative, nonetheless. And, it actually pays a lot more than the average jobs. If you are working as an independent contractor and producing a work of good quality, you can get a median salary of up to $50,000.

2. Interior Designer

People can pay you a lot for decorating the interiors of their house. Their homes are places they want to spend a long time in, and trusting an interior designer to do the job would require them to shell out a good amount of money. A senior interior designer can earn up to $55,000 or even more than that depending upon the work required at designing homes or corporate buildings.

3. Graphics Designer

If you believe you have an artist hidden within you but you consider the traditional charcoal and canvas too out-dated and would rather work in a digital medium, you need to be a graphics designer. The pay is over $55,000 and you can work to your level of creativity accordingly.

4. Website Designer

Like a game designer, website designer also has a high demand in the market and can get paid a lot more than expected. An average website designer, with a degree of baccalaureate in web designing, can make his living with an average salary of $60,000.

5. Makeup Artist

Paint over canvas? Sure! Earn thousands of bucks by making people look pretty. You might think your leg is being pulled but that is the truth. Makeup artists can earn up to $60,000 by making women and men alike beautiful and gorgeous for their special occasions. You would not believe the amount people are willing to pay just to look more attractive.

6. Fashion Designer

Watching the models walking the ramp in beautiful dresses can make you wonder how could someone designing clothes earn so much? But that is how things revolve around the world which is why a fashion designer can easily design clothes and earn up to $60,000.

7. Academic Writer

Academic and technical writing is the vogue nowadays, especially for people who have great writing skills. If you have good knowledge as well as expertise in any particular academic field, you can offer your services to students who ask professionals, “Can you write my essay”. You can earn up to $65,000 or even more easily if you can set up a credible presence on different freelance job portals.

8. Game Developer

With an average salary of over $65,000, game developers and designers are in for a treat. Who doesn’t love to design games? These creative developers get an access to heavy pay checks while doing what they love the most. Game designers and developers need to hold a relevant degree in software science or data programming.

9. Animators And Multimedia Artists

Animators and multimedia artists have the creative responsibility of designing beautiful advertisements, motion pictures and storyboards for different media purposes. It is one of the highest paying jobs as it offers over $70,000 and only a mediocre bachelor’s degree in arts and design. However, to earn this much, once has to have a heavy experience.

10. Architect

Not only do people pay you a lot for using your creative resources for the interior of their housing but they also pay you loads for designing the exterior and framework of their house. Architects can get paid up to $75,000 per median salary for designing the base of the house.

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