Top 25 Smoothie King Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Smoothie King was the first smoothie franchise in the  United States. Smoothie King was first introduced to the world in 1973 by Steven Kuhnau. He came up with the Smoothie King by experimenting with mixing actual fruit nutrients and proteins in a blender in the comfort of his home. It is one of the few restaurants in the world that ensure the creation of healthy smoothies that cater to the different health needs of consumers.

They currently have about  5000 employees with more openings and job listings on job sites for additional workers. This article is heavily recommended to those planning to apply for jobs in Smoothie King. We highlight possible questions you might expect and raise your chances of getting employed.

1. Why Would You Be Interested In Being Part Of The Team Working Here?

Smoothie King is one of the few restaurants that make drinks of high health value. Being an advocate of healthy feeding, I would want to be part of a group leading to the achievement of such a goal. Benefits attained from this are impactful to society as well as to an individual.

2. What Makes You Think You Are The Best Candidate For This Role?

I am a hardworking adult who is self-driven to produce a quality outcome in whatever I lay my hand on. I am committed to my job and will give my all to satisfy my customers, That is a positive factor of growth for the company. I would love to call it a win-win situation for everyone, from the customer to the franchise.

3. What Do You Know About Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is a chain of many restaurants all over the world that make nutritional smoothies of great health value. Smoothie King came about from Steven Kuhnau in 1973 but was later sold to SK USA inc in 2021. Its mission is to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. The franchise has branches located all over the world which makes it a big brand.

4. What Pushes You To Be Good At What You Do?

Passion. I got into this industry because of my great passion for basically making anything edible, from drinks to food to snacks. I have always wanted to be part of this industry from when I could first eat. Everything I have done and devoted is towards making me someone in this field as I cannot imagine myself doing any other job in this world but this.

5. What Hours Are You Available To Work?

I am available to work on all days during the day hours. I can work for as long as twelve-hour shifts. I can also work during holidays as this is one of the times when customers overflow in restaurants. The workload will be too much hence it may be very inconsiderate of me as an employee to be unavailable at that time.

6. What Do You Love Most About Your Job?

One thing that makes me appreciate this job so much is the fact that I have a chance to interact with different people every day. These people are from various races, backgrounds, and cultures. This makes me more open-minded to life due to the diversity I experience every day. I also love bringing a smile to clients’ faces at the end of a tiresome day or the start of the day. I love being of service to people of all ages, from children to those that have aged. To me, it’s a blessing to have a chance to experience all these. That makes me love my job more each day.

7. What Are Some Of The Difficulties You’Ve Encountered At Work? And How Do You Handle Them?

In all aspects of life, we expect pros and cons in every line of duty. I have faced several challenges. The most frequent challenge is the arrogance of some clients sometimes. This is something that I have learned to deal with because not everyone is the same, and sometimes, they might have been having a hard day and chose to snap at me.

8. Have You Ever Worked In This Field, And How As Your Experience?

Yes, I have worked in two restaurants there before. I worked in the first one in my hometown while I was still a minor to help save for my tuition fees. That was a nice experience as it exposed me to the field and the working class. It taught me that not every client has the same persona, so I had to adjust to the many types of customers that walked into the restaurant every day. My second experience in this line of work was after I finished high school. I got a job at a 4-star hotel and was working in the restaurant part of it. Working here was not as hectic as in the previous diner. This is because I was already used to the field and had learned one or two tactics of offering great service to the customers.

9. What Would You Change If You Had The Opportunity To Run This Place Your Way?

Smoothie King being ranked number 1 by entrepreneur magazine is a small way of showing that this is among the best of the best. As a person who is not yet into its system at the moment, I would say there is nothing I would alter about it. However, insiders are more informed on what they advocate for and what they would change in the company therefore they would answer the question more appropriately. For that reason, there is nothing I would change in the company. If made a member of this renowned place, I am sure I’d do my best to make it better than i found it.

10. How Do You Handle Co-Workers That Do Not Cooperate?

As they say, every market has a mad man and in every flock, there is a black sheep. That being the case, we know that I might have a hard time with other employees on settling on the same page hence minimum cooperation. In such a case, I will try to talk sense into the employees and explain my point of view patiently, hoping they will be more cooperative. If they still do not join hands with me, I will inform the superior to avoid crossing paths with anyone in my line of work.

11. How Well Are You At Handling Pressure?

Working under pressure is the new norm as the world is evolving. Therefore, there is pressure from all sides, all angles, and sectors. For this reason, one has to become accustomed to working under pressure which iI would say is an art in which I have become an expert. The results may not be as perfect as those from decisions made in a relaxed state of mind. However, the difference is zero to none. It is very little and unnoticeable.

12. Do You Set Goals At Work? If Yes, Could You Give An Example Of A Goal You Set And How You Achieved It?

Every day as we wake up, something different is always in our minds. Every day, we want to achieve something that makes the world better. The thought motivates one to set a goal. As indicated in a previous answer to a question, my objective in the first diner that I worked in was to make it recognized across my whole state and to become people’s go-to restaurant. I proposed a baking day to at the diner. People were able to come and got to know the place. Therefore, it got more publicity.

13. What Makes This Restaurant Different From Those You Have Dined In Before?

Most known restaurants’ menus consist of fast foods or food such as seafood cooked with high-fat content. This, therefore, is a great bridge to cross as they are different from the Smoothie King. This is because the mission of Smoothie King is to make the healthiest of smoothies. As much as the smoothies are tasty, they have high nutritional content and are beneficial for customers. It ensures that healthy beverages are available to persons with specialties in drinks, such as those suffering from diabetes and blood pressure imbalances, among other inadequacies.

14. What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean To You?

Each customer will come with different orders and different preferences therefore, excellent customer service as defined in my understanding is being able to satisfy all customers’ needs as much as they are different and as much as those ordering them are requesting. It is also to understand clients are different and one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Every time a new client comes in, I should be open-minded about how to treat them. I will make them feel comfortable and safe. It also means being friendly to them even when they might be non-friendly to me.

15. What Would You Do If A Client Ordered What Was Not In The Menu?

I would suggest substitutes with what is on the menu to the client. However, if the client is still not satisfied with what I am offering, I will try to coordinate with my superior and see to it if the order can be made specifically for this client.

16. How Would You Deal With A Client That Is Being A Nuisance To The Place?

If I were to come to such a customer, I would first try to talk to the customer to adjust whichever character they are displaying. If they are to refuse, I would have security walk them out in the most respectful manner to avoid causing a scene. This is if they are portraying violent behaviors, causing chaos, and threatening other customers.

17. How Do You Manage An Impatient Customer?

Patience is a fruit that not everyone gets to exercise. In a situation in which I have an impatient client, I would try to talk to the person on some intriguing topic to allow the time to flow by without the person noticing. I would also try and hasten my services to avoid such scenarios. I may also allocate a colleague that is not engaged if there is any to help me fasten the process of giving the best service to the impatient client.

18. How Will You Make The Workplace A Better Place?

I would make this a better place by making it client-friendly. Amiability is the first factor in attracting clients to any business. Moreover, giving clients the best services to the best of my abilities. In addition, having a good relationship with my co-workers is a factor in making it a better place as teamwork goes a long way.

19. What Mistakes And Setbacks Have You Had Before?

As we know, man is to error and we do not lack that one time when things went south for you. However, this is not something to use in justifying your wrong acts. At one time, I switched orders of clients unknowingly. Although it was a setback, I fixed my mistake upon notice. I would describe that as a big mistake as a client may have been allergic to some products and it might just be the start of hell on earth because of a minor mistake like this one. I would prefer to phrase it as ignorance.

20. How Do You Think The Place Will Benefit From Your Services Apart From The Duties Assigned?

The duties assigned to me are entirely the physical acts I do. In addition to that, I have astounding leadership skills. The skills can be of great essence come a time when we need to do something as a team. It would be great to have a well-coordinated group. I am also great at following instructions. I would love to add that I am very creative and I am great at bringing new ideas to the table. In addition to that, I am a first thinker and in the case of an emergency, I’d be able to figure out a way around it to avoid disruption of the daily activities of the place.

21. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job, And What Would Your Former Boss Think Of You?

I left my previous workstation as I relocated due to the need for a new environment. My referral is evidence that my former bosses will speak positively about my work culture as I am a person that puts in great effort to attain the best results. I loved the place I was working at. However, sometimes change is inevitable and  I had to look further for greener pastures. I am however so pleased to have found the opportunity to work there as the place molded me into a great service provider.

22. What Steps Would You Take In Case Of An Uncalled Event?

They say we should always be prepared at all times because no one knows when a crisis will choose to strike. As a result, I choose to be prepared at all times. However, at times, some things are not foreseen. At this moment, I use fast critical thinking to solve the problem at hand. If it is a problem that is beyond my jurisdiction, I will choose to call my superior. However, if it is something that has the life of someone in danger, I will personally call an emergency helpline to receive help as soon as possible.

23. Is Teamwork Important To You?

I believe that with teamwork, a lot is achieved as compared to working individually. Teamwork accomplishes bulks of work in a shorter period. In this industry, teamwork drives so much and is something id love to work with. Teamwork also makes the co-workers grow closer and understand each other more, therefore, creating no room for unnecessary disagreements and quarrels.

24. What Drives You?

My drive comes from within. It stems from a desire to improve myself and grow into the person I’ve always wanted to be.  Growing up, I have seen people come from almost nothing to becoming big people in whatever sector they pursued. Since my dream is in this industry, I am motivated by the urge of wanting to become an owner of one of the most renowned restaurants globally.

25. Why Do You Deserve To Work Here?

For a very long time, I have always admired this place. This place has been my dream workplace. I believe I am one of the best people you would ever find to work together. The reason behind the dream is that I uphold many virtues such as honesty, integrity, and patience. I also bring so much to the table with the diversity in skills that I offer. I believe that I was born to once-in-a-lifetime work here as I love and appreciate how your services are offered and coordinated.


We attempted to cover every possible question that may be asked in your forthcoming interview. Even though we did not ask the precise questions, the questions will revolve around the guidelines of the questions we sampled. Please consider the company’s culture and respond to their preferences in a way that promotes them.