Seven Hidden Workplace Dangers To Look Out For At All Times

Firms and workplaces go through a lot of trouble to ensure that their corporation has a safe environment where everyone can comfortably work in. But there are many hidden dangers lurking around in a workplace that can become lethal if left untreated. Here are a few of them that you need to steer clear of as much as possible:

Tripping Over Unwanted Pieces

Most common incident that can happen in a workplace is the tripping of employee staff over little things that are lying around unnoticed. It can either be a small stationary item lying around or a wire that can come in the way of a walking passage. Nonetheless, it can be really hurtful for the working staff in the office. In order to prevent such casualties you need to make sure your office remains clutter-free at all times.

Endless Slippery Trails

One of the greater disasters in a workplace is the slippery floors that can cause accidents. Seeing someone tripping over wet marble is a common sight in any uncovered office. Try to instil a sense of comfort by using skid-free shoes at the office or install carpet or wood floors in order to avoid unexpected skating at your workplace.

Falling Under Tumbling Things

Another hidden workplace danger is when you walk past disorganized piles and piles of files and other materials that may tumble down upon you at any time. Other common sights to behold are the files and folders- they are big culprits at any office that can cause an employee to experience an unexpected fall. It is best to store these piles at a lower eye level or somewhere safe where they would not become a cause of a co-worker falling down.

Stop Fitting One Size on All

Another common mishap that can happen within a workplace is the ergonomic injuries that can result with misuse of equipment. An employee can develop backache or headache depending on the level of equipment they have been provided with. A desk might be too big for them or a chair too small; try to look after what each employee feels comfortable in and then work on providing it to them.

Ample Lighting- You Do Not Work At Theatre

One of the common mishaps is the dim lighting at a workplace. If you have your employees sitting in front of a computer screen for more than six hours a day with dim lighting, the employee will complain of weak eyesight eventually. The fluorescent light from the laptop along with the dim lighting in the workplace will lead to greater eye strain.  It may also lead to headaches and vision loss.

Clogged Up Spaces

What is worse than walking up into a room that has no ventilation system? A room full of unpleasant smell, that’s what. In many workplaces, spraying a pesticide or unruly chemical for fumigation purpose might be a norm and considered to be safe for employee but it actually ends up becoming an irritant for the staff that might be allergic to chemicals or sprays. Try to keep your workspace ventilated so that the staff does not end up with allergic or asthmatic attack.

Drug Or Alcohol Abuse

Nothing can become more dangerous for an employee than a co-worker who is into narcotics. Soon enough, the co-worker not only becomes a risk for himself but also for others around him and it is not long before he turns into a liability. Although it may not seem apparent, but drug or alcohol abuse by any member at a workplace can become a risk hard to handle. So, it is better to keep an eye out on any abnormal behaviour of a co-worker and report it to the concerned authorities before the matter gets out of hand.

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