Resume and cover letter tips for applying to oil jobs

Cover letter is the result of hard work done in one’s life at school, college and mainly professional level. A professional has expertise in a specific field and can apply to a suitable job through a CV that highlights relevant skills and personality traits. Cover letter helps the employer in selecting the right person at right place at right time, thus saving energy of employer and candidate. Cover letter implies that one is the right person for the post with relevant history and current excellence to meet the company’s needs and attain goals of the organization.

Job Profile

To go with the trend mention your qualifications in proper order to draw the reader’s attention. Do some research work on the targeted company and learn what the company wants to achieve, nature of their goods and services, who are their customers and clients, strength weakness opportunity and threat analysis of company, for what are the concerns to the company, how the skills can be of help to the organization so that one gets selected, and what is their performance level in last three years.

Try to find out some issues and flaws in the working of the organization and mildly present your skill set to try and help out the organization in a polite manner, to make your presence felt to the management, as to how your expertise can make a difference in problem solving in a cost effective way. Be specific towards the target companies which you want to join. Highlight the skills, experiences, education achievements, and professional characteristics that meet the company’s culture.

Employment opportunities

At the interview stage every employer looks for how one can be beneficial for the company only, they are not interested in who you are, from where you are. Cover letter fills this need of quick search of qualities from the employer point of view. They can scroll through thousands of applications at a time, so they judge by cover letters of the candidates.

Resume writing for applying oil jobs

Never mention the expected salary in the resume because at this moment the company is concerned in what one can do for the organization, plain and simple. At this juncture there is only one chance to be called for interview, during the interview one can address the issue of how he will be fruitful to them. The resume should be perfect in providing information to the prospective employer so that one gets a call for the interview. Use sentences like extensive background in oil jobs at three companies, staff training and development orientation, superb oral and written communication skills, management coaching and oil industry expert, known for contract negotiation and compliance, knowledge for federal and state employment laws.

General guidelines for candidates in resume writing

A resume is a document which includes education experiences and skills accomplishments to apply for the job. Contact information must be legible, it is the most important information, put the date you have applied for, put the name and contact to which you are applying for oil and gas jobs in Dubai, write name and specific address of the company for a good impact and mention job title and reference number. Never use Sir or Madam to address the application and keep the introductory paragraph as simple as possible. The second paragraph could be attention grabbing but avoid gimmicks and tricks, try to sell the qualifications, don’t present like an advertisement, choose sentences like –it is with genuine interest that I enclose my resume for your review and offer a brief summary of how my skills may benefit the company.

Write the additional skills and educational achievements which will be beneficial to the company. Mention how your potential contribution will be of help to promote the goal, this is the point where you cut above the rest candidates, the goal is to give them a feel that how suitable you are to the company when hired for the job. Arabic is an official language for resumes and CV in Dubai. Be truthful in whatever information you provide in resume because these days LinkedIn profiles, Google search and Facebook also let out personal information. Background check is very common in hiring in jobs in Dubai. The in-depth checks include police checks, confirmation of employments, personal identifications, industry accreditation, memberships or suspensions.

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