Top 25 Raising Cane’s Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Craig Silvey and Todd Graves founded Raising Cane’s in 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, specializing in chicken fingers. If you want to pursue your career with them, you can check the content here. We have prepared the top 25 interview questions and answers for Raising Cane so you can prepare for the interview in advance.

1. What Do You Know About Raising Cane’s?

As students at different universities, Todd Graves and Craig Silvey took a business plan writing course. Graves wrote the business plan, while Silvey submitted it, which received a C-minus grade. Guthrie’s Chicken Fingers employed graves at the time. After investors rejected the business plan repeatedly, Graves earned the necessary funds by serving as a boilermaker in a Los Angeles refinery and fishing for sockeye salmon in Alaska. At the intersection of Highland Road and State Street near the LSU campus, they successfully inaugurated their first restaurant with the help of an SBA loan.

Since dogs are not popular in Kuwait, there is no signage or merchandise featuring the chain’s namesake mascot, a dog.

2. Why Do You Prefer Working At Raising Cane’s?

At Cane’s, life is fast, fun, and friendly! 

Every Crewmember contributes to delivering THE PERFECT BOX.

They are proud of what they do as fry cooks and cashiers. The quality of their work is never compromised for the speed of their work.

  • What They Offer To Employees
  • Honesty
  • Hard Work
  • Communication
  • Friendliness
  • Big Smiles

3. What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For This Role?

As a result of working hard in previous jobs, I have developed a specific skill set that is ideal for this role. I have a wide experience across various divisions, which means I can handle various situations. Additionally, I am very organized and personable, so I can handle many phone calls or be successful in situations where I meet many people in person. Due to my flexibility, I would be able to accommodate any sudden changes in my schedule without sacrificing my performance.

4. What Is The Mission Of Raising Cane’s?

 With over 330 restaurants in 23 states, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers were founded in 1996 by Todd Graves in Baton Rouge, La. Multiple new restaurants are in the construction stage. Known for their unique business model and customer satisfaction; the company has ONE LOVE®—quality chicken finger meals. A major part of the Raising Cane vision is to have restaurants worldwide offering quality chicken finger meals, excellent crews, cool cultures, and active community involvement.

5. We Have Some Strong Competition At Raising Cane’s. What, In Your Opinion, Makes Us Stand Out?

I believe that Raising Cane’s stands out above its competitors because it has an incredible reputation for quality food and strong customer service. I want to work for an organization that takes quality and service as seriously as you do.

During my research of Raising Cane’s, I found that your online reviews and Instagram and Twitter marketing strategies are what set you apart.

6. At Raising Cane’s, We Put Great Value On Customer Service. How Can You Describe Your Customer Service Skills?

Customer service should never be compromised because this is the only department that separates you from others. Raising Cane’s comprise of the best customer service standards, which is one of the reasons I am so convinced of your company. I am fully trained in hospitality. Moreover, I am a very attentive professional. When you talk to my circle and references, they will attest to my great customer service skills. Working at Raising Cane’s would be a great honor, and I surely won’t miss this opportunity.

7. We Take The Cleanliness Of Our Restaurants Very Seriously. How Important Is Cleanliness To You?

The cleanliness of your store has everything to do with your customers’ first impressions and health. As the first person to notice anything out of place or in disorder in my current role, I would be proud to uphold Raising Cane’s cleanliness standards. I believe that if one can’t maintain cleanliness, he must never operate a restaurant business.

8. We Have Got Lots Of Momentum Using Social Media Marketing Techniques In The Current Year. Are You Following Us On Facebook, Instagram, Or Twitter?

Even though I don’t use social media, I can only imagine your posts are mouthwatering and fun. If I do end up on these platforms, I will surely follow Raising Cane’s. I know the value of an online presence, and I am pretty sure Raising Cane’s has a good online reputation. I have checked the online accounts on popular social media channels, and surely, I will be following them all soon without having a second thought.

9. We Encourage Training And Education For Our Employees. If You Are Given a Chance To Excel In Your Education, What Path Would You Choose, And Why?

Whatever area we work in, keeping ourselves updated and in line with the latest trends is something we should always focus on. The same applies to me. I am eager to learn new methods and concepts. Raising Cane’s encourages continued education and training. That’s great to hear! I plan to take courses in leadership and management if I can continue my education. I hope to end up in a supervisory role someday. This will make my hiring chances brighter, and I will also have good opportunities in the future.

10. At Raising Cane’s We Proudly Offer Various Training Programs. Which Trainings Do You Feel You Need Most?

Among the training I wish to receive in the restaurant industry, I would like to receive more training on operating point-of-sale systems. I aim to understand the software programs and platforms I use to ensure efficiency and faster service. Raising Cane’s is doing a great job in this area, making them prominent in the restaurant industry.

11. What Knowledge Do You Have About The Workplace Culture At Raising Canes?

It has been a pleasure researching Raising Cane’s before coming in today. Your website mentions that you have a collaborative culture focused on ‘service-with-a-smile.’ This is exactly the type of environment that I am looking for.

I have spoken to a few people who have worked for Raising Cane’s, and they all rave about the company. I’m looking for a collaborative and positive workplace, and this position seems to fit the bill.

12. As You Know, The Casual Dining Industry Is Very Competitive Nowadays, And Turnovers Can Go Very High. Why Do You Still Prefer Us Over Any Of Our Competitors?

Having read about the company culture and customer service philosophy, Raising Cane’s seems genuine and honest, and you encourage your employees to grow. I would choose you over your competitors.

Building a lucrative career with Raising Cane’s would be a delight because their company is well-known for strong management, growth opportunities, and fair pay.

13. How Do You Manage Difficult Customers?

It is mostly because of a communication breakdown when I experience a difficult customer. Since I am a strong communicator, I can diffuse most situations.

In the case of a difficult customer, I try to kill them with kindness. Negative people often cannot continue being negative when there is nothing to fuel the fire in the first place.

14. Do You See Long-Term Career Potential With Raising Cane’s? Where Would You Like To See Yourself In The Next 2-3 Years?

With Raising Cane’s strong reputation for developing and promoting its employees, I look forward to developing my leadership skills.

Raising Cane’s is a great company to work for in the long run, and if I can grow with your company, I would like to become a manager with a human resources component. I have earned a BA degree in Human Resources and am extremely passionate about working here.

15. At Raising Cane’s, We Handle Many Cash Transactions Throughout The Day. Do You Consider Yourself Responsible And Trustworthy? Give Me An Example.

I balanced approximately 10K in cash daily at Company ABC. There was never a discrepancy. I have solid references who can speak to my honesty and reliability. As an example of my honesty, here is a copy of a written reference from my most recent employer.  

16. Have You Taken Any Food Safety Courses?

It looks like you mention ABC and XYZ in your job posting. I don’t have training in these areas, but I am more than willing to take the training and become certified before my first shift.

If you recommend any food safety courses, I would be glad to take them. Because this is my first job with you, you might be looking for something more advanced and different, which may be unfamiliar to me. With that said, I am confident that I can succeed right away. While you make your hiring decision, do you have any courses I could take to prepare me more?  

17. Our Restaurants Are Opening On Weekends And In The Evenings. What Are Your Preferred Work Shifts? Do You Have Any Limitations Regarding This?

 There are very few restrictions to my schedule. Except for Monday evenings, my schedule is very open. I am also willing to work on weekends and can work overtime, too, as I am in dire need of financial independence. I do have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, but other than that, I am available.  

18. Did You Ever Perform A Function Or Complete A Task In Which You Had Little Or No Experience?

I took over my manager’s position in the interim after she went on medical leave for three months last year. I knew the basics of the role, but I was certainly not trained in its specifics. As my manager returned, she was very pleased with the progress that I had made, and I was promoted. As a result of my team’s support, reading company manuals, and asking many questions, I completed it.  

Also, when I was a hostess in my last position, one of our servers called in sick on a busy Saturday night at the last minute. The night was successful, and my tips were a great reward. Having very little training, my boss threw me into a server role. It wasn’t very comforting, but I felt a rush as well.

This was very unusual for me as I had never experienced such a situation before. But the good thing was that I had a great to learn from this, and I never got confused in the future, especially whenever I faced the same scenario. This gave me ultimate confidence and courage making things easier for me.

19. When Suffering A Setback, How Does That Emotionally Affect You And Your Work?

I understand that setbacks are always disappointing and disheartening, but I realize they happen occasionally. Whenever I experience a major setback, I debrief with my manager and discuss what I could have done differently. Then, I move forward.

I understand that setbacks happen from time to time. I don’t enjoy setbacks but take them as a learning experience. When I encounter a setback at work, I often ask for help to recuperate time if a deadline is approaching. It is always best to take a breather outside if a difficult customer shakes me up. There’s always a healthy way to cope with difficult situations.  

20. Do You Have Experience In Corrective Discipline And Terminations?

It has been my experience to be involved in group layoffs and individual terminations throughout my career. I am comfortable with these types of situations. Although I have not performed terminations or held corrective discipline meetings, I would be willing to do these tasks with some training and research.

21. How Do You Handle Stress?

My stress levels are balanced by taking good care of myself and prioritizing my workload.

I handle stress very well, and my references can confirm this. I ensure I stay focused on the task at hand when I am under pressure at work, and I delegate when necessary to alleviate some stress. Staying on deadline is important, and I will delegate when necessary.

22. Do You Consider Yourself A Leader Or A Follower?

Listening and following directions are two of my strong suits. I work excellently with others individually and as part of a team to solve problems. If I were given a leadership position, I believe I would rise to the challenge. Despite my ability to follow, I am naturally a leader by nature. I enjoy mentoring others and am a good role model for new employees.  

23. Can You Rate Your Communication Skills From 1-10 With Proper Examples Backing Your Given Rating?

I will rate my communication skills as a 9/10. As an open leader, my team will let me know if there’s anything I need to clarify. My co-workers and supervisors will attest to my clear and concise communication skills.

For this reason, I would rate my communication skills as a 7/10. I would say my verbal communication skills are strong; however, my written communication skills are not as strong.

24. Is It Always Best To Be Honest?

Honesty is an essential component of developing moral character. Honesty enables the development of good qualities such as kindness, discipline, honesty, moral integrity, and others. Honesty does not tolerate lying, cheating, lack of trust, theft, greed, and other immoral acts.

25. What Questions Do You Have?

I do have a few questions. What is most important to you when it comes to filling this position? Also, what are the career growth opportunities associated with this position? And lastly, will you be interviewing internal candidates as well?

A few other questions include:

  • Please Let Me Know When You Want This Position To Be Filled.
  • What Is The Length Of Time That This Position Has Been Vacant?
  • Does This Position Replace An Existing One, Or Does It Represent a Newly Created One?
  • What Do You Like Most About Working Here?
  • In The Next 10-12 Months, What Is The Company’s Primary Goal For This Position?
  • Do You Need Clarification About Anything I’ve Done Or Experience I’ve Had?
  • Over The Past Three Years, What Has Been The Most Significant Change In This Industry?
  • Are There Any Reasons/Issues Which May Restrict You From Hiring Me?


If you are looking to prepare for Raising Cane’s interview, you are at the right spot. We are here to help you out in the same. Raising Cane’s is a multi-national company offering delicious chicken to customers. They have three selection rounds, including general, behavioral, and position-specific questions. At Raising Cane’s, your customer service skills will be tested. It also includes your skills, ability to handle fast-paced work, and knowledge of Raising Cane’s menu when you attend a Raising Cane interview. This content lists some sample Raising Cane’s interview questions and answers to help you prepare. No doubt, they won’t remain the same because it depends on the job you are applying for and the interviewer taking the interview, but they are the generally-asked ones, which might help you at best.