Property Manager Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Your job search process should start with creating a compelling property manager resume. With a powerful resume, you can easily impress potential employers. This kind of resume clearly and concisely expresses your skills, relevant expertise, and achievements. Referencing the job description can help you highlight any talents, recognitions, and certifications that align with the requirements on your resume. Whether you are looking forward to applying for a residential or commercial project management job, we have you in mind. We are here to help you create a resume that lands interviews.

Below is a sample resume for a property manager with all the important elements that make up a job-winning resume. It is a reliable resume example to help you land your dream property manager job. Use it to create a resume that impresses hiring managers right from the time they open your application. You can modify it to get a quick start and create a perfect property manager resume in minutes.

Property Manager Job Description

The continuous rise in commercial and residential properties is creating an increasing need to manage these properties. This need makes property managers increasingly important. The goal of property management is to keep renters happy while minimizing expenditures.

Position Description

A property manager is mainly responsible for the management of different types of properties, from commercial to residential and industrial. Property managers oversee the management of operations and finances. This includes setting rents, advertising for new tenants, managing vacancies, managing tenant relations, and managing upkeep. They handle maintenance issues, rent collection, tenant complaints, and budgets. The manager oversees the maintenance of properties and ensures tenant satisfaction. Their responsibilities include organizing basic maintenance services such as gardening, mowing lawns, repairing roof tiles, and adjusting air vents.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Property Manager

  • Analyze and rectify budget variances and prepare annual budgets
  • Receive invoices and schedule expenditure
  • Pay invoices and keep up-to-date and accurate financial records
  • Prepare and distribute financial statements and keep weekly and monthly financial reports
  • Conduct market research to create appropriate rent rates, consider and determine costs and profit goals
  • Receive and orient new tenants, and make timely and effective communications with tenants and residents
  • Ensure to investigate and settle tenant concerns and complaints effectively and promptly
  • Liaise with the property owner to create occupancy rules and enforce set policies and procedures
  • Prepare terms of rental agreements and leases, negotiate and enforce those terms
  • Guide, help, and support new tenants to fill and complete all the necessary paperwork
  • Ensure tenants and residents comply with applicable laws and regulations and maintain relevant statutory records
  • Maintain property according to owners objectives by controlling and directing resources and personnel appropriately
  • Oversee and monitor repairs and maintenance to ensure they are cost-effective and workers complete them on time
  • Manage and negotiate maintenance contracts with vendors, and implement safety measures during maintenance to ensure the property, tenants, and residents are safe.
  • Advertise vacancies, manage advertisement budget, process applications and place tenants to achieve occupancy goals

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Good customer service and ability to multitask efficiently
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Proficiency in property management software and Microsoft Office suite
  • Possess excellent negotiation and people handling skills
  • Exceptional communication skills and strong interpersonal skills
  • Possess problem-solving skills to offer effective solutions to different potential problems
  • Working knowledge of property laws and anti-discrimination legislation
  • Has the ability to work following operational codes, procedures, regulations, and policies
  • Excellent math skills and strong familiarity with analyzing budgetary data

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • A bachelor’s degree in property management, real estate, or a related field
  • Experience in property management and supervision


A senior property manager earns $79,129 while a property manager earns $51,494, according to In addition, a junior property manager earns $47,557 based on data from

Property Manager CV Example 1

Colin Joseph

Address: 511 W. Locust St. Tyler, TX 75702, United States

Email address:

Phone number: 903-395-8825

Personal Profile 

A seasoned property manager with over nine years of experience in the property management field. My extensive knowledge and expertise in managing facilities, resources, and assets make me a great candidate for management roles for both residential and commercial property. I have a proven ability to leverage experience in property management to meet the deliver the targets and expectations of property owners. I use my customer, leadership, and professional skills to support property tenants and residents effectively. I’m seeking a property management job that will allow me to use my expertise and experience to enhance property occupancy and occupant retention.

Work Experience

Property Manager, Austin Property Management, Texas, United States

6/2019 – 7/2022

  • Used digital marketing tools and channels such as social media, websites, and adverts to market vacant units and meet occupancy goals.
  • Met potential tenants and lessees to show them vacant spaces and units, explained occupancy terms, negotiated contracts with prospective occupants, and provided them with information about the area.
  • Prepared tenancy and leasing agreements, and discussed the same with the property owner to ensure their interests are expressed clearly while abiding by existing property laws.
  • Ensured to obtain security deposits from tenants and implement security measures in the properties to avoid theft or loss of owner resources through other means.
  • Inspected units and premises during move-outs, calculated damage costs, and ensured to deduct the same from the security deposit of the concerned individual or company.
  • Assessed the equipment, buildings, and grounds regularly to identify maintenance or repair needs.
  • Supervised and managed administration, maintenance, and operations of residential and commercial facilities.
  • Introduced the Buildium property management platform. I used this tool to maintain the safety of all property records including income, repair, permits, expenditure, operation, and other records.
  • Investigated violations, disturbances, and complaints and resolved them according to management rules, regulations, and procedures

Property Manager, Dallas Property Management, California, USA

4/2017 – 5/2020

  • Inspected vacant units and identified places that required repair and renovation. Contracted competent renovators and supervised restoration services.
  • Advertised vacant units using the company website and social media pages to reach target markets and attract potential clients, be it companies or individuals.
  • Achieving financial goals through rent collection, bill payment, requirement forecasting, annual budget preparation, and expenditure planning and scheduling.
  • Provided communication channels to renters, ensured to be available to listen to their concerns and issues. I probed and resolved tenant issues and complaints
  • Enforced occupancy rules to maintain order among occupants, avoid disturbance in the property and ensure the property is safe for everyone.
  • Researched local rental rates to determine suitable rental rates. I computed taxes, overhead costs, and profit targets.
  • Gave interested renters a tour of the vacant premises and rooms, communicated the terms of occupancy, and explained the amenities and benefits of the area
  • Ensured to rectify faults relating to water, electricity, sever, or structure promptly to keep tenants satisfied. That way, I would obtain referrals and recommendations from existing occupants.

Assistant Property Manager, Tommy and Sons Ltd., Houston, United States

2/2014 – 4/2017

  • Used MRI Real Estate property management software to maintain records, organize operations and maintenance, and track rent payments
  • Initiated and supervised repair and maintenance operations to keep residential and commercial properties in good condition
  • Harnessed social media to market vacant premises and engage potential rental and leasing partners
  • Supervised contractors, subcontractors, and laborers on site to ensure they provided standard services
  • Listened to the concerns and requests of occupants and made necessary adjustments and improvements promptly
  • Led contract negotiations for leases and long-term occupancy


  • 1/2010 – 12/2013, Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate, University of North Texas
  • 1/2005 – 11/2008, High School Diploma, EF Academy


  • 6/2009, Real Estate Certificate, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • MRI Real Estate Software
  • Buildium Platform


  • English
  • Spanish

Other skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Excellent organization and time management
  • Strong communication skills

Property Manager CV Example 2

Pamela Jones

Address: Reb House, Yeoman Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3FA, UK

Email address:

Phone number: 1202-490-555

Personal Profile

An accredited commercial and residential property manager with 9 plus years of experience in property management. With experience in managing individual and corporate property, I have what it takes to ensure that resources including finances, facilities, and people are managed effectively to achieve the desired goals. I have demonstrated excellent customer service, coordination, and leadership skills throughout my years of service. I believe I can replicate past success and help property owners to realize their financial targets while safeguarding their assets.

Work Experience

Property Manager, H L M Property Management, London, United Kingdom

4/2019 – 5/2022

  • Filled all vacant premises and units and used website and social media ads to market them and attract new tenants. Ensured that existing tenants are satisfied and that way, they helped to get new and long-term tenants.
  • Created suitable tenancy and lease agreements that were both attractive to potential occupants and profitable to property owners. Ensured to set necessary security deposits in agreements to protect owners from making losses.
  • Ensured to be available to receive issues arising from occupants including requests, concerns, and emergencies. I acted on and resolved issues promptly to maintain trust with renters.
  • Inspected property during move-outs or eviction for any damages. Ensured to calculate the cost of damages and deduct the same from the security deposit. Issued eviction letters to renters that breached agreements.
  • Inspected property regularly to identify any anomalies. Organized repairs and maintenance services promptly to restore normal operation or property conditions.
  • Ensured that properties have minimal interruptions to daily operations by scheduling specific times for maintenance, repair, or renovation services.
  • Achieved financial goals for property owners by setting suitable objectives concerning budget preparation, rent collection and payment, and scheduling expenditures.
  • Maintained various property income and expenditure records tenant details, rent collection records, repair and maintenance costs, inspection and insurance costs.

Property Manager, Savills, Birmingham, UK

2/2016 – 4/2019

  • Advertised vacant units by running compelling ads on listing sites and other rental advertising platforms
  • Screened prospective occupants to pick trustworthy tenants and avoid frequent turnover. I employed different screening processes including reviewing individual background, occupation, or even credit history.
  • Used word of mouth, other tenants, and social media to attract and find new clients
  • Came up with effective measures to handle and reduce tenant disturbances and complaints such as abolishing frequent parties on the property.
  • Set and collected rent on time. Adjusted rent rates to levels that attract tenants while generating income for property owners. Defined and set up rent collection systems. Set rent collection deadlines and penalties for late rent payments.
  • Ensured to maintain properties in good condition and promote a safe living environment for all tenants. Enforced occupancy rules, coordinated works of contractors, and contracted snow removal among other services.
  • Liaised with property owners to set suitable rates that helped to attract more renters and increase income for the owner.
  • Checked property regularly to identify areas that require renovation and repair, and supervised renovators and repairers to ensure they deliver excellent services.

Assistant Property Manager, UK Property Management Ltd, Hounslow, United Kingdom

2/2013 – 1/2016

  • Supervised renovations and the maintenance and repair of water, electrical, and sewer systems
  • Provided communication channels to occupants, listened to their complaints and issues, and responded promptly with a suitable solution
  • Surveyed properties periodically to ensure compliance with the set rule, regulations, and laws
  • Ensured to collect rent from tenants and adjusted or increased rent when necessary. I also implemented the right measures to ensure everyone pays their rent on time.
  • I always ensured cleaners perform their work as planned to maintain the property clean at all times.
  • Checked on occupants to ensure they are comfortable. This helped to reduce vacancy cycles and increase tenancy periods across the properties I managed.


  • 1/2010 – 11/2012, Real Estate Management BSc, Kingston University, UK
  • 1/2008 – 11/2009, General Certificate of Secondary Education, Bootham Senior School, England


  • 6/2012, Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) certificate, The Institute of Commercial Management, UK
  • 3/2011, Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) certificate, The Institute of Commercial Management, UK



  • English
  • American Sign Language

Computer Skills

  • MRI Software
  • AppFolio property management software
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Other skills

  • Customer service skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Interpersonal and Communication skills

Property Manager Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are Property Management Skills?

An effective property manager can manage money, communicate with renters, oversee property maintenance, and market vacant apartments. These experts typically have backgrounds in real estate, maintenance, or property management. To ensure each property is profitable, property managers must handle all contracts, leases, and official paperwork in addition to responding to owner and tenant communications. Although each property manager may have a different set of responsibilities, there are some fundamental soft and hard skills that all property managers should possess. The right skill set helps property managers to become very successful. These include communication skills, organization skills, time management skills, customer service skills, problem-solving skills, financial and tech skills, and basic building, maintenance, marketing, and legal skills.

2. How Can Your Property Manager Resume Distinguish You From Other Candidates?

Every applicant mentions the responsibilities they performed in their previous jobs. So you should include any information that can distinguish you from others. This may include unique skills, achievements, or positions you have held before.

3. Which Parts of A Resume are the Most Important?

To give potential employers a comprehensive overview of your qualifications, experience, and education, you must include some significant sections in your resume. Your contact information, education, a profile or summary, and skills are the most important sections. These should never miss in your resume. In addition, you can also have optional sections on your resume that highlight your accomplishments or hobbies to help it stand out from the competition. Every component of a resume is important and can affect your likelihood of being shortlisted for an interview. If you exclude key information from your resume, potential employers may not understand why you are a suitable candidate for a position.

4. How Should Your Work Experience Look Like In A Property Manager Resume?

The work experience section is one of the key resume sections. It shows potential employers that you have the necessary experience for the job. This section should have your professional history information. This includes the job title or titles you have held, the employers, tenure durations, accomplishments, and responsibilities. Ensure to format the work experience section appropriately to make it easy to skim through and read. Also, tailor your work experience to suit the position you are seeking. Mentioning noteworthy achievements helps your application to stand out. It is a common practice to order your work experience chronologically, starting with the most recent.

5. Is It A Must To Use the Chronological Format In A Property Manager Resume?

You can provide information to employers in a variety of resume formats. On a chronological resume format, you list professional experience history from most to the least recent. This is the most popular format since it makes it obvious how you have developed your career through the years. If you have been in employment consistently for some years, this resume format works best for you. Otherwise, use a different resume format if you have major gaps in your employment history.