Plan Your Career with an Insight into the Diverse Fields of Engineering

Engineering is all pervasive:

Do you enjoy solving various problems you face day-in-and-day-out in a logical and systematic fashion? Do you love solvingcomplex technical problems in a way most find overwhelming to even think of? If the answer is a resounding yes, then most likely you are amongst the hordes of people who have a penchant for technology and are enchanted bythe engineering stream. There is no doubt that engineering is by far one of the most popular fieldstoday, which has captured the attention of many.

The job of engineers is both exciting and rewarding and there are myriad exciting and innovative career options for professionals in this field, which allows them to use their innovative and analytical abilities to develop services and products that improve lives.

Whether it was the invention of the wheel or the art of agriculture or farming, engineering has been behind all the progress and evolution of civilization. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that engineering is an integral part of human life. Whether it is the car we regularly drive or the cell-phones we use to communicate, they are all some form of engineering or the other. Without engineering most of the modern day miracles won’t be possible. They are all creations of engineers!

What is engineering?

Basically, engineering is a field of knowledge and expertise that combines the wisdom of science with the precision of math in order to solve different types of problems in the physical world around us. The objective behind it is to find effective solutions to those problems and make improvements to make our lives more safe, comfortable and pleasant. The skill of an engineer lies in his ability to find economical and practical solutions to those problems. So engineering is all about deriving real-life, practical solutions to a real-world problem from an abstract idea or thought.

Some of the top reasons for choosing engineering as a career path are:

  • High remuneration – Engineering is definitely amongst the best paid professions in the world owing to the high level of skills and expertise that is needed to carry out the jobs and also due to the existing shortage of skills.
  • Extremely in demand – From energy to transportation networks, from construction to Defence, the role of engineering is critical everywhere. As population continues to growand the infrastructures are stretched there isalways be agrowing demand for engineers across the globe.
  • Varied careers – Engineering is a fundamental part of almost all things that we come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. The diversity means one can choose to work in the areas that one is most passionate about; whether its cars, medical science, planes, renewable energies or space travel.
  • Extremely rewarding – The sector has delivered myriadresolutions and advances that have helped progress millions of lives. One can be a part of this huge revolution and work with other extremelyaccomplished professionals and help in shaping the future.
  • Professional learning – Asengineers, you can work in professionalsettings where you can both learn and grow through formal and on-the-job training. You can also work in an atmosphere surrounded by the latest technology required to complete projects.

What do engineers do?

Engineers solve problems and implement solutions in a way that benefits all. There are many different functions that an engineer has to perform besides problem solving. These include organizing, communicating, calculating, designing, planning, etc. Engineers have the talent and skill to clearly define issues and then based on the available data and resources such as time or money, find simple yet effective solutions.These solutions don’t just bring about an improvement in the situations but are also extremely beneficial to everyone involved. Junior engineers have more technical work to do while senior engineers typically focus more on the managing aspects of projects and also the team of engineers who are working under their guidance and supervision.

Different branches of engineering

There are many branches of engineering that have great scope for individualswith enough passion and the right aptitude for the job. All these and many other branches offer excellent career options in diverse fields of application. Under these main branches there are many sub-branches to choose from. Some of the more popular and well-known branches are:

• Information Technology (IT) engineering
• Civil engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Electronics engineering
• Mechanical engineering, etc.

The future of engineering:

Engineering is so varied; a lot of times it’s hard for the public to see a common connect between its accomplishments. At one end are the engineers who are in chargeof the gigantic scale designs and at the other end there areseveral applications of nano-technology. Engineering creates spectacular yet sustainable new structures on the skylines of the world and also create life in the remote, underprivileged corners of the globe. Then there is the revolution of communication which creates a rising sense of universal community, allowing billions of people to access data and services and forge new professional opportunities.

The foundation of engineering is the application of physical and mathematical theory. But it is far more than just knowledge: an engineer’s core job is to turn theories into practice. As with medicine, the expertise in engineering comes only with training, by means of exposure to actual problems and techniques for solving them. To become a successful engineer, one has to train in any of the renowned engineering colleges across India. There are degree courses in diverse streams that are of 4 years’ time duration. And only after the completion of these courses one gets the B.E. degree. One can start working immediately post the completion of the course or can decide to study further and do specializations in the field of their choice. Aspirants can choose to study either in India or overseas depending on their aspiration and financial situation. Doing MBA after the engineering is also among one of the highly popular options today as it offers several rewarding prospects in the field of management.


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