Most Interesting Careers as a Culinary Artist

If you love food and cooking, you have probably thought about becoming part of the food service industry. Fun cooking shows and celebrity cook-offs make the career seem glamorous and cooking in the kitchen exciting. However, the day-to-day of these careers are actually stressful and intense. If you would still like to be involved with food but not necessarily on the line of fire each day, consider some of these unusual food careers.

Culinary Trendologist

You’ve probably never thought about why all the restaurants suddenly put the same ingredients in their food or where the trend for certain styles of cuisine come from. But now you do. They come from culinary trendologists. These people research food and flavor trends and help determine what flavors customers will find popular. A trendologist will study everyday news, blogs, magazines, menus from around the world, and read food publications. They will also watch a lot of food television from countries around the world. This information helps them advise their customers on what will sell in the upcoming months and years.


Want a really old career? Try becoming a hunter/gatherer for local restaurants. Many restaurants want to supply food from local sources, but don’t have the time to search for it on their own. In comes the food forager. A good forager will look for local produce from farmers’ markets, nearby farms, and even the wild. A forager will also keep an eye out for unusual ingredients that a trendy restaurant might want to use for a special dish or exclusive recipe.

Gourmet Food Buyer

A gourmet food buyer does just that. The food buyer keeps track of amazing new foods and recommends them to restaurants around the world. A food buyer will watch the same things as the trendologist, but will also attend food shows and might speak to customers directly to hear what they want to buy. Don’t see something that you want on your favorite store’s shelf? Talk to the manager. She will relay the request to the food buyer, and you just might see the product on the shelf in a few weeks.

Food Stylist

You probably didn’t know that food needed a stylist, but food stylists are in high demand. All food photo shoots in magazines, on popular blogs, and on menus are arranged by a food stylist. Even commercials and food packaging is arranged by a stylist. A stylist simply arranges the food to make it look more appetizing. For example, even burger chain McDonald’s uses food stylists to enhance the appearance of their food by arranging the ingredients in a pleasing fashion. Usually, a food stylist has cooking experience and works with all different industries, including magazines, TV shows, newspapers, blogs, restaurants, and anywhere else food is used.

When it comes to a culinary career, there is much more than simply cooking in the kitchen. You can try out cooking, or try for one of these varied and exciting food-related careers. You certainly won’t have a boring job with any of these in-demand careers!

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