Top 30 Microsoft Entry-Level Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Microsoft is one of the largest computer software companies across the globe. It is the leading provider of computer and gaming hardware, video games, cloud computing, and online services. Microsoft’s headquarters is in “Redmond,” and its offices are in sixty countries. Microsoft offers various career choices to fresh graduates and is famous for high-quality and high-standard work and challenging projects. People tend to leave those companies that fail to evaluate the talent worth of employees. But Microsoft is a collective employer that is always ready to offer better compensation to its employees. So, if you are a fresh graduate looking for the best Microsoft entry-level jobs, read this informative article until the end. The article will focus on the best jobs that give a golden opportunity to fresh graduates to earn handsome amounts of money.

1. Microsoft Federal Consulting Service Provider

One of the entry-level jobs offered by Microsoft is consulting service internship program. Applications are accepted for all available Business Consulting intern positions. The main role of the internship program is to participate in project planning by checking risks and dependencies and proposing a suitable solution. Fresh graduates also need to cultivate relationships with stakeholders, partners, and customers to identify the main drivers of satisfaction and provide recovery actions to improve performance and experience.

2. Researcher

Microsoft also provides an opportunity to work as a researcher. The researcher’s responsibility is identifying any research program’s unique and solvable components. Under the supervision of a higher authority, research new technologies, tools, and methods that can be used in the future for research purposes and support future planning. If you have a Ph.D. in Machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, etc., then you can apply for this job at Microsoft.

3. Business Program Manager

Fresh graduates can work as business program managers at Microsoft after graduation. As business program managers, they will work with many stakeholders all across the company to analyze and improve many processes and programs at a strategic level. They perform many non-technical projects using internal customer perspective and helps in improving existing program performance by defining issue, assessing scenario, and selecting the best optimal scenario for issue resolution.

4. Business Operation Manager

As a business operation manager, the intern manages daily routine business running on behalf of the team leader. The roles of a business operation manager are budget planning process, planning & executing department agendas, the rhythm of business, and managing workforce planning activities. As a business operation manager, you collaborate with teams and partners to ensure communication, designs, and implementation of strategy execution plans.

5. Product Marketer

As a product marketer, the fresh graduate must define and direct market and business strategies to drive overall customer value and growth and enhance product vision. They engage with partners and customers to understand customer needs and identify investment priorities. Product marketers must learn to define long-term strategies and vision for the product.

6. Media Plan Developer

Media plan developer leads the development of paid media plan, its execution, measurement, and optimization across each media channel globally. They are always ready to implement media strategies and seek feedback on planning and strategies. Media plan developers must partner with 3rd party agencies to develop the best media plans that also identify cost, partners, and audience.

7. Technical Program Manager  

As technical program managers, fresh graduates will lead the implementation and development process for products & services. The opportunity allows them to design and drive program or product changes based on customer needs.

The manager designs the product’s architecture and provides solutions to all technical needs. To change or define existing product features, technical program managers will also identify product performance and quality trends.

8. Product Manager

As a product manager, a graduate needs to define product strategy and vision by focusing on a proper understanding of the competitive market and customer experience. The job position allows the graduates to evaluate tradeoffs, identify investment opportunities, and drive the perfect product roadmap. They must make healthy partnerships with stakeholders and define goals for specific products.

9. Customer Relationship Manager

Fresh graduates can also get entry-level customer relationship manager jobs at Microsoft. Here they need to learn about customer engagement roles and make healthy relationships with customer stakeholders. They play a vital role in engaging conversations with the customers and address strategic outcomes that drive toward customer success.

10. Software Engineers

Software engineers work with team members to solve issues and build new and innovative software solutions. Fresh graduates must be passionate about product quality and customers. They quickly learn unique engineering methods and smoothly incorporate them into work processes. They demonstrate their time management skill and complete projects in a team environment within the given period.

11. Cloud Solutions Expert

Cloud solutions experts offer technical expertise via product demonstrations, maintenance and installation of products, and sales presentations. Fresh graduates work as cloud solution experts and assist the staff in assessing the application of products to meet customers’ needs and also prepare product specifications in implementations of customer solutions. They also play their roles in supporting research projects and have contributed to scoping surveys for partners and customers. They must have excellent verbal & written communication and presentation skills. Fresh graduates who want to join as cloud solution experts must be passionate about customer and technology-obsessed.

12. Security Engineer

A security engineer is the best entry-level job at Microsoft for fresh graduates. As security engineers, graduates execute security controls, countermeasures, and defenses to intercept and prevent malware attacks. They must have experience in the software development lifecycle, large-scale computing, anomaly detection, and identifying security threads. A security engineer needs to support operational security and security reporting & reviews.

13. Cloud Networking Engineer

Cloud networking engineering is another great entry-level job for fresh graduates. The opportunity will allow them to develop and design wide-area and local area networks by facilitating network implementation. They will also need to develop, advocate and utilize the adoption of the validation process and testing for network firmware and network devices to enhance overall efficiency. The fresh graduate must have technical experience in network automation, development, and design as a cloud networking engineer.

14. Marketing Role In ACE Program (Product Marketing Manager)

Fresh graduates will be considered for the ACE program in a marketing role. The product marketing manager determines a reliable marketing strategy for communication via product content or marketing plans. They are responsible for understanding marketing activities and developing the best marketing campaigns to increase sales and enhance performance. As product marketing managers, graduates must monitor competition and build competitive positioning plans.

15. Marketing Communications Manager

The position embraces the marketing policy of Microsoft and drives overall improvement to maximize marketing efficiency and impact. As a manager, fresh graduates manage annual communication priorities and success metrics. They must focus on long-term goals and work with teammates across business agencies and groups. They must commit to delivering the best marketing plan.

16. Business Planner

After graduation, the business grows and focuses on licensing and packaging the product. For entry-level job opportunities at Microsoft, fresh graduates must be able to deliver results in an ambiguous and face-paced environment. They can manage all types of complex projects with valuable stakeholders. As a business planner, it is important to influence, inspire and lead any role in the best way. A business planner job is the best option if fresh graduates are interested in evolving their marketing craft.

17. Channel Marketing Manager

The Channel marketing manager shapes the strategy and helps manage the program’s execution, which drives overall partner profitability. The programs enhance cloud practice development’s performance by helping build business plans, increasing business opportunities, and strengthening partner loyalty. The manager also connects internal & external stakeholders to drive and develop channel marketing plans. They own partner campaigns, sales pipeline support, and program activity delivery.

18. Product Design Intern

As a product design intern, the fresh graduate must define the needs of a specific product based on user experience. They develop and create design specifications and concepts to optimize the functional and emotional experience of service, device, software, or product. It is a great opportunity that allows the interns to create & communicate perfect product narratives and stories for various audiences. A demonstrated portfolio experience in product design, industrial design, and human-computer interaction is a must to get a job as a product design intern at Microsoft. They should have experience in solving problems by using design thinking.  

19. UX Research Intern

As a UX research intern, the fresh graduate must drive a human-centered strategy that helps to set product direction and directly contribute to product development. They must have the skill to explore human norms, practices, attitudes, and behaviors. It gives better opportunities to drive long-term and short-term research plans to fill gaps and identify risks. One of UX research’s roles is to analyze and use data in actionable insights to delight customers. They play a vital role in the contribution of business success across every stage of the product cycle by focusing on the customer’s voice.

20. Customer Success Account Manager

Customer success account manager is another best entry-level job that enables fresh graduates to earn a handsome payment. The role includes building and executing shared plans with the customers and managing relationships via customer contracts, demonstrations, and business reviews. The role enables the customers to use their benefits effectively. It also provides the direction of other account team members to adopt a deep understanding of customers’ technical and business objectives.

21. Supply Chain Manager

Fresh graduates can get a job as supply plan managers at Microsoft. The role involves building support plans and designing service experiences for new offerings, programs, and products. The supply plan manager reviews new scenarios of support to identify potential risks and mitigations. They also help analyze experience feedback and monitor performance indicators to improve customer experience. The role also helps increase return on investment, enhance performance and identify new opportunities. Supply plan managers use various tools and processes to drive improvement and manage supply to avoid labor needs and gain a proper understanding of processes.

22. Solution Area Specialist

Solution area socialist qualifies, discovers new leads, and drives consumption with existing and new customers. Fresh graduates who get this position identify customer and market needs by collaborating with team members to provide solutions to meet those requirements. The main roles of solution area specialists are to engage in conversation with the customers and partners about sharing learning on digital transformations. They are always ready to extend relationships with senior team members and peers to create connections at community events. Solution area specialists support team members in exploring emerging and business opportunities.

23. Account Manager

Establishes and maintains relationships with CEOs, business, technical decision makers, and others at the highest levels of the customer’s company to develop trust and credibility in future encounters. Continues to develop customer reputation by being customer-focused, consistently keeping agreements, clarifying technical ideas relevant to the consumer, and linking the customer to Microsoft executives throughout contacts. Maintains and expands understanding of Microsoft solutions, customer business goals, and fundamental industry trends to convey favorably the benefit of Microsoft’s services in solving the needs of assigned customers and analyzing their company. They liaise with an internal industry specialist to provide a better level of performance.

24. Channel Sales Manager

Channel sales manager creates and fosters a partnership ecosystem with the help of the management and others to have a greater effect on the client. They must facilitate matchmaking to drive possibilities, connect partners to sellers, and determine how unique company needs may be satisfied through Microsoft solutions. They also help to deliver and integrate partner knowledge and solutions into sales cycles to increase Microsoft product uptake. Drives channel activation to build a local partner ecosystem. Connects Microsoft sellers and partners to provide solutions to satisfy customers’ needs.

25. Partner Development Manager

Partner development manager contributes to business design briefing and provides high-impact service. Fresh graduates as partner development managers demonstrate an expert understanding of business and convey value based on possible competition and business opportunities. They must have strong business acumen and a desire to offer a better solution. The manager must have the ability of exceptional negotiation, interpersonal skills, and customer service. A partner development manager is the best entry-level job if someone has excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and analytical skills.

26. Data Scientist Intern

As a data scientist intern, a fresh graduate formulates various approaches to solving the issue using the best data sources and algorithms. They must incorporate a proper understanding of customer perspective and product functionality to offer context for all issues. The data scientist intern will also use various data exploration techniques to get new opportunities within the problem area and propose limitations. They must interrupt the results and learn to analyze and monitor the result for improvement. A data scientist intern is the best entry-level job because it provides a passion for learning from the manager, peers, and stakeholders in the data science area and creating strong communication skills.

27. Machine Learning Engineer/Specialist

Microsoft is looking for a machine learning specialist passionate about building a data science environment and tools. These tools and environments help customers to build the best intelligent applications. The specialist helps design, build, and operationalize AI tools to create better solutions for partner and customer scenarios. A machine learning specialist must have a strong data structure and algorithm background. They must have excellent skills to communicate with peers, software engineers, program managers, and data scientists.

28. Mechanical Engineer

The mechanical engineer works with diverse, high-quality teams and uniquely solves real-world problems. They are always ready to develop customer usage models and help in translating all of them to reliability test specializations, they drive failure analysis and corrective action with the best partner engineering teams, and their engineers execute reliability plans to design and manufacturing suppliers and partners.

29. Silicone Engineer

Silicone engineers will allow the development, modification, evaluation, and design of electronic parts and components for making digital devices. The engineers must design operating parameters and architecture for microelectronic and circuitry components.

Fresh graduates must select equipment and components based on reliability and specialization analysis. The engineer thinks of innovative, creative, and strategic ways to visualize and communicate user experience. A silicon engineer job is a perfect option for anyone with experience in C++ or python coding.

30. Hardware Product Manager

Hardware Product Managers establish product vision and strategy based on a thorough grasp of customer demands and the competitive market. This change will allow us to discover investment possibilities, weigh tradeoffs, and influence the product path. From conceptualization and planning to production, you will design required specifications and collaborate with stakeholders to accomplish the vision and set goals for a given product(s).


All the above jobs provide a great opportunity to serve yourself and your family. Let us know which professional seems best for your interest, and provide valuable suggestions for improving our writing skills and expertise. I hope you get lots of information regarding entry-level writing jobs at Microsoft.