Top 25 Maintenance Technician Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

A Maintenance Technician is responsible for keeping all the machines working well. If you expect an interview for this post, prepare all the technical, behavioral, and general questions. Your interviewer may ask about experience, aspirations, skills, and work ethic. For this job, you should have a high school diploma or a professional degree related to the field with specialized training in that field.  

We have covered the top 25 maintenance interview question and answers that will help you demonstrate your ability, passion, and skills in the interview. You can mold these answers according to your field and the industry you are applying.

1. What Inspired You To Apply For This Position?

I worked with my last company as a maintenance technician for two years. Now I am looking for a new position where I can learn and grow professionally. I want to explore new challenges and opportunities in my career. I came across your job description and found that your company offers free leadership and chances for growth to the employees, which inspired me to apply for this job. I am keen to be a part of your company which will help me to polish my leadership skills and utilize my expertise for mutual success.

2. What Do You Know About Our Facility?

I am well aware of your facility, as I researched your website through a Google search before applying for this position. I liked your company culture and the facility’s ethics. I appreciate the respectful and safe environment your facility has established. One more thing that stands out to me is the employee tenure which shows you have a professional relationship with your workers. I hope to work and learn more about your company structure.

3. What Motivated You To Work As A Maintenance Technician?

I bear a passion for this position since my childhood. I used to take apart my toy cars, robots, and other electronics to find out how the machinery worked inside. I enjoyed learning and experimenting with toys and other broken things that polished my problem-solving techniques.

After recognizing my passion for the field, my dad enrolled me in a high school technical program. I attended technical classes that helped me to learn many technical skills. My ultimate desire to help my people, provide them safe while using electrical products and solve their problems motivated me to work as a maintenance technician.

4. What Are The Roles Of A Maintenance Technician?

A skilled maintenance technician plans and ensures safety procedure at first for the machines of the company. He inspects and identifies the problems with systems, products, buildings, and pieces of equipment to operate everything in the best possible way. He could repair things within a short time and keep the record clear.

In my current role, I have managed all these tasks well. I am well familiar with the plumbing and heating systems of the company. I also ensure the machines work smoothly to boost maximum production.

5. Why Are You Interested In Working At Our Company?

My passion for helping people with my technical skills and increasing productivity in this field has made me interested in working at your company. I appreciate the dedication of your organization to its workers and clients. I like the pace you provide to your employees to learn more from seniors and work as the strongest team to provide every possible solution to your customers. I also have team management and technical skills that I will use for the success of this company if hired.

6. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Vital For This Role?

I think the capability to work well manually and an ambitious attitude is crucial for this role. A company works well with the support of a maintenance technician as he is responsible for providing solutions for any problem with the machines. He must be proactive in finding fast repair solutions within a short time. I have experience working with these strategies and mindsets. I believe in providing a timely solution to run the machines smoothly without affecting production.

7. Describe Your Approaches To Assessing Repair Projects.

I evaluate a repair project with my critical thinking skills. I give attention to the details of every piece of equipment or machine to assess the problems. I can identify and resolve maintenance issues with my analytical skills. I analyze every part of the machine to ensure a quality repair. I also suggest a replacement in case of extreme damage to a specific item. I always find the best solutions for repair projects with my creativity and problem-solving abilities.

8. Are You Comfortable Working With Hand Tools?

I believe that the use of hand tools is a requirement for the role of a maintenance technician. I am capable and comfortable with using hand tools. I prefer to use hand tools when I am not at work or working on repair projects. I have experience using all the hand tools you may think of using them. I can teach hand tools using skills to my co-workers at your company if you hire me.

9. How Do You Organize Priority Maintenance Tasks?

I can organize urgent projects and priorities them according to the clients and their deadlines. I can manage multiple contracts. In my last role, I organized the project’s time efficiently.

I also learned and applied the maintenance pro-CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to record the progress, material supply, and contract requirements. This system helped me keep my work organized and complete several projects efficiently.

10. Why Are You Qualified To Be A Maintenance Technician?

In the job description, I read that you are looking for an experienced maintenance technician with an electrical diploma or experience. I have five years of experience as a maintenance technician with extra experience in the electrical field. My experience in the electrical field and my qualifications make me the best fit for this position. I can train your employees on blueprint analysis, schematics, and electrical infrastructure.

11. What Would You Include In A Training Plan For New Employees?

I will plan and carry out training objectives for my team members. I will also help to assist my team in program designs. I love to use my teamwork skills to support others in the workplace. I am passionate about sharing my experience of introducing and developing safety policies and maintenance techniques with my new team

12. How Do You Ensure Your Team Understands Their Instructions And Responsibilities?

As a leader, I feel responsible for making my team work effectively. I value open communication with my team, which makes them understand my instruction better.

I call a team meeting daily to assign daily tasks and discuss them. I encourage my team to ask questions and give suggestions. I review the schedule if a team member is late on leave. I also communicate by phone and texts to encourage technicians to contact me any time with any questions without stopping working.

13. What Makes A Team Function Successfully?

I believe a strong manager with a positive attitude is vital to lead a team successfully. He communicates well with every team member, provides instructions and practical tasks, and keeps a check on the performance of every individual. He indulges his team in the project by showing his devotion. Moreover, a motivational environment and respectful workplace culture help a team to perform better.

14. Do You Have Experience Repairing Industrial Equipment And Machinery?

I have worked on many technical projects as a maintenance technician. I have worked on commercial and industrial repairs. In my last job, I completed a contract for the mid-size manufacturing industry. I worked with senior technicians and inspected the pieces of equipment. We applied repair methods with safety precautions to ensure the machines and significant parts worked smoothly.

I also used my technical skills to inspect large equipment and other industrial-scale machinery. I applied repairs with maintenance standards and techniques in compliance with the company.

15. How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

I find motivation in my daily work as I want the production to run smoothly. It is evidence of the performance that I handle behind the scenes. I love to learn new things about equipment, machines, and systems. I like to enhance my knowledge about the machines I am working on to improve the quality of my work. This thing has helped me to stay focused and handle my projects faster.

16. What Would You Like To Accomplish In Your First Month On The Job?

First, I would like to familiarize myself with the new policies and procedures of the company. Then, I will introduce myself to my co-workers and managers to choose which task I should complete first. Safety and security for the residents are always my top priority. So, I would like to conduct a safety check by inspecting the facilities and systems, especially electrical issues and material risks. To ensure the safety of the workers, I will check that the security systems, alarms, and video monitoring systems are working. I will also make emergency plans to deal with any problem.

17. How Would You Respond If You Found An Error In Your Work Before The Client Saw It? What About After The Product Is Delivered?

I always double-check my work and catch an error early and correct it. I review my system regularly to avoid later embarrassment. I am good at troubleshooting. If my manager or team members point out an error in my work, I research it. I always tried to understand the causes of the error and avoid it in my next project. If a problem occurs in the finished product, I take responsibility for myself. If it’s a small project, I try to contact the client with an apology and fix it faster to minimize the security hazards.

18. Have You Ever Faced A Maintenance Issue That You Could Not Fix? What Did You Do?

Yes. In my last position, I was on duty at a residential complex. The electricity was out to half of the building. I tried for two days but failed to find the causes of the problem. Then I reported this issue to my boss, and we called the electricians to find out the problem. They told us a line was damaged and only a professional electrician could fix it.

My boss was thankful that I accepted my limitation and reached out to him for a way out instead of making the residents wait longer for a solution.

19. What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Role As A Maintenance Technician?

I enjoy the variety of tasks, dynamics, and schedules every day. I like to repair the objects and return them to working conditions. I enjoy taking apart the equipment and assembling them again to make them work better.

I have been passionate about fixing machines since my childhood. My father was also a technician. I was used to spending a lot of time with him and learned all the necessary usage of hand tools from him. I believe I am good at delivering great work based on my experience. I also love to solve problems to boost the production of the company.

20. How Do You Maintain A Good Working Relationship With Your Manager?

Effective communication is vital, especially for the infrastructure projects that influence many people around me. I like to work closely with someone who has more expertise in the field than me. I have a cooperative attitude and positive communication skills that encourage good working relationships with my supervisors or boss. I always try to assist my manager by updating him about the progress of the projects and plans. I work proactively to find solutions to problems to make conversations with my manager short.

21. Describe How You Would Handle Multiple Major Problems Happening At Once.

I have worked on multiple projects in my career as a maintenance technician. I prioritized the requests and managed time efficiently. I completed the projects quickly and used efficient systems to streamline my tasks.

Moreover, public safety projects have always been my priority. I work hard to ensure that the staff, residents, and the public is safe from all the risks of exposed wiring, water leaks, or chemical spill out. After that, I try to address the multiple projects to handle at once. Then I efficiently look at the projects that require repair parts to make things work as soon as possible.

22. What Are The Basic Safety Measures You Undertake As A Maintenance Technician?

I schedule my routine every morning for maintenance work and stick to it. I do daily inspections of equipment and buildings to ensure every system is working smoothly. I prefer to clean the equipment and machines regularly. I use quality lubricants for the moving parts to minimize tear and wear. I use energy-efficient controls to save energy and boost performance. I try to repair equipment timely to avoid any hazards. All these safety measures help me to hold and fix the problems at their initial stages. Therefore, I prevent big breakdowns and shutting down a running company.

23. How Do You Approach A New Contract Or Project?

I have experience working on a wide variety of projects. I can adjust to different tasks easily. I always feel excited to work on new projects as I love to learn about new skills and solutions to problems.

I give my full attention to the detail of a new project, its specifications, and the systems updates to complete it successfully. I try to learn about the field of a new project before it starts. It helps me to handle the new contracts in the best way.

24. What Would You Do If One Task Took Longer Than Expected And Set You Back On Schedule?

I use my time management skills and adaptability for the most effective solution in such unexpected situations. I get the essential parts to complete the project that day. If I feel it is taking longer than expected, I try to call another technician to balance my schedule. I know that quality work takes time, so I try to finish the job with the help of a co-worker, or I schedule a follow-up with the client as soon as possible without going out of my schedule.

25. What Are The Main Qualities That A Maintenance Technician Need To Be Successful?

I believe that a maintenance technician must be proactive and detail-oriented. As he is responsible for maintaining the systems, equipment, and machines running smoothly in an organization, he must have a healthy body and active mind with technical skills to address any issue independently. He should have problem-solving skills to handle a lot of problems. I have all the skills and experience to run the systems successfully. I am willing to contribute to this role at your company if hired.


The above-discussed questions and answers are samples of what you may expect in your interview. I hope this material will help you to win your desired maintenance technician job with flying colors. But your confidence, knowledge, and experience in your field are the keys to a successful interview. So prepare well to conquer every time in every way. Good luck!