Loan Officer Resume Examples  [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Creating a striking loan officer resume is not an option considering the increasing competition for loan officer jobs. Your application should have a strong resume because that is the document hiring managers use to determine candidates to interview. In addition, employers are increasingly managing job applications using application tracking software. If you submit a poorly written CV, it will not pass the software test. Therefore, you need to ensure that the resume you submit has the potential of landing you interviews.

If you need help creating an outstanding loan officer resume, this article is for you. It has all the information you need to know to create a resume that draws the attention of hiring managers. The article includes two resume examples, which show the best way to present your skills and experience. If you want to know how to get started quickly and make a striking resume in minutes, you have come to the right place. Feel free to use these examples to create a resume that can land you interviews and ultimately, your dream loan officer job.  

Loan Officer Job Description

Lenders always look for experienced and skilled loan officers who can effectively liaise between the lending institution and applicants. To emerge as the top candidate for the job, you must demonstrate that your experience and abilities match the needs and expectations of the potential employer.

Position Description

A loan officer performs various duties that mainly involve managing different types of loans. The job description for this role includes evaluating and recommending loans. A loan officer’s resume should feature as many roles on the job description as possible. The intention should be to show that, as a loan officer, you have the abilities and experience needed to effectively perform all the roles the employer has listed. While the duties of a loan officer may differ from one financial institution to another, there are some common duties. These include preparing loan proposals, meeting with applicants, assessing active loans, and following up on dormant loans.

Roles and Responsibilities Of A Loan Officer

  • Examine the financial status of loan applicants including assessing their property, assets, and existing credit to determine their loan feasibility
  • Meet credit applicants to get loan application details including obtaining answers to questions that help to know loan security and how much credit an applicant can get
  • Explain to customers different credit options and types of loans they can apply for, and help them understand the terms relating to each loan and credit option
  • Approve credit for clients based on particular limits, and advise and refer those outside the set limits to seek credit approval from the management
  • Collect and compile loan applications and ensure they include corporate financial statements, loan histories, and other relevant financial information to facilitate effective review
  • Review credit agreements to ensure they are accurate with complete information as per the set policies
  • Work with customers to understand their financial goals and suggest ways credit would help them attain those goals. 
  • Confer with underwriters to resolve problems arising from different types of loan applications such as mortgage
  • Successfully negotiate payment plans with clients that have delinquent loans. 
  • Market loan products to companies, institutions, and individuals, creating awareness of credit services that would help to meet their financial needs

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Exceptional sales skills
  • Customer service oriented
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to work individually and as a team

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, or a related field
  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Experience in loan lending and banking


Based on information from PayScale, a senior loan officer earns $ 62,357 annually on average while a loan officer takes home $48,873. A junior loan officer gets an average salary of $38,442.

Property Manager CV Example 1

Gerald Ford

Address: Alabama, United States

Email address:

Phone number: 1 (263) 905-4861

Personal Profile  

An organized and professional loan officer with 9+ years of experience in offering financial solutions. Possess wide industry knowledge and apply it to improve the reputation of the financial institution. Skilled at offering satisfactory customer service, analyzing the creditworthiness of individuals and firms, and assisting them to choose the right credit options. A knack for building lasting client relationships and developing trustworthy and profitable customer relations. Ambitious, self-driven, hardworking, and trustworthy with a proven track record of enhancing customer satisfaction. Knowledgeable in developing excellent credit solutions, helping a financial institution to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Work Experience

Loan Officer, Citigroup Bank, New York City, United States

8/2019 – 9/2022

  • Assisted borrowers to get updates on their loan balances and other related information to facilitate then plan effectively on timely repayments
  • Interviewed applicants of different types of loans to obtain both personal and financial information 
  • Assessed the needs of clients and discussed loan products and options that would meet those needs. Ensured to advise clients on the benefits and risks of each credit option
  • Communicated effectively with colleagues, supervisors, sales associates, and customers
  • Solicited new loan clients for different types of credit including mortgage and car loans and met the set goals and targets
  • Built and maintained customer referral relations with existing and potential clients to retain and enhance business
  • Obtained and prepared various records including credit documents, loan documents, and loan appraisals, and ensured loan files were complete with all the necessary information
  • Ensured to verify the completeness and accuracy of each loan application and input the same information correctly into the system
  • Examined and analyzed active loan files regularly and recommended practical solutions to fast-track loan processing and disbursement
  • Prepared training materials and educated clients on available loan products, and bank policies and regulations

Loan Officer, Cooperative Bank, Alabama, United States

6/2016 – 8/2019

  • Inspected loan applications to ensure all the necessary documentation was available. Reached out to clients with incomplete applications to provide missing documents
  • Trained existing and prospective customers on loan regulations and policies and the various credit types and options
  • Approved applications within a set limit and forwarded those beyond the set limit to management for review and approval
  • Held meetings with potential clients including firms, institutions, and individuals to know their financial goals and recommend loan products 
  • Monitored loan repayments and ensured to contact clients who were deviating from agreed loan repayment terms.
  • Made arrangements to meet clients with repayment challenges to negotiate terms that worked well for both parties
  • Responded promptly to the questions and concerns raised by applicants and existing customers and ensured to provided satisfactory answers
  • Rejected loan applications that failed to meet the set qualification criteria and communicated deficiencies to applicants
  • Prepared detailed loan proposals and other documentation necessary for processing different types of loans
  • Followed set procedures to report defaulters and recover money from unresponsive clients who persistently violated loan agreements and failed to repay credit

Junior Loan Officer, Farmers Savings & Credit Bank, Alabama, US

1/2013 – 4/2016

  • Created accounts for new applicants on the banking software and ensured to input and upload all the required information
  • Participated in marketing various loan products to potential and prospective customers through seminars and meetings 
  • Reviewed applications to ensure all the necessary records and information was available before submitting them to the senior loan officer for approval or other action
  • Organized meetings with clients to enlighten them about new loan products they could consider
  • Answered all the questions potential and existing customers asked concerning loan types and credit options. Ensured to forward complex queries to relevant officers who would address them satisfactorily
  • Ensured to file loan documents appropriately and store the files safely in cabinets. Produced loan files upon request.
  • Updated account records of clients with different types of loans to ensure they reflected the current status
  • Teamed up with colleagues to train clients about the available loan products and those that perfectly fitted their needs and financial goals


  • 1/2009 – 11/2012, Bachelor of Business Administration, Alabama State University
  • 2/2005 – 10/2008, High School Diploma, Aubum High School


  • 9/2013, Certified Credit Specialist, Collat School of Business


Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Proficient with financial software such as Encompass loan originating system


  • English

Other skills

  • Detail oriented
  • Customer service
  • Math skills
  • Strong communication skills

Property Manager CV Example 2

Caroline Wayne

Address: Catalonia, Spain

Email address:

Phone number: 6490 374 835

Personal Profile 

An expert loan officer with a decade of experience in facilitating firms and individuals to get credit and achieve their financial goals. Trustworthy, dedicated, self-motivated, and zealous professional who works effectively as a team and independently. Competent in engaging clients to help them understand how loan products can transform their businesses. Experienced in providing a wide range of loans to a diverse clientele. Skilled in acting as a link between financial institutions and clients interested in obtaining different types of loans. A great communicator who is determined to provide satisfactory customer service to every client. Looking forward to helping financial institutions and their customers attain their financial goals.

Work Experience

Loan Officer, Zitec Commercial Bank, Barcelona, Spain

6/2019 – 8/2022

  • Marketed loan products to potential customers, helping the bank to achieve a continued increase in its customer base during my tenure
  • Obtained loan application documents from clients needed for determining their identity, creditworthiness, and amount of loan they can get
  • Met clients to discuss their financial goals and how best they can achieve those goals by taking advantage of the different types of loans and credit options the bank provides
  • Trained new staff on various loan products, and processes and operations that the credit department engaged in to facilitate effective and efficient services to its clients
  • Tracked and monitored loan repayments on the credit software to ensure clients were abiding by the agreed loan repayment schedule. 
  • Studied trends in the banking sector and reviewed loan products offered by other financial institutions. This helped to create competitive loan products that appealed to more potential customers and ultimately increased the client base.
  • Built good relations with existing customers and that helped to engage them in obtaining referrals customers, most of whom applied for credit thereafter
  • Reviewed loan applications, verified the correctness and completeness of the information, and input the same into the credit system for processing and effective management of those records

Loan Officer, SKL International Bank, Tarragona, Spain

4/2016 – 6/2019

  • Researched trends in the financial sector and market and then developed competitive loan products that were based on market needs
  • Organized and held meetings with loan applicants to collect all the information necessary for credit processing and the award of credit
  • Ensured to discover the financial needs of different customers and suggest loan products that help to satisfy those needs
  • Examined loan application files regularly and ensured to prioritize them to speed up processing and disbursement
  • Led other loan officers in marketing loan products to businesses, firms, and institutions across the region. These efforts brought new clients to the bank.
  • Opened loan accounts for new customers, scanned and uploaded their documents into the system, and ensured to update account records regularly to maintain up-to-date information
  • Guided clients to fill out loan applications and completing loan agreements and other documentation necessary for faster processing of their loans
  • Interviewed loan applicants to gain a clear understanding of their financial goals, and the business they do, and collect other necessary information to determine their eligibility for a loan
  • Assessed loan applications to identify and approve those that were within the set approval limit. Ensured to forward the rest to the senior loan officer or top management for approval

Adjunct Loan Officer, I&M Bank, Llívia, Spain

3/2013 – 2/2016

  • Answered questions on various products that loan applicants asked during loan application or through social media networks and email
  • Collaborated with other loan officers to train both potential and existing customers about the different ways they would benefit from a loan
  • Made visits to firms and individual businesses to create awareness about the financial institution and how its products would benefit them
  • Uploaded loan application information into the credit software and ensured verified the completeness of every record
  • Sought clarity from loan applicants about information that was not clear, complete, or records that did not match with the provided information
  • Guided applicants to understand and sign agreements and interpreted terms and clauses of loan agreements that were not clear to the applicant
  • Filed loan documents and ensured to arrange loan files according to the filing system in use. Helped to quickly retrieve and access those files upon request
  • Participated in creating awareness of loan products in companies, institutions, and businesses operating in the region


  • 1/2009 – 10/2012, Bachelor’s degree in Finance, University of Valencia, Spain
  • 1/2006 – 11/2008, GCSE, Sotogrande International School


  • 6/2013, Certified Lending Specialist, University of Valencia



  • English
  • Spanish

Computer Skills

  • Banking Software
  • Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel

Other skills

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent customer service
  • Analytical skills

Loan Officer Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Skills Should A Loan Officer Have?

There are several must-have skills for a loan officer to be successful. An aspiring candidate for this role should strive to develop interpersonal communication skills, analytical or math skills, customer service skills, and strong oral and written communication skills. A loan officer should also be detail oriented and have the ability to scrutinize applicants and applications for loan eligibility.

2. How Should Your Work History Look Like In A Loan Officer Resume?

The work history or experience section plays a vital role in your loan officer resume. As such, it should clearly show your previous experience and accomplishments. Concisely listing your employment history can help you stand out. So list your work history in chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Mention your job titles and include company names and their locations. It is also important to state the dates of your tenure and highlight your accomplishments.

3. Which Sections Are Most Important In A Resume?

There are several key sections or elements that you should include in your resume. These are your contact information, work experience, skills, and education. Other sections that can also help you stand out are certificates as well as awards sections. Also, some potential employers like to see your personal side in your resume. You can show this using the hobbies and interests section, although it is generally not required.

4. Which Education Should You Include In Your Loan Officer Resume?

Acquiring as much training as possible can help you maximize your chances of landing a job. However, you don’t need to include all your education in your resume. Rather, include only the education that relates to the job you are seeking.

5. Why Should You Not Create A Very Long Resume?

The simple answer is that recruiters spend only a few minutes and sometimes seconds reviewing your resume. Therefore, your goal should be to make every second count by making your CV as concise and clear as possible. Generally, limit your work history to a decade, and highlight relevant accomplishments and skills. So, ensure to include all the relevant and important information while keeping your loan officer resume short.