Live Q&A: Breaking into nature conservation

The poor old hedgehog. Their numbers have declined by a quarter in the past decade. Our national enthusiasm for solidly constructed modern fences leaves no space for them to move through and decking stops them digging for worms and nesting.

It left me feeling rather guilty about our decision to deck over an overgrown area behind our house, that’s for sure.

It’s an issue the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species are taking very seriously – the conservationists have launched a campaign appealing for people to make their gardens more hedgehog-friendly.

This initiative is just one example of the work which goes into conserving nature across the UK. So, what if you’re keen to forge a career in this area?

It’s certainly a popular choice on our forums – many of our readers, though, aren’t sure what it takes to break into this type of work. Poster and biomedical sciences graduate biggerdunk wonders if a master’s in a more relevant subject is required for a conservation career, while IDClarke is finding it hard to land voluntary experience, as he can’t support himself in a full-time unpaid role which would mean moving to a different part of the country.

So, to give them and others a helping hand, we’ve decided to run a live Q&A looking at how you can break into a career in nature conservation. Join our panel of experts on 10 June from 1pm until 4pm – advance questions welcome.

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