Know Your Real Worth- Learn How To Overcome Your Lack Of Confidence

The basic problem for most of the people today is that they lack confidence. It not only holds them back from pursuing their dreams but it also becomes the biggest reason of their life’s failures. Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel confused while standing with a bunch of strange people?
  • Can you not look into the eyes of the other person while talking?
  • Do you doubt your intelligence?
  • Do you think you do not have the ability to try anything new and exciting?
  • Do you feel like running away from any uncomfortable situation?

If you nodded your head on even one of these questions, then you lack confidence. Low self-esteem is something that kills your real personality- the personality that presents the “real” you. It makes you look smaller in your own eyes and holds you back from becoming the person you want to be. But, there are a number of ways with which you can overcome your lack of confidence and be a brand new person. Take a look at the following few tips:

Change the Way You Think About Yourself

We may never realize how important self-image is for our confidence. Everyone has a picture of themselves in mind that helps them determine who they really are. But, what they forget is the fact that this self-portrayed picture is not fixed. If you think you are not good enough then nobody in this world can help you. Only you can change your image by working on your skills and how you see yourself. Get to the root of why you feel like that about yourself and then try to fix it in the most appropriate manner.

Give Challenges to Yourself

There is no better way to feel confident than to win a challenge. Set different goals in your life and challenge yourself to achieve those goals. For example, challenge yourself that you will lose 10 pounds in 2 months and start working towards completing this goal another goal set in your life is to write assignment writing in just fifteen minutes and again start working towards completing this goal. You cannot even imagine how capable you will feel when you will achieve your desired weight. This, in turn, will boost your confidence.

There Is No Comparison Between You And Others

Not a single person in this world share the same dislikes and likes, personalities, life situations, problems, skills and abilities, etc. There is no point in comparing yourself or your life’s situations with others. You simply cannot compare your happy or sad moments, failures and skills or abilities with those around you. Come up with your own standards and try to live up to them. It is good to be inspired from successful people but never feel bad because you are not as successful as them.

Love And Respect Who You Are

If you would not respect and love yourself, then who would? Accept your capabilities and failures and be happy with yourself. This is the most important thing to improve your self-confidence. Always give credit to yourself and appreciate your efforts on something good that you have done or achieved. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you have at least one special skill or ability that nobody in this entire world has and feel blessed about it.

Look Good, Feel Good

Pay extra attention on your appearance. Even the slightest change in your wardrobe, makeup, hairstyling, or just how you roll among others is going to make a huge difference in your personality. Not only it will boost your self-confidence but it will also show you a side of your own self that you never knew existed.

Think & Act Positively

Keep good and positive thoughts in your mind. Negativity not only makes you feel down and low but it also affects your confidence. And, more important than thinking positively is to act positively. Never tell yourself that you cannot do anything. Always trust in yourself and that you can do everything you want. Replace all the negative thoughts in your mind to positive ones and you will feel a boost of energy and self-confidence in yourself.

Show Acts of Kindness

Generosity and kindness always makes a person feel great. You can help a neighbour or a friend, assist a complete stranger when he is in need or volunteer at the nearest shelter. None of these actions are difficult for you to perform but the feeling after making someone happy would be priceless. The appreciation you will get in return of your efforts will make you realize your true worth. Always keep in mind that there is nothing in this world that can give you the sense of gratification than to show little acts of kindness.

Do Not Seek For Approval from Others

You are the only person who is in charge of yourself. Do not allow anyone else to take control of your life and how you do things. If you are sure about a thing, do it. If you do not want to do anything, then just don’t do it. Remember that you do not need anybody else’s approval, ever. Taking your own decisions is the best thing for boosting your confidence. You may surely ask for suggestions or opinions but do what you really want to do in the end.

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