Job faux pas: the best tweets and tips from our #jobfauxpas hashtag

“Never trust Google Maps’ place tagging when you are trying to get to an interview on time.”

Ah, such wise words, @samuelpalin. He can’t be the only one familiar with that sinking feeling; eight minutes until your job interview starts and you’re still staring at your smartphone thinking “the offices must be around here somewhere”?

This was just one of the gems posted to our #jobfauxpas hashtag on Twitter.

Earlier this week, as a way of warming up for our ‘bouncing back from a job-seeking blunder’ Q&A taking place on Friday, we posted a tweet encouraging our followers to share their own job faux pas with us.

We thought the slip-ups Allie White uncovered in her Q&A intro were good, but the updates you have posted to #jobfauxpas were outstanding.

Key lessons learned: check your blog, check you’re not ‘replying to all’ and, well, check your pants are not on show.

So we can eternally relive the pain, and so your words of warning don’t fall off the feed forever, we’ve Storified them all below.

Do check out the Q&A for some advice – and please continue to share your blunders with us on the #jobfauxpas hashtag too.


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