Importance of public speaking in your career development

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an average salesperson who’s just trying to move up the career ladder, it is important that you know sound public speaking abilities matter. If you can’t speak to people you won’t be able to advance and make a name of yourself. Whether we like it or not, communication brings us together. It helps us create relationships and maintain connections; lack of communication and terrible public speaking abilities bring nothing but disappointment.

We all remember that time in high-school when we had to speak in front of all our colleagues and present a project. Yes, that was terrifying, and for many that experience probably still haunts them today! Public speaking doesn’t have to be scary. Here are some solid reasons that will convince you that these skills are important for your career development.

Great public speaking skills prove that you’re knowledgeable

Hiring managers appreciate job candidates who are articulate and knowledgeable. As long as you can express your thoughts and expectations clearly, you’ll have nothing but great respect from the person standing in front of you, whether that person is an important CEO or next-door neighbor. However, in business when you don’t apply the information that you hold, you eventually forget it. You can’t let that happen. Practice your public speaking skills and hone your abilities to connect to people. In the long term, this will help you become irresistible to potential investors and other entrepreneurs.

Never stop learning

Has your career reached an impasse? Are you stuck with a job that no longer fulfills your intellectual needs? Maybe it’s time for a change; excellent speaking abilities make people feel a lot more confident. When you’re holding a presentation you’re learning something, each and every time. The more presentations you hold the better chances you have to be even more confident on your next ones. This is how you climb up the ladder in the business environment. Never stop learning and don’t let mistakes take you down. And remember, nobody’s perfect!

 Show confidence

When you’re interviewing for a new job, it’s not easy to appear confident in front of 4-5 people who are ten times more experienced than you. Don’t be intimidated by wits and work with what you have. Deliver a good presentation and make sure your speech is fluent, informative and simple. People like accurate, simple sentences, even the smartest. It’s always a good idea to make yourself noticed from the others. Let interviewers know you’re different and come with something new. Engage in a negotiation, ask questions, and laugh. Laughter exudes confidence!

Solid public speaking abilities sets you apart from other candidates

An excellent employee knows how to make an impression without trying too much. Surprisingly, there’s no need to be a know-it-all for managers and CEOs to like and promote you. Many companies are looking to hire candidates with people skills; and let’s face it, that’s a skill very few of us have. Excellent public speaking abilities make you a fabulous orator. Whatever comes out of your mouth makes sense and that’s exactly what makes a good candidate a great one.


 Become memorable

Every job candidate should have a goal when entering a job interview. Whether this is your 1st or 30th interview, you must find a way to become memorable. After HR has interviewed 100 people, they should be able to remember you from a picture. Public speaking can help you make an unforgettable impression. All you have to do is embrace your fears. Don’t let yourself intimidated by tricky questions; even if you don’t have all the answers, there are ways to make it work. Whatever you do, it is extremely important that you remain calm. Don’t your temper no matter what, and preserve a professional attitude all the way through.

There’s no way you can make it in business without solid public speaking abilities. Dealing with people means communicating with them, and communicating is not that hard when you know what you’re talking about. Become comfortable with presentations, and this will help you advance in your career a lot faster. Why should you stay with a company that doesn’t bring any satisfactions when you can have the real deal?

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