Top 25 IHOP Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is an American pancake house restaurant chain. There are 1,841 locations in the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar), and Indian Subcontinent (India and Pakistan), with 161 of them owned by area licensees and 1,680 franchised. Since there are so many locations, there are also many employees whose numbers are increasing daily.

If you intend to apply for a job at IHOP, or maybe you are looking for work in this sector, you are in the right place. This article will teach you what questions are more likely to ask during the job interview. It will undoubtedly help you land the job. Be sure your knowledge of this sector, your predispositions meet their expectancies, and whether the workplace meets your aspirations. Ask yourself these questions carefully:

1. In General, What Do You Know About IHOP?

After being interested in employment here, I focused for a period on research and preparation for the interview. IHOP is an international house of pancakes. The first IHOP restaurant it’s open in 1958 in Los Angeles, California, owned by Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin Jr., and Albert Kallis. It specializes in breakfast foods. The parent company is Dine Brands Global. They have a lot of locations around the world, but most of them are independently franchised. The parent firm owns only a few places.

2. Do You Have Any Experience Working in the Restaurant Industry?

I worked at fast food businesses several times while in college. It was a busy location, and because of it, I learned a lot, notably how to be more patient. I increased my teamwork, communication, and organizational abilities. Because I had to interact with so many different groups of people each day, I also learned how to provide exceptional customer service. I loved working in teams with my coworkers, which is one of the primary reasons I want to return to this business.

3. Why Do You Want to Work in IHOP?

IHOP is a hugely popular chain of restaurants. There are a lot of amazingly delicious products that are appealing to customers all the time. Whenever I came into IHOP to eat, I could feel the excellent atmosphere of client satisfaction and absolutely from the lovely attitude of the employees towards them. In addition, we can see that the employees are having a good time at this job. We can see they enjoy working here, and I want to be a part of it.

4. Why Should We Hire You?

Many characteristics differentiate me from the other candidates. First of all, I have strong communication skills, which I will be able to manage in various situations with different customers. I guess this skill and my enjoyment of teamwork are helping me with collab very well. IHOP is a place with many customers, so there will be a lot of pressure and rushing while working, but I get lucky with the ability to work quickly and carefully.

5. Could You Please Let Me Know What Hours You Prefer Working And If You Are Free on Weekends?

I assume that for my future workplace, having mine available is one of the most significant factors. I must note that I essentially enjoy working at any part of the day. With that in mind, I’m available all the time. Honestly, I preferred day shifts, but I was always active on night shifts because I worked in places that were never closed. I am also free to work any shift on weekends. The same goes for the holidays.

6. How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated To Do a Good Job?

I am always ambitious. I want to succeed in every field. I never give up. Also, one of the reasons for not giving up is that it has always been important to me that all the people in my workplace are satisfied with me. Whenever I lose motivation, I remember why I am here and that I got selected above all other applicants for this job. I must justify both the expectations and the earnings I have achieved.

7. What Are Your Weaknesses?

We all have weaknesses, although sometimes it is difficult for us to accept them. I am very self-critical. Sometimes it is good to be, but it’s making me a little sensitive and lacking confidence. I am often competitive. I want to be the best, which is sometimes impossible. Also, I want to add that I take on too much responsibility, and sometimes it’s hard to handle, but I am always trying my best.

8. How Would You Deal With an Irate Customer?

I’ll learn about the problem with the goods and gently ask the customer how I can best assist him. They will receive a replacement item as soon as feasible. If there is a payment issue, it will be corrected as quickly as possible. My main concern is customer satisfaction.

9. Is It Easy For You To Interact With Older People?

As I have already mentioned, I have worked in this industry before. In the previous restaurants, there were people of all ages. There were people younger, like my age and my parent’s age. I was always polite to them, and while talking, I tried to maintain contact with their eyes, just for them to be more comfortable with me and my workplace. Most of them had difficulties using technology, and I was always helping them. They were very thankful for it.

10. Can You Lift Heavy Items Such as Cases of Food? Do You Have Good Maths Skills?

Based on my previous experience, I am comfortable lifting heavy cases of food. I’ve always been the worker who brings the containers with more food. And I have been pretty good at maths since primary school.

11. How Good Are You At Managing Money And a Cash Register?

Along with being a waiter, I have also worked as a cashier. In terms of handling the cash register, I had no problem. I worked as a cashier for about a year. It was a very comfortable working environment, and I felt fulfilled because I did a good job. Due to my move to another city, I had to leave the job I had at that time. 

12. What Are Your Strengths?

Regarding my strengths, I want to point out that I have many of them. However, I will only include those I believe are critical for this position, and I trust that I will be given an advantage over other candidates. First and foremost, I am adept at dealing with difficult situations, which are too often in our line of work. If an accident occurs, I attempt to remain kind and address the problem. I’ve always been a terrific organizer since I was a kid. My loved ones have depended on my organizing talents without reservation on numerous occasions. I would also highlight as an advantage my ability to create a positive working environment for myself and my coworkers because things go more smoothly that way.

13. What Are Your Methods For Organizing And Prioritizing Multiple Tasks To Meet Deadlines?

For organization, I use three apps on my phone: Notes, Reminders, and Calendar. For example, when someone provides me an explanation about a job, I first jot it down in notes, then I mark the deadline in a calendar and give brief information about the work. Finally, I record the date and other pertinent information about the job in a Reminder. I receive a reminder at least 5 hours before the execution time.

14. What Is An Example Of When You Exceeded The Customer’s Expectations?

There were numerous regular clients in every restaurant where I worked. As employees, we all knew them, and they all knew us. We were pretty friendly with one other, and that friendship worked for both of us. However, one of our most frequent clients once received an erroneous order when we were in a big crowd. And he once informed me that it was the one dish on our menu that he didn’t enjoy. I observed him, approached him, and offered to acquire a replacement for the order without asking him anything. He accepted the offer, both shocked and pleased. We even offered him a discount on his next purchase.

15. In Your Opinion, How Would You Greet a New Customer?

When I greet new clients for the first time, I always attempt to make them feel welcome. In my introduction, I request if they had previously eaten lunch or supper with us. I intend to constantly tell them about our restaurant or the food we serve. I desire to turn them into repeat clients, and I hope they are pleased with our services.

16. How Did You Approach Delivering Terrible News To a Customer?

It is one difficult challenge for a restaurant. These are some of the difficulties that employees experience. In this situation, be kind and show compassion while smiling. In such a circumstance, we must not demonstrate that we are terrified of the customer’s reaction. My own experience with this subject has been fantastic. That day we had a lot of customers and a lot of discarded merchandise. One diner requested a dish that was no longer available. I gently imparted the dreadful news to him. Without waiting for him to grow furious, I instantly proposed the meals that are accessible to us, adding that they are some of the most wonderful on our menu. The customer seemed quite pleased with my service.

17. Where Do You Envision Yourself In Five Years?

I’ve always wanted to work in the food sector. I have a lot of experience in this industry and would prefer to obtain more. I want to prove myself even more with the assistance of my talents, and I genuinely hope that I will promote in this sector. For example, I would be ecstatic if I received an offer from IHOP to work as a manager for an extended period. Overall, this is my vision for the future, and I will work hard to achieve it.

19. Why Do You Want To Quit Your Current Job?

I’m happy with my current job, but it’s at a chain of restaurants that isn’t as popular as IHOP. They even offered a better salary, only so they don’t lose someone like me. Dedicated to me, it would be much better if I were to work in a very reputable and. popular place like IHOP. Here, I think I have more chances to advance in my career. Also, people close to me work here, and the overall rating they give for IHOP is excellent.

19. How Do You Think You’ll Be The Best At This Job?

My skills and qualifications are a perfect match for the requirements of this post. My communication and leadership skills, in particular, qualify me for the post. I’m confident in my ability to bring this degree of success to this position. I am committed to learning new skills required to succeed in this profession on my own. I am highly ambitious, and if this position is available to me, I will make every effort in my ability to succeed.

20. How Would You Deal If you Have a Disagreement With Your Colleagues?

Everyone makes mistakes, and no two people are similar. You can’t please everyone because people will judge you no matter what. Disputes with coworkers occur in practically every job. If I disagree with one of my coworkers, I will remain nice and attempt to communicate with him to determine what is wrong. If my coworker is willing to work on it, we will try to address the problem. But if we can’t agree, I will always respect him, since we may be working together for a long time.

21. Can You Keep To Our Dress Code?

Workplace dress regulations are crucial to me. We are more apparent to our consumers when they want assistance because we distinguish ourselves from them. I used to observe strict dress rules at my previous jobs and will do the same at IHOP.

22. How Did You Find Out About The Job?

I have been looking for a job for a long time. I have been in other interviews before. However, several details bothered me. Considering that I am now employed, the most crucial thing for me was to look for a job that met all of my regulations, which makes me happy. My close buddy works at IHOP, and he informed me that they were seeking a new employee. Despite all of his praise, I decided to try my luck based on what I had heard from him. Overall, working at IHOP sounds excellent for someone like me.

23. Why Did You Apply For This Position?

I can find myself here since I want to work in this field, and here is where I excel. You may be wondering why I choose IHOP, and the answer is cause IHOP is a location where I can fully showcase all of my strengths while also gaining new experiences. During my investigation, I learned that IHOP is one of the finest places to work, with prospects for advancement, enjoyment of the work, and satisfaction with the compensation. And I have friends and family who work here, and I can see how happy they are. Everyone would like to work at an establishment like IHOP.

24. Do You Follow Or Do You Lead?

In terms of leadership abilities, I consider myself to be both a leader and a follower. Because each circumstance necessitates a unique strategy from me, I respond to the situation’s requirements. While I am a leader, I aim to be a good leader, but when I have to be a follower, I am a good follower without desiring to be a leader. I enjoy leading initiatives based on my abilities, but I am also glad to follow other people’s ideas when appropriate.

25. What Are Your Goals For The Future?

In the future, I envision myself as an employee at IHOP, or more specifically, as one of the best workers here. I hope that if I acquire the job, I’ll have a promotion, such as becoming a manager. I aim to obtain managerial experience in the coming years as part of my career. That will be the best approach to developing the abilities required to be a successful leader. Furthermore, I am eager to advance and learn as a professional.


Some questions you may have at your future interview are listed below. To know how to answer these questions successfully, you must have prepared the appropriate responses ahead of schedule. Your replies should represent the company’s culture.