Top 25 Humana Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Humana Inc. is the third largest health insurance provider in the nation. It is a for-profit American health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. It comes on 41 number on the Fortune 500 list in 2021, which ranks it highest by revenues. 

Humana is working exclusively in the health insurance industry. The company offers supplemental insurance and group insurance plans for employers and individuals. Humana also offers many career opportunities that support building a great career.

If you want to work for Humana, you should be prepared for an interview there. Here are the top 25 frequently asked interview questions and their answers at Humana.

1. Why Do You Want This Job At Humana?

I want to work at Humana because I find motivation in helping people to meet their healthcare needs. I viewed the company website and was amazed to see how they helped people access quality care. I like to work on technology, so I think your ground-breaking solutions will help me enhance my skills.

Meanwhile, I am looking for a job that offers good benefits for my family. I want to grow with your company by working with a diverse group of employees and associations.

2. Do You Have Experience Working With Healthcare Providers Or Consumers?

I have previous experience working with healthcare providers. I am sure it will be worth it for me in this job. I have helped many of my clients and solved their problems to achieve their goals. In my previous job, I worked as an insurance representative. I shared affordable health insurance plans with my customers. I explained all the possible options that helped them find effective solutions to choose the best healthcare plan. 

3. Explain To Me What You Know About Humana?

Humana provides Healthcare Insurance plans, products, and services. I visited the company website and discovered that Humana had been committed to providing solutions in healthcare for over 60 years. It has more than 95,000 associates. The company ranked Number 40 on the Fortune 500 list (2021). 

Moreover, it has 17.1M Medical members across all 50 states in the US. Humana has provided more than $12 million for scholarships to the children of Humana associates, which is remarkable.

4. If Humana Hired You Today, What Would You Accomplish First?

I prefer to work on a 30, 60, and 90-day plan to review the most vital elements to work on first after being hired. I will understand the business inside and out. I will meet with people working in other departments of the company to set main goals that will fulfill the company’s immediate needs. 

I will also work on creating accuracy with efficiency and updating technology. 

5. Humana Has Many Programs For Our Members. Which One Interests You The Most?

I am interested in the Healthy Living Program essential for everyone’s well-being. The Healthy Living Program offers many assets for people who want to spend healthier lives. In this program, they share healthy recipes, self-care tips, and much more. I find this program beneficial for me as a member and also as an employee.

6. What Makes You The Right Fit For This Position At Humana?

I am passionate about the mission and values of Humana. I am a people person. I love interacting with my customers and serving the people around me in every possible way. 

I feel satisfied helping community residents and assure me that they have achieved their ideal healthcare plan. I want to give comfort to people in all situations. Part of the reason I am the right fit for this job is that I know I would have even more interaction with the public efficiently and on an even more critical level.

7. What Is Your Process Of Explaining Technical Information To People Who Aren’t Technical?

I know Humana works with suppliers that have patients who utilize your insurance plans. However, many physicians are not familiar with the platform and new technologies. If I meet with a similar client, I will explain the new terms and technology-related issues effectively. I have technical communication skills. I will use product visuals and relatable frames of reference and offer choices to help them in decision-making. I will provide all the info so they can understand it fully.

8. What Do Co-Workers Say About You?

My co-workers describe me as a natural leader. In my previous job, I led my team on projects and communicated with different groups to stay on the same page. Because of my expertise, my boss put me in charge as a project coordinator between the departments. I got rewarded for my leadership. They will also say that I have good planning and organizing skill. I was always very cooperative, and they enjoyed working with me.

9. How Do You Prioritize Your Work?

It depends on the situation. I prioritize multiple tasks as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in my work diary.

I put the projects in the 1st that require immediate attention and in the 3rd that are not urgent but ultimately need to get done. I can focus on the most significant projects while balancing the other work. I will manage my assignments well and get things done fast if hired.

10. How Do You Handle Difficult Patients?

I have some set criteria for handling complex patients. I sit with them, which shows them that I have time for them. Then, I listen to them actively and never get defensive. I try to feel their pain and understand their situation. I keep my voice tone low and sympathetic. I acknowledge their mental state and try to resolve the problem. If I find them unsatisfied, I ask them to submit their complaints to the customer care center. I stay calm and responsive in all situations, which is vital to handle such patients.

11. What Do You Know About The Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

The ACA is an affordable healthcare law that helps low-income people to buy private health insurance plans. President Barack Obama designed this act in 2010. He aims to provide inexpensive health insurance to all Americans by implementing this law. There are open enrollment periods where you can sign up or change your healthcare plan. It helps ordinary people in improving the quality of care they receive. It has been controversial, but it still has its importance.

12. Tell Us About A Typical Day At Work. How Does It Start? What Do You Do?

At the beginning of each day, I check my emails. I organize my work and plan my day. Then I get started on the projects on my to-do list. I interact with my team to check the accomplishment of tasks and give them direction where needed. I find myself most creative and active in the morning, so I like to do my creative work, cold calling, or email compositions at that time. 

After lunch, I work on more analytical projects. I make reports and discuss them with my team. This blend of creative and analytical work helps me to stay motivated and focused. I am looking for an opportunity at Humana to learn new skills and work on big ideas.

13. How Important Is A Positive Attitude To You?

A positive attitude is noteworthy for a peaceful working environment. It is the foundation of being successful in life. In customer dealing or the workplace, it’s the ultimate difference maker.

I believe that a positive attitude can win more clients and good working relationships between employees. It is equally important and compelling for the team and leadership.

14. Do You Work Better On A Team, With Just One Partner, Or Alone?

Ideally, I can handle the entire three well. I do not have any personal preference for one or a few. I believe that team working is the key to rapid success. I understand that you are looking for a team player at Humana. I can work vigorously in all situations, and my outcome does not depend on others. I can perform better being a team member, leader, or individual.

15. What Do You Look For In Terms Of Culture — Structured Or Entrepreneurial?

 Both elements are essential at Humana and have their pros and cons. Structured is good as it helps in maintaining focus and setting priorities. It makes us productive and proactive. On the other hand, entrepreneurial culture aids in thinking about new and unique ideas. It boosts creativity and fast learning skills that can help the employees and the company. I like the entrepreneurial culture a bit more as it allows you to think outside the box. I can do the things that are usually harder to accomplish in a structured workplace.

16. What Motivates You To Succeed?

I find motivation in being challenged and recognized for my hard work. I always give my best in everything. I believe that my hard work and firmness have helped me a lot to achieve the best outcome in every project.

Success is another factor that motivates me to perform well at my job. I affiliate my success with the success of my company. I want to work with Humana as it is known for its excellence.

17. How Do You Evaluate Your Ability To Handle Conflict?

I have always been a good problem solver. I stay normal and control my attitude during a conflict situation at work. I listen to the point of view of the other person first without being defensive. 

I try to know the root causes of the conflict then I respectably address these issues. My previous experience and team management skills have honed my resolution skills.

18. At Humana, We Deal With Confidential Patient Data. Tell Me About A Time You Followed Hipaa Regulations Even When It Was Not Easy Or Convenient To Do So.

I am well familiar with the HIPAA privacy rules. I know these regulations are great paramount in the health insurance industry. I uphold patient data and respect my company values with integrity. In my previous job, one of my friends told me that during surgery organization denied some of his claims. He asked to unveil some data. I told him I cannot do this as its against HIPPA rules. 

I convinced her to call the customer care center and ask for help. I suggested to him a few names that could help him out. 

I felt bad that he asked for the wrong favor but fortunately, he communicated with my suggested a person who resolved his issues eventually.

19. How Would You Describe Your Communication Skills?

I have solid verbal and written communication skills required for this Humana position. I can communicate well with my managers, team members, co-workers, and clients. I am also good at writing reports and communicating through emails. 

My last supervisor commented on my excellent communication skills in a letter of recommendation and performance review. You may check their descriptions so I can tackle email and social media writing, report writing, and other types of written communications.

20. What Is The Vision Of Humana?

 The vision of Humana is that everyone has the right to lead a good and healthy life. Humana has been committed to entitled people to living healthy and happy since1961. The company offers personalized care for its people. They listen to their members and create solutions to help them improve their physical well-being.

Simple and clear policies are the core values of Humana. The company workers thrive together to inspire the health system and cultivate uniqueness.

Humana is committed to creating a work environment that supports the well-being of 89% of its associates. Thousands of people take their part in opportunities to stay active, connect with others, enhance financial security, and more.

21. Why Did You Choose To Pursue A Career In This Industry?

I choose my career in this industry because I find peace in working for the nation’s well-being. I find motivation in helping people and making an impact. I have had enthusiasm and passion for serving others since my childhood.

I want to create a difference in the lives of others by being a part of Humana. The company’s mission statement gives me enthusiasm for being part of this life-changing and life-saving job.

22. Humana Has Many Qualified Candidates Applying For This Internship Position. What Makes You The Best Candidate For The Role?

I have all the qualifications required for this job, such as I am good at public speaking. I have planning and organizing skills. I am also proactive and good with time management skills. 

My experience and education are well suited for this position. Moreover, my passion matches best with the company’s mission statement. I also want to make my contribution to developing a healthier nation.

23. After Reading The Job Description, What Do You Like Most About This Position?

 I read in the job description that you are looking for a hard-working, reliable, and caring person who wants stable and consistent employment. I am that particular person. My qualification and expertise is the best match for this position. It was my utmost desire to work with a positive reputation within the Healthcare industry, and Humana has always been my first choice. 

I also look forward to many networking and professional development opportunities that attract me to apply for this job. 

24. Our Company Prides Itself On Providing Excellent Customer Service. How Do You Provide Excellent Customer Service?

I have excellent customer service skills. I greet my customers with a smile, listen to their issues, know their preferences, and go above and beyond to make them happy. I treat my customers as I want others to treat me. 

I have also been awarded recognition for the customer service I delivered in my last role. I want to help m customers achieve their best healthcare goals. I will provide exceptional customer service if hired at Humana.

25. Name Three Of Your Greatest Strengths Related To Your Profession.

I have the three greatest strengths as a healthcare professional. I have some basic moral skills that enhance my professional skills, as I am trustworthy, disciplined, and patient.

But my greatest strength related to this profession is that I am an experienced, compassionate person with strong communication and interpersonal skills to work in a leadership position. I would feel happy and proud to work for a company that supports holistic well-being. If you give me the opportunity, I will use my skills and strength to perform well at Humana.


I hope the top Humana interview questions and answers will help you to pass your interview with flying colors. In interviews for Healthcare jobs, you must be aware of your skills and experiences. Also, keep your previous work file handy if the interviewer wants to see it. Also, ensure that you perform at your inventive best during the interview. Stay confident and calm throughout the interview.