Top 25 Hubspot Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Hubspot, a leading global market, has employed several workers in its different domains. The company offers software development and marketing services, ensuring quality and performance. They keep quality and usability at the top of their priorities, so they recruit such individuals who promise them these qualities. It makes the interviewing and recruitment process of Hubspot a bit challenging. But don’t worry. If you have the potential, you will surely not miss this job with good preparation and hard work. Undoubtedly, the best thing requires dedication and hard work to produce remarkable fruit. 

You don’t need to worry about the interviewing process anymore, as we have your back. We understand that this process is anxious, and it’s difficult to decide where to start. We have a solution for you. This article jots down the top 25 interview questions that Hubspot interviewers generally ask the interviewees. To further ease you in this process, we have compiled the sample answers to these questions. It will aid you in making up your mind beforehand about what the interview can ask you in the Hubspot interview.  So, let’s dive into the context as your first step toward success. 

1. Tell Us Something About Yourself.

I have been in this field for the past three years, and I think it’s time for me to move on to bigger projects and management teams to sharpen my skills even more. I have also received positive responses from my supervisor about my enthusiasm and professionalism. I ensure that I deliver qualitative and high-performance projects to clients on time.

2. Do You Have Any Prior Experience In This Field?

Yes, I’ve worked as a marketer in Pipedrive services, and I’m committed to increasing the company’s revenue. I create an engaging product to keep my clients updated throughout the process and maintain good communication so that the customer remains loyal to the software. Customer retention rates are so significant for any business.

3. What Do You Know About Hubspot?

Well, I got to know about Hubspot through a friend when I was hunting for jobs in different software companies. I wanted to choose the best option, so I dug into Hubspot’s blog to search more about the company. I found that Brian and Dharmesh founded Hubspot Software company on inbound. Their purpose was to provide better customer services to the consumers and efficiently manage sales. The sales hub has all the right tools to manage customer sales in one place. So they do not have to worry about their sales getting all mixed up in emails and can easily focus on their customers. The marketing team of the hub is on another level; they manage to attract a client with their marketing skills and make it easy for the customer to promote their business.

4. Why Have You Chosen Hubspot To Pursue Your Career Over Your Present Organization?

I have gathered as many skills as possible in my present organization. Now, I think I am ready to take on more responsibility and bigger steps in my life, and for that to happen, I need to switch from my current job. I am looking forward to experimenting with environments like working in the company of many well-organized managers. I have learned a lot, and I think Hubspot has recruited many talented people in their company, and I want to pick their brains.  

5. What Biggest Challenge Have You Faced In Your Previous Positions?

I have learned to tackle bigger projects in a short period. Being a group leader, I had to keep an eye on my team members. I had to check if they were comfortably getting along or if I should give them counseling sessions individually. Since the project was crucial to the company’s reputation, I made group calls, arranged official meetings, and even lunchtime meetings to include every team member so that working together may become fun for them and aid in generating more creative ideas. I crave new experiences, and it was something that I learned the hard way, but with my sincere efforts, I made it through.

6. Why Are You Leaving That Job?

One reason could be that I want to sharpen my skills in marketing management. Sticking in one place for a longer time could hinder your creativity and growth. I do not want that for me. Learning new skills daily and facing challenges could bring more resilience as a leader. Another reason is that I was offered a better opportunity in this company, so I took no time and jumped right at it.

7. Tell Us At Least 3 Of The Strengths That Make You A Right Fit For Hubspot.

When it comes to handling loads of work in a short period, I manage it swiftly. It is of utmost importance for me to meet the given deadlines without compromising on quality. I think any marketer knows how to handle work under pressure while simultaneously providing an excellent outcome for the project. Secondly, I can manage stubborn team members who do not get along well. I have done it before, and I can handle such situations again in the future. It’s just you need to know how to distribute the workload among team members and how to engage them in healthy conversation so they can work peacefully under one roof. I would say I am detail-oriented as well. We ensure that we provide glitch-free services to our customers. I would give more time to my team members to fix the problem rather than deliver a bad service to the consumer.

8. Have You Come Across Any Challenging Situation That Seemed Impossible? How Did You Handle It?

I was left in charge once because my manager had to be somewhere for an urgent matter. It was early in my professional life; He had a lot of faith in my judgment because I handled some things well. I managed all processes, including employee interactions, customer service, and management. I was only required to monitor a few things and not make any major decisions until my manager returned from work. I was fortunate not having any difficulty handling the staff, even though it was quite hectic to manage all that work in my initial position.

9. What’s Your Experience With Team Working?

I had the best time working in a group with many talented people. I have learned a lot from their experiences. Some of them were in the company for many years. We managed the work quite exceptionally, and if I had any difficulty, my team members made sure to be there to solve the problem. Same thing I did for some of my junior staff. Teamwork is all about trusting each other’s judgment and working cooperatively.

10. Have You Got A Chance To Lead The Team In Project Planning?

Yes, I have planned projects with my team members on many occasions. I am, I would say, a people person, and I know which responsibility suits which member of my team. So I can lead the group project quite smoothly this way. 

11. Have You Received Any Negative Feedback From Your Company’s Manager? 

Well, my company manager has always supported me throughout my learning days. It is common to get scolded for your silly mistakes by your manager as well. That was the case with me. However, it was my mistake that I didn’t get the excel sheet right after being told hundreds of times. I apologized for that quite sincerely and showed better results afterward, which satisfied him. 

12. How Do You Deal With Conflicts With Co-Workers?

Well, my personal opinion is that communication handles all conflicts in a better way. I started communicating more and more with my co-worker, giving importance to his suggestions and listening patiently. We also found a middle ground on certain things we agreed upon, so it cleared the air for both of us.

13. What Keeps You Motivated To Do This Stressful Job? 

I like to have a stable job to manage my expenses quite well. Doing nothing is better than doing something at which you are good. Along the process, you develop more skills to reach your desired destination. Success drives you to your destiny, and I think most of us are driven by the fact that it will open more opportunities for us in the future. A stressful job is hectic, but it provides you with a reason or will to reach your targeted goal. 

14. Can You List The Software On Which You Have A Full Command? 

CRM is my forte; I can retain customers towards the company and manage their data in one place quite efficiently. So they do not lose track of their time, data, and management of certain business documents. 

15. Everyone Makes A Mistake. Let Us Know How You Rectify It And Deal With The Customer. 

I immediately reached out to my customer to apologize in the sincerest way possible. I ensure that their problem is solved within 24 hours and give you a call after clearing the pipeline issue. So they can continue with their work. Also, to develop a better relationship, it is necessary to give a better reason to your customer and explain the reason in detail.

16. What Is The Difference Between Class And Structure? 

Both systems are equivalent to each other but have some different functionality. Class functions are to gather all the data and methods flexibly and enable consumers to reuse them, which later turns into the inheritance, whereas structure works as grouping the data. For instance, it manages minor issues with members’ default visibility. 

17. Can You Differentiate Between Different Inheritance Types?

Well, as far as my knowledge goes, there are different types of inheritance. One is single inheritance in which the owner of the main subject gives up the responsibility and gives it to another party. The second one is a multi-level inheritance in which three parties are involved. The third-party inherits the property of the first and second parties; it is called multi-level inheritance. In total, there are six, including multiple inheritance, multipath inheritance, hierarchical inheritance, and hybrid inheritance. All these inheritances have different ways of acting and have more than one base class. 

18. How Will You Define Class? Does It Take Any System Memory?

Class is a blueprint or template that highlights the significant features and attributes of the entity that provides the basis for objects. It defines the operations and describes a collection of data fields known as instance variables. However, it doesn’t take much space as these are only blueprints. Yet, the pass-by-reference objects depend on the system memory. 

19. How Will You Distinguish Abstraction From Encapsulation?

There’s a simple difference between abstraction and encapsulation. Abstraction resolves the issue at the designing stage, while encapsulation provides this service at an implementation level. Data abstraction only shows the task details but hides the implementation information from the end user. Yet, the data encapsulation hides unnecessary or unstructured details and binds the crucial information to show the consumers. 

20. Highlight Some Of The Limitations Of Object-Oriented Programming.

Undoubtedly, OOP has several advanced features, but it also has some limitations, as every technology has. It isn’t an appropriate solution for minor issues and is only suggestible for major problems. The rationale is it is time-consuming as it requires detailed planning and intense testing. It calls for the programming expert to solve the queries according to the objects, dividing them into sections. 

21. Name Other Programming Paradigms Than Oop. Why Is It Popular Among Others?

The imperative and Declarative Programming Paradigms are the two types. These paradigms are further classified into three different classes. The imperative Programming paradigm highlights hows of logical execution and identifies the control flow. OOP is also the sub-type of this paradigm, including Procedural and Parallel. The declarative Paradigm, on the other hand, focuses on what and doesn’t provide a detailed definition of control flow as an imperative paradigm. Its subtypes are logical, functional, and Database Programming Paradigms. 

22. Comment On The Varying Relations Between The Tables In The Database Management System.

There are varying relations among the tables in the database management system. These are: 

● One-One Relation

This relationship forms between a particular X with the singular Y. For instance, a person has a passport. Here, one row of the X table is linked with one row of the Y table. 

● One-Many Relation

It is formed when one row in table X links with multiple rows in Table Y. It’s structured as 1 to n, as the customer can have multiple accounts. 

● Many-Many Relation

 As the title suggests, when multiple X rows link with multiple Y rows, they form many-many relationships or m to n. 

● Self-referencing relation 

It is formed when a specific X row links with any row of the same table following the same domain. 

23. Where Can You Employ Data Structures? What Makes It Significant For A Program?

Data structures are being used in several applications. If we talk about the domains, we can employ data structures in genetics, blockchain, Compiler, Database design, image processing, decision-making, etc. It has various applications. Data structures ensure efficient designing of the algorithms and offer abstraction. If the developers use suitable data structures for the application, they can save time and utilize that in performing other functions like maintaining storage systems or managing data processing. 

24. What Is Your Opinion On The Priority Queue? Make A Comparison Between Its Different Implementations.

A priority queue, as I understand it, is an abstract queue in which every element gets a specific priority value. These elements are structured according to the number of their removal. Yet, if the value is the same, serving depends on the element’s position in the queue. We can consider its application in Huffman code and graphic algorithms as an example. In terms of comparing its implementations, binary heap and Binary Search Tree data structures have to peek, insert, and delete code as O(1), O (log n), and O (log n), respectively. Linked list peek, insert, and delete, go like O (1), O (n), and O (1). 

25. Identify The Usage Of Rest Parameters. 

Rest Parameters are a way to provide a representation of variadic functions in JavaScript. It is a syntax that develops a function and enables it to get innumerable arrays or arguments. It, in turn, allows the users to manage multiple inputs in the form of the parameters in a function. Note that, rest parameters are an advanced method of handling input arguments in the function. 


Hopefully, this article has helped you to get an idea of the expected interview questions at Hubspot Software Company. However, ensure that you have comprehensively searched Hubspot’s organization, requirements, and the provided services before going for the interview. Plus, remember that confidence and good communication skills are the transforming aspects of every interview besides technical knowledge. Anxiety is inevitable, but as long as you are confident about yourself, you will give your best. A thorough reading of this article would have helped you to practice the technical and general interview questions related to the particular field.