How To Turn Career Counseling Into Success

Though career counseling is a much a bandied about word these days. People think that seeking help from a counselor can mean admitting to your weaknesses. If you are weak and inept only then you resort to the guidance of a counselor. That’s a mindset or notion most people manifest till the time they meet the career counselor, who transforms their perception completely. Career counselling can throw away your inhibitions and guide you through your most difficult times to reach your goals. Career counselors are people who have in-depth knowledge about HR ways and they also know what recruiters  look for in candidates.

Why Career Counseling?

If you start walking blind-folded sooner or later you are bound to dash against a wall. Similarly, in your professional life also, you need guidance to reach your career goals. You are usually too much dependent on your near and near and dear ones, be it your parents, your relatives or acquaintances. That’s mainly because you don’t want to break away from your comfort zone. You are afraid of pushing the envelope. So you feel hesitant to seek the help of a professional. But employing the help of a career coach or counselor could bring a world of difference to your career. As their opinion, more often than not are unbiased. Nowadays there is too much information all around you and you are often befuddled and bewildered, wondering how which information is useful for you and which is not. Picking and choosing were never your forte simply because you never were trained in this. So it’s best you entrust the task of choosing to an experienced person, who with his wealth of experience and expertise could help and guide you towards your goal.

The Right Steps

It’s not enough to choose the right counselor. Why? Because you have to be participative and active to tread the steps denoted to you by your counselor. The first step would be to go for the tests which would reveal the real you. The psychometric tests are a potent way of self-assessment which would assess you holistically and find out the real you. You are trapped in the idea of how you should present yourself rather than resorting to your real self you would rather hide behind a façade. Psychometric tests are such kinds of tests which would act as a lie detector and try as you might you would have to reveal your true self.  Armed with the knowledge of Human Resources and a deep understanding of human psyche and behavior, they can solve problems and help you chart out the correct route to success.

Benefits of Counseling

  • You deserve the best- It is time to take some action. If you think you have been working hard and still not getting the desired results it’s time you took the help of a career counselor or coach and shape your dreams in the right fashion.
  • Transform yourself- If you are thinking you are talented and have skills to match yet you are far from where you should reach, take the help from a career counselor who would comb through your skills and find out the weaknesses which are holding you back. Pull you away from your bad habits and give you some lessons on how to build some new and better ones.
  • Not your yes-friend- Yes a career counselor are not there to tell you that you’re the best like some people near you do, to make you feel better. A career counselor would call a spade a spade and let you know the right things to do, or give you the right guidelines to improve and move on.
  • Positivity, thy name is you- if you have been harboring some negative thoughts about your career and future, breathe easy as a career counselor can help you forget and start afresh. You need to surround yourself with a whole lot of positive people and it might not be always possible bank upon your career counselor to fill your life with the right degree of positivity.
  • Improvement in other things as well- Apart from your personality, career counseling can change the way you deal with other people and approach jobs. Changes in your behavior are a positive output which would help you to influence our interpersonal skills as well.
  • Following your star- Yes, once you take the help of your counselor you would know you are following an esteemed path, as famous personalities have also taken the help of career counselor to build their dreams and chalk out the right path towards success. It is no longer considered an aide for the weak and the underperforming but an aide to those who aim for the highest pedestal of success.
  • It does not rake all your time- Yes, unlike popular notion, you don’t have to devote hours together to get the best out of career counseling. Rather, a little time kept aside would help you to perform better. Since performance is the key. It is best to manage your time and do your best to materialize your dreams and aspirations.

Dreams are said to be elusive, well no longer. You must have the right weapon in your armory to push the envelope and climb the steep ladder of success. If more and more famous personalities and successful people are seeking the help of career counselors there must be a reason for the same. For the uninitiated though who might still harbor a doubt or two should follow the career paths of most famous people. Their meteoric rise is a carefully thought out process fashioned by their career counselor. Delve deep into the vast repertoire of knowledge available on the net and books and think long and hard before you finally decide whether you need to take counseling. After all, it’s your career, but you must keep it in mind that hiring a career counselor can by far outweigh the cons. Success can be elusive but you can reach out and give it your best shot, after all, success does not come to those who never gave it a try.

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