How to Make your Corporate Presentation Remarkable?

Have you been asked to present a presentation in your new job? Is that giving you several sleepless nights? eight seconds of human attention span. So are you ready to learn the effective skills to give your best in the next presentation? Well, no longer you have to suffer from anxiety to impress your boss. Reading today’s blog post will help you to excel from all your worries of how effectively you can convey your messages within the

You must have heard the phrase ‘dress for successes’. Certainly the term is closely associated with your presentation at workplace. Indeed what you say is important, but how you say is even more crucial in determining the impression you have left in front of your audiences. So let us take a quick look at the best possible ways to show your presentation.

Access your audiences

Determine the size and mix of your audiences- are they the experts in the relevant field or just a group of non-experts or the combination of both? The composition will tell you to tailor the level of sophistication of your presentation. Keeping in mind that people can only retain a fragment of what’s presented collect your material carefully and organize them accordingly. Excessive details and large groupings are difficult to follow and remember. The attention level is the highest in the beginning and at the end of the presentation. So the presentation should be made strong at these two critical points.

Do not deliver a robotic presentation

You are not standing in front of a bunch of computers. There should be every possible ways to engage your audiences. So connecting your presentation with the audiences is critical. Initiate your presentation with a story or analogy the audiences could potentially relate to. Use your vocal variety to change your tone and pace and establish your emotional nail to drive your main message. Using facial expression can help to reveal what exactly you want to convey. Call them by their names and bring them to attention. Remember, it is not possible for the audiences to recite every facts and figures, so structuring your presentation should be such that long after you have left the room, have your presentation messagebe remembered.

Plan your presentation beforehand

There is no substitute for practise. If you plan your presentation just before the day you present it or while travelling to the event can highly mess up your work. Clarify with the organizers exactly what is required of you and facilities you will require. Be clear of how much time you have and stick to that time to deliver your presentation. Email your presentation to the organizer beforehand so that they can upload it onto the laptop. Run it and recheck to see that everything is fine. This helps you to stay relaxed with the technological aspect when you arrive at the venue. Rehearse as many times as possible and resist t urge to become dependent on the slides. There are two important trick- memorize your opening and closing statement and hook the audience with a question and gradually build a strong and confident finish.

Also providing copies of your presentation to your audiences prevent them from the boring activities of taking down all the information from the slides. They can see the slides in advance you are going to use. As you show the detailed tables and graphs with lots of numbers, your audiences will find it easier to follow you if they have a copy of the slides with them.

Use the essentials for presentation

The PowerPoint slides should be made captivating with:

Graphs, diagrams and tables to quickly communicate essential data

Animation features to add instant interests to the slide presentation

Use simple fonts to prevent readability and potentially compatible issues

Establish a particular hierarchy and stick to it.There should be consistency in the entire presentation

Add colour to emphasize the essential ideas. For a business presentation, try touse your company’s corporate colors whenever possible instead of using different colors

The first slide should announce the title of the presentation, the second should seize the attention of the audiences, the third should set the structure of the presentation and likewise, everyslide should be the substance of a small number of slides. The last slide should clearly mention the contact details

Ideally each slide should contain 25 to 35 words and try not to stretch more than that

Each of the bullet points should consists of intelligible phrases

Besides the PowerPoint there are other creative ways to prepare your presentation such as keynoteGoogle presentation or Prezi.

Focus on your mannerisms

This is not the time to show your funky wardrobe collections. Your dress code should not distract your audiences’ concentration from the main topic of discussion. Not only your dress, but also other accessories play an important role while you are dealing with a corporate presentation. Stay away from junk jewelry or heavy make-up that can make you look pretty awkward.

Similarly, flicking your hair over your shoulder or saying ‘Um’ or ‘like’ several times in between a presentations does not reflect professional behavior. Remember, your ideas are important and not you. So focus on your subject and learn about it inside and out to deliver the best presentation at the beginning of your career.

Hopefully, now you are much more confident about how your credibility as an expert on your topic can be realized by your boss.

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Richard White works as an editor at Yellow Brick Path. He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment.

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