How To Enjoy The Perks Of Landing Your Dream Job Without Breaking The Bank

For some, landing their dream job means letting those extra dollar signs elevate them to a whole new lifestyle level, while for others, it’s simply an incentive to put more away in their 401K for retirement. If you fall somewhere in the middle, our tips can help you celebrate the new dream job by “splurging” wisely without spending it all in one place.

1. Treat yourself to a new ride.

If you’ve been driving the same vehicle for years, perhaps it’s time to let your new paycheck afford you the upgrade you’ve only been thinking about until now. Cruising in luxury doesn’t mean you have to drive an Italian sports car off the lot. Consider the variety and affordability DriveTime used cars can offer. You’ll be riding in style, but without letting the big purchase set you back financially. The idea of a gently used car sounds even better when you think about the money you can save for last minute travel excursions or to pad your portfolio moving forward.

2. Ask for more compensation while still in the negotiating phase.

If this is your first promotion or you’re new to negotiating, it’s important to know what you want and what you are eligible for before you complete the negotiation terms in your new position. Remember, negotiations go beyond salary arrangements.

Consider discussing these “perks” with your new negotiation team:

  • Discuss the terms of travel reimbursement for business trips.
  • Outline personal considerations and make a case for how this compensation will help you excel on the job.
  • Request a technology stipend to support your professional progress.
  • If higher education is on your goal list, even negotiate this into your compensation package.

Depending on the nature of your job, Idealist Careers is a great resource for determining industry-specific perks to negotiate.

Want to practice negotiating like a pro and get an added personal incentive? Try the new mobile app, Negotiate It. From credit card bills to insurance rates, this app offers ready-to-go scripts that help you say all the right things to get your bills and interest rates lowered to save big.

3. Live within means almost like you did before you landed your job to save big.

Aside from treating yourself to a new car and perhaps upgrading your wardrobe to fit the new role, now is the time to save and invest in your future. If your company offers 401K matching, don’t even think twice, go for it. Consider gradually increasing your income according to your own personal financial goals each year as market trends change rather than maxing out your paycheck on leisure spending.

Get financial advice from a new mentor. Financially sound people come in all shapes and sizes, so find a mentor whose career path you admire and get their take on what they did back when they landed their dream job. Ask about how to diversify your portfolio, how to continually negotiate your salary, and increase your perks as you grow with the company. Not sure who to turn to? Not to worry. Ask A Mentor, from, offers sound advice from other professionals who have “been there, done that”.

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