Top 25 Hollister Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Hollister, fully known as Hollister Co., is a renowned retail brand that offers physical and online shopping experiences. It is owned by Ambercrombie & Fit Co. and was ranked as one of the best clothing brands among teenagers by Piper Jaffray. Given its reputation, Hollister normally has openings for several positions that you may like to attempt.

This article will cover some of the questions you should expect in your Hollister interview to help you land the job you are looking for. Always keep in mind that the surest way to ace an interview is to prepare adequately.

1. What Do You Know About Our Establishment?

Hollister is a reputable clothing department store that offers Southern California attire. It is owned by Abercrombie & Fit Co. and opened its first store in Ohio in 2000. It decided to widen its doors by entering Canada 6 years later. In 2008, Hollister further decided to try new markets and set up shop in London, England.

2. There Are Many Department Stores In This Area. So, Why Here?

I love fashion and usually keep up with trends in the fashion world. I will feel at home working for Hollister,  one of America’s best clothing department stores. I enjoy teamwork, which is greatly valued here from my research. Working for Hollister will allow me to pursue my love for fashion and work with a team of amazing people. Lastly, I enjoy working in such a fast-paced environment.

3. What Makes You Think That You Will Fit In Here?

I am excellent at collaborating with others on projects. My former bosses and colleagues would describe me as an understanding colleague and team member, which I know means a lot for this establishment. I am also hardworking, creative and good at communication, qualities required to survive in the retail industry. I am optimistic that I will make a good addition and help propel your company to greater heights.

4. In Your Opinion, What Do You Think Is Your Greatest Strength?

I have lots of positive attributes and qualities that have helped me become great at this job. However, only two attributes stand out, especially for such a workplace. First, I am a fast learner and can quickly adapt to changes, so you won’t have to spend resources training me. I believe that it will also make the other employee’s work easier. Lastly, I know how to work well under pressure, which is essential during peak times and rush hours.

5. Do You Have Any Weaknesses That We Should Be Aware Of?

I fear confrontations and may have broken down a few times when dealing with customers who constantly shout and say mean things. However, I understand that I have to grow a thick skin when working in the hospitality industry in anticipation of such occurrences. I have been working on my confidence,  tolerance and patience and believe that I am in the right direction.

6. Why You Out Of All The Candidates?

I spend lots of time looking up fashion trends owing to my love for fashion. I am, therefore, in the right state to offer the right fashion advice to shoppers looking for specific items in the store. Most of my friends come to me for grooming advice before going out or attending special events, making me believe that I will deliver. I also have vast experience in the retail industry, which will come in handy during my work. Lastly, I can get along well with others, which is vital for such establishments that value teamwork.

7. How Will You Handle Upset Customers?

Dealing with an upset customer can be daunting, especially since some can be mean and rude. However, I have learned that excellent customer service is tested when a customer is at their worst. Therefore, I will ask the inquire more about the customer’s issue, apologize and offer the right solution. I will consider Hollister’s policies before making any huge decision since I understand the importance of abiding by the establishment’s rules. I believe that anybody dealing with customers must ensure that they are happy to keep them coming back.

8. What’s Your Availability?

I don’t have any major engagement at the moment, which means that I will be available round the clock. I’d like to point out that I can work any shift that the establishment sees fit and even step in for others where necessary since I understand the importance of cooperation and assistance in the workplace. I also don’t have a problem reporting to work during the weekend or holidays, provided I am notified early enough. I am confident that this clothing department store will significantly benefit from my availability.

9. What Do You Think Is The Most Important Thing In This Position?

The most crucial thing in any retail business job, regardless of the position, is excellent customer service. It is the fastest way of achieving customer loyalty, increasing the number of sales, be it daily or monthly and marketing the establishment. Customers talk to one another, including potential customers, either through reviews or word of mouth and therefore, poor customer service can see the business lose out on profits. Everybody in the retail industry must ensure that customers are kept close and treated well.

10. How Long Are You Planning On Staying With Us?

I understand that the cost of recruiting employees is normally high. Several rigorous processes are needed, which further increases the technicality of recruitment. Therefore, I am not planning to use this job as a stepping stone to another organization but as a long-time source of income. I will stay with you for the longest time possible, helping the organization increase its profit base and build a team of loyal customers. I am also willing to try as much as possible to secure a long time position in this departmental store.

11. Would You Wait For a Customer To Locate An Item By Themselves Or Walk Up To Them The Moment They Enter The Store?

I believe that excellent customer service begins from the moment a customer sets foot in the store. I will offer all the needed help as soon as I see the customer. I wouldn’t come back to an establishment where I have to struggle to look for an item and wouldn’t, therefore, subject your client base to such treatment. I usually walk up to the customers, ask what they need and do everything in my power to help them.

12. What Are Some Of Your Long-Term Goals?

Since I love fashion and always keep up with all the relevant trends, I plan on building a career in fashion and, if possible, start my product line. However, I also enjoy working in the retail industry. Therefore, if I don’t pursue a career in fashion, I may consider retail management, which will see me working with several fashion houses. However, I am interested in learning more about fashion and retail to make significant contributions to this departmental store. I hope to get all the needed support.

13. Do You Think You Are a Good Salesperson?

Yes. I usually set personal monthly daily targets, which I strive to achieve and, if possible, exceed. I have several strategies that have helped me woo customers ever since I decided to venture into this industry. I am also knowledgeable in fashion and related content, which means that I can start and maintain valuable conversations with customers, finally convincing them to purchase whatever is on sale. Lastly, I have perfected my convincing skills owing to my experience in this field, which you will quickly notice from my sales records if I get this job.

14. Do You Have Any Cash Handling Experience?

Yes. I have tried quite a number of things in my adult life to make ends meet and go through college. I was once a cashier at a local supermarket, which helped me learn about cash handling. I even know how to balance accounts and make excellent entries. You can stay rest assured that you won’t lose even lose a dime from poor record-keeping and lousy cash handling since I believe in my skills and abilities.

15. Do You Have Any Other Qualifications That May Increase Your Chances Of Landing This Job?

I took a course in conflict resolution and therefore know how to deal with disputes effectively. I have managed to bring an end to lots of conflicts in the workplace among employees and even at times, some of the managers and shift supervisors. This skill is vital in such an industry since people are always bound to disagree when working as a team. I am ready to weigh in and use my skills when necessary or needed. I hope that this increases my chances of landing this job.

16. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I have several achievements in my career and personal life. However, I am most proud of my role in my local club for two years. I mentored several upcoming professionals in the retail industry and helped them land their first jobs. I even formed a WhatsApp group to share essential ideas and handle all important correspondences, answering all the members’ questions. I even had one of the most successful retail store managers in the region come to advise my mentees. I am glad that most of them are in senior positions at the moment. I feel fulfilled whenever I bump across them in meetings or events.

17. Why Did You Settle For What You Are Wearing Now?

It’s pretty sunny outside today, and therefore, I decided to settle on light clothing. I put on a black tie to match my pants and tactfully chose my shoes to match my belt. I also put on a differently colored blazer not to make my attire look dull or too common. Lastly, I prefer wearing ‘happy socks’ since, just like I mentioned, I love going by the latest trends.

18. Which Celebrity’s Style Do You Admire?

I love Kanye West’s style since apart from being one of his biggest fans, I believe that the beauty of fashion is being outstanding. Ye, formerly Kanye West, has influenced several people to adopt his fashion pieces and make bold statements. He also believed in himself when nobody did when coming up with his Yeezy franchise and has made lots of money from his partnership with Adidas. I love that he is unapologetic for his fashion choices and has managed to be a fashion influencer despite most people not believing in him at the start.

19. How Would You Sell An Outfit To a Customer?

I usually believe that the easiest way to win a customer over and sell them an outfit is to check out their style and suggest something that matches it. Therefore I will ascertain that whatever I choose will appeal to the customer before initiating the sale process. First, I would applaud the customer’s sense of style before asking them to try out my recommendation. Most people love praises and would be ready to warm up to the idea. I will then ask them to try it out and give an honest opinion. If the clothing doesn’t fit or look good, I will suggest other options.

20. Do You Believe That There Is a Fashion Choice That Fits Everyone?

Yes. Even though most people would beg to differ, some styles and fashion choices would look good on everyone. For example, sweatpants and sweatshirts can be stylishly worn by everyone on a casual event or a weekend outing. Suits also look good on everyone, provided that they are well fitted and designed. However, some fashion styles and accessories need particular body shapes or types to look good, making one-size-fit options relatively narrow.

21. Have You Ever Bought Anything From Us?

I love shopping and therefore strive to try out as many establishments as I can whenever I get the chance. I am glad to mention that I have bought several clothes for my child in this establishment. I have a collection of teen jeans, tops and hoodies from Hollister that my kid cherishes. I recently got a signature pair of jeans for my cousins that everyone in my family seems to love. I have to admit that your establishment deals in an array of quality and durable clothing.

 22. What Do You Normally Do Outside Your Working Hours?

I have a number of hobbies that have helped me stay sane in such a challenging career. I love playing musical instruments, especially the piano, during my free time. In fact, I am an active member of our local choir, which practices every weekend for Sunday shows. I also draw and paint, given my love for art. I have done most of the paintings and portraits in my living room and even made money by selling art to some of my visitors. I am currently learning to play the cello, which I should achieve soon.

23. Do You Have Any Tangible Customer Service Experience?

I have vast customer experience, given the number of organizations I have worked for over the years. I have dealt with several customers and therefore learned how to appreciate and accommodate everyone. My customer service experience has also taught me to be empathetic and alive to clients’ plight, which includes offering all the help they need. I am willing to use everything I have learned over the years to better your company.

24. What’s The Most Favorite Item In Your Closet?

I love shoes. Therefore, my favorite fashion piece is the Jordan 4 Retro, which I consider one of the best pairs of sneakers in the world at the moment. It is comfortable stylish and can be worn with several attires. Most people prefer it to the other Jordan offerings. I also have the Air Jordan 1s, which like the former, haven’t gone out of style for quite some time. I also bought a unique hoodie from your establishment, which I find pretty unique. It is definitely one of the best items in my closet.

25. Can You Mention Some Of Our Competitors?

I have conducted extensive research on your organization and therefore know quite a number of your competitors. Some of the companies and firms giving you a run from your money include American Eagle Outfitters, Cato, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Christopher & Banks, PacSun, and Aeropostale. However, you have managed to outwit most of your competitors, which shows just how much of a formidable competitor you are. I am willing to apply all my skills and use my experience to help you maintain the gap?


Securing a chance to work at Hollister doesn’t have to be challenging. Just make sure that you are conversant with all the questions you are likely to be asked in your upcoming interview. We hope that these recommendations will help you ace your interview and work at Hollister. Also, remember to work on your presentation and first impression.