Top 25 Five Below Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Five Below Inc., sometimes known by its stylized name fiVe BEL°W, is an American network of specialty discount stores that sells items for under $5 and a small selection of items priced from $6 to $25. The brand, which has its corporate office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was established by Tom Vellios and David Schlessinger and caters to tweens and teens. Over 1,100 stores are found all over the country.

1. Why Are You Interested In Working At Five Below?

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by such a reputable retailer as Five Below. Even though I am a new employee, I have always wanted to work for your company because it seems like a place where hard work and a steep learning curve are valued.

I’ve always hoped that companies like yours would help me launch my career. I think one can do far more when there is a positive work environment than when there is a negative work environment. It is one of the main reasons I give your organization the highest priority.

2. How Would You Handle A Challenging Customer?

When I was working at Acme, a customer sought to return sheets that had been used as a toga. The hem of the flat sheet was soiled and torn, but the client still had the original packing and receipt, so they demanded a complete refund and were disrespectful to the customer support representatives when they couldn’t.

Our business policy is that returns on damaged products are at the manager’s discretion. Those day-to-day choices fell to me as the shift commander on duty. I knew we couldn’t resell these sheets; they’d have to go back to corporate headquarters.

I stepped in and informed the client that, regrettably, our business policy would not allow him to return the products, but that I would be pleased to facilitate exchange and even assist them in finding substitute items to take home with them that day. I asked another staff member to cover the floor for me so that I could focus on this customer. The customer was able to find a tailgate table for a comparable price after receiving 20 minutes of personalized service, and he was glad to make a trade.

3. What Kind Of Inventory Management Experience Do You Have?

In my previous job, I was in charge of keeping our stockroom organized and ensuring we had enough of each item on hand. I kept track of how much of each product we had in stock and when it would need to be refilled using a computer system. Due to this, I was able to make sure that we always had enough inventory for clients.

4. What Would You Do If You Discovered An Employee Misbehaving?

Honesty and integrity, in my opinion, are essential attributes in every business. If I observed an employee engaging in misbehavior, I would discuss my concerns with them confidentially. I would explain why their behaviors were improper and reiterate that I expect all workers to conduct themselves well at all times. If the employee’s conduct persisted after our chat, I would consider terminating their employment.

5. How Have You Found Using Cash Register Systems, And What Do You Think Of Modern Technology?

I’ve spent my whole career working in retail, so I have a lot of experience with cash register systems. I find using them to be simple. However, I believe there is potential for development in terms of giving clients a quicker and more convenient checkout experience. For instance, I would want to see self-checkout kiosks spread since I know some individuals would rather not converse with others while they shop.

6. We We’Re Interested In Hearing How You Might Attract More Customers To Our Store.

I saw that many customers at my former position had problems locating particular goods in our store. I made a map showing the locations of all of our items to address this problem. Customers had a better shopping experience as a result of being able to find the things they were looking for with ease. After adopting my suggestion, the company experienced an increase in sales.

7. Which Of Our Services And Products Have You Found To Be The Most Enjoyable To Use?

When customers come to me for grocery shopping, I genuinely love assisting them in finding what they require. Since I’ve been a cashier at my community supermarket since high school, I’m familiar with all the brands and varieties of food offered. It makes it simple for me to assist clients in finding what they need. Additionally, I enjoy working with consumers buying gadgets since I understand how crucial it is to choose the appropriate item.

8. What Do You Consider To Be The Most Important Component Of Working As A Cashier?

As a cashier, I believe that communication is essential since it enables me to serve clients effectively and swiftly. I always try to let my coworkers know if I have a customer so they may help another client or take care of anything else if I am preoccupied with that customer. It fosters teamwork among us and helps us deliver superior customer service.

9. Give An Instance Where You Went Above And Beyond To Assist A Customer.

A customer entered the store looking for a present for her mother when I was still working at my previous retail job. She informed me that she desired a product to assist her mother’s post-work relaxation. I questioned her about the kinds of activities her mother enjoyed. I then showed her some of our possessions that were appropriate for those activities. Her mother enjoyed gardening, so she ultimately decided to get a book on flower arrangement.

10. How Would You Explain The Features And Benefits Of A Product If A Consumer Asked For Your Opinion?

I had a customer who needed a new pair of pants that fit well but also looking trendy. In addition to discussing the aspects she valued most, I showed her a variety of brands of jeans in various cuts and hues. She chose a pair of mid-rise, dark-washed jeans since they could be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

11. If You Learned A Product Was Out Of Stock, What Would You Do?

If I discovered a product was out of stock, I would first look for a suitable replacement for my client. I would ask my management if they could purchase extra goods or place a fast order with the supplier if there wasn’t any other choice. I would apologize to the client and give them a discount on their purchase if neither of those alternatives was feasible.

12. Do You Have Any Previous Payment Processing Experience?

I handled all of our in-store credit card transactions in my previous position as a sales assistant for a clothing company. It involved validating the customer’s purchase, putting the customer’s information into the system, and swiping the cards through the terminal. Before the consumer signed the receipt, I had to ensure the total matched what they anticipated.

13. When Is The Ideal Moment To Sell Something?

When I can emotionally connect with my client, that’s when I’m most likely to close a deal. For instance, at my previous job, we had a client looking for a present for their grandmother. They were having a hard time choosing something because they were unsure of her preferences or style. After inquiring further about their relationship with their grandmother, I discovered that she enjoyed gardening. I demonstrated various flowerpots and equipment for gardening that would be ideal for her.

14. What Are Some Of The Top Qualities For A Sales Assistant In A Store?

Personality and effective communication are two of the most essential characteristics of a retail sales assistant. I have a big personality and love to interact with others. When chatting with consumers, this puts me at ease. Additionally, it aids in my education so I can better serve them. Communication abilities are crucial since they enable me to comprehend the needs of my consumers. With my listening abilities, I can be sure I hear everything they say.

15. What Would You Do If A Replacement Worker Was Supposed To Be There When It Was Time For You To Leave At The End Of Your Shift But They Weren’t?

I would first talk with my supervisor to see whether they needed my continued presence to maintain the necessary coverage. I would only stay logged in over my scheduled time, if my supervisor specifically asked me to do so, since it’s likely that they were aware of the circumstance and made other coverage arrangements or that the missing employee is only a few minutes away. If they require coverage, I would then go through the matter with my supervisor to figure out what choices would be able to fix the issue and how I might contribute to the solution.

16. What Methods Do You Use To Train New Employees?

Whenever a new employee is hired, I always shadow them at first. I like watching an employee work and intervening when something has to be changed. For example, if a new employee does not ask a customer enough questions about why they need a product, I would advise them to learn more about the consumer. When staff get a bit in their heads, I know when it’s time to step in and close a transaction.

17. How Well Do You Know Our Store’s Products?

I’ve previously worked in retail, so I make it a point to learn about the most well-liked brands and fashion trends. Because of this, I can now recommend products to clients. For instance, if a customer came in looking to buy toy cars, I would suggest similar items for kids. This strategy works well with repeat customers who are more receptive to hearing recommendations and trying out new goods.

18. How Do You Define Good Customer Service?

To me, effective customer service entails being truthful. Consumers, in my opinion, can spot overt attempts to make a sale. We must recognize their needs and interests in the modern environment and offer solutions. Since every consumer is unique, I always modify my sales approach to fit that.

19. Could You Share An Instance When You Surpassed A Client’s Expectations?

When I was employed at a men’s suit store, we provided service to several bridal parties. One occasion included a couple who needed a suit at the last minute because their first one hadn’t arrived in time. I was about to close the shop when they came, but I stayed later to assist them. I saw to it that the adjustments were completed and I delivered the suit to the client precisely on time. They expressed their gratitude in a beautiful email to my management. It was good that the couple was content and that I could contribute to that happiness.

20. What Techniques Do You Use To Inspire Your Employees? Could You Give Me A Particular Example From The Past?

I employed a number of techniques to inspire the staff at the stores I previously managed. These were all predicated on incentives and recognition. I discovered that adopting incentive strategies that used the carrot rather than the stick was more successful. Creating a leaderboard in the break room is one instance of this. Every time a customer complimented staff on their work, they were given a badge in the form of a business emblem on a board. After each month, the employee with the most badges was given a gift card that could be used to buy anything from the shop.

21. On Occasion, A Product Performs Better At A Competitor’s Store Than It Does At Ours. How Would You Respond To This?

At various retail locations, items are occasionally sold in different ways. It is due to a number of factors, such as location, marketing, or complimentary goods offered at the sites. I try to identify which one of these aspects is affecting the sales of the products before making any changes to my business. I take action to modify our stores’ merchandise approach to increase sales of the product after I’m sure I’ve found the correct cause.

22. How Would You Ensure That Your Work’s Quality Wouldn’t Suffer If You Were Instructed To Do It As Quickly As Possible?

I used to stick to my plan when I had such short deadlines. I focused on following them and making sure I was working on all the points, I used to develop a process for my usage that included all the necessary standard stages. Even when I work rapidly, I can keep or work on all the pointers.

23. Tell Me About An Instance When You Helped Someone Else Succeed.

My former boss recruited a new cashier to take the position of a hard-working employee who left. While he made every effort to learn the role quickly, learning the ins and outs of the system took time, and he wasn’t entirely up to speed when the store faced an unanticipated rush.

A line was quickly forming at the tills. You could see he was stressed as the only cashier. I was putting newly received merchandise on the floor when I discovered my coworker needed assistance. I left my assignment aside and went to the register, with which I was familiar.

Instead of assuming control, I stood beside him and walked him through the transactions. I complimented him for his efforts and gently guided him through his mistakes. While doing it on my own would have been faster, this method was quick, allowed him to learn, and let them understand that they could manage their tension. He eventually caught up and became an excellent cashier.

24. What Would You Do If You Were Recruited To Stock But Your Manager Wanted To Train You On The Register?

While I applied for a stocking position because it corresponded with my previous expertise, I would also be willing to train on the register. I recognize that a company’s needs can change, and I’m happy to adjust if that happens. In addition, I’m a strong communicator, have good math abilities, and believe in delivering excellent customer service, so I’d be a good fit for a cashiering role.

25. Which Shift, If Any, Would You Select And Why?

If I could pick any shift, it would be the morning shift. I love getting my day started before the sun rises. I also prefer working the evening shift since I get off work late  and have more time to get to know my coworkers than I would on the day shift. Working morning and evening hours is  just as satisfying and hectic as working day shifts because you’re focused on replenishing shelves, unloading orders, doing inventory, and general preparations for the day crew.


Your primary goal is to demonstrate to the interviewers that you would be a good match for their working environment and that you have the attitude that is expected of Five Below employees. Try to display a passion for the position, and demonstrate that you understand Five Below’s beliefs and working environment and that it aligns with your values and aspirations.