Find Your Passion: 5 Unique Career Options to Consider

With all of the advice from professors, employers and other students, choosing a career path can become a daunting task. Choosing a career should not be about what you will do, but rather why you will do it. If you make the mistake of choosing your career solely based on money or popularity in fields, you will burn out or become disenfranchised at quickly. Consider your natural talents and passions when trying to decide on a career path. Here are a few unique career options that are worth looking into:

CPA and Tax Adviser

A career as an accountant has its advantages for the right person with the needed aptitudes and passion. It is definitely not for everyone, but it has a high-earning potential. Depending on exactly how you go about it, this career can allow you to work in an exceptional capacity that you are passionate about, such as community activism or for an international non-profit.

Behavioral Scientist

Entering the realm of behavioral science will open up multitudinous opportunities. You will have the choice of studying and analyzing the behavior of humans or animals in a number of different environments. You will also have the opportunities to help implement changes in certain social settings based on the data and research you conduct.

Non-Profit Legal Counsel

Becoming an attorney can open up a multiplicity of opportunities in a number of different areas. Instead of taking the traditional route of corporate law or criminal defense, you may want to consider serving as legal counsel for a non-profit that works in an area in which you are passionate about. You can also work in areas that allow you to help those who are unable to help themselves.

Christian Missionary

This may not seem like a common career to you, but there have been many who have made working in missions their life work. This is ideal for the person who has a passion to provide service to others. There are number of biblical programs that can prepare you for missionary work. To gain more information, you can consult a counselor at different Bible colleges by


Of course, being an entrepreneur will ultimately give you an opportunity to do almost anything you want. If you are a natural leader and have knack for working with people and business, this is a great option. You can run a home-based business, making your ideas come to life, or start up a larger business that will enable you to hire many employees.

No matter which career you ultimately choose, if you follow your passion, you will always find fulfillment. Many times the path less traveled is the most fruitful.

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