Data Entry Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Data entry is an important skill and field, especially with the increased technology adoption in workplaces. It entails keying customers, accounts, and related datasets into computers and databases in record time. As you suspect, a data entry operator or clerk must have excellent typing and computer or IT skills and work remotely or in offices.

How will you inform a potential employer about your data entry experience, skills, or achievements when looking for a job? Resume. A good resume tells a hiring manager all they need to know about you, including your special data entry achievements and skills. We are interested in helping you land your next job without breaking a sweat; therefore, we have included two resume examples worth considering and a few questions that should guide you even as you prepare yours. Let’s find out more about data entry.

Position Description

Data entry clerks or operators transfer various data types, including customer and account information, from primary data sources to computers and databases in record time. They must also review the data for errors or deficiencies and make corrections. These individuals use different processes, including sound and voice recording, to successfully execute their roles. Some common industries requiring data entry professionals include transportation, retail, healthcare, and finance.

Roles and Responsibilities

Here are the roles and responsibilities of data entry professionals:

  • Feeding a range of data such as customer and account-related information sets from a source document into another system within a given time limit
  • Preparing source data for entry purposes through compilation, accuracy verification, and information sorting
  • Reviewing the entered data to correct any errors or incompatibilities
  • Scanning documents and printing files when called upon
  • Observing high levels of confidentiality when handling information
  • Using different data program techniques and procedures for successful execution of their roles
  • Adhering to all data integrity and security policies when going about their jobs.
  • Responding to different information requests by availing the needed files
  • Addressing any malfunctions in office equipment
  • Ensuring that completed work is stored in designated locations
  • Regularly generating accurate reports and performing backup operations
  • Eliminating any hindrances to data entry by researching further information when dealing with incomplete documents
  • Performing any other clerical duties as directed by the organization
  • Informing affected parties about errors to prevent losses or misinformation
  • Properly organizing information for easier retrieval and capturing
  • Feeding data into the right databases for easier retrieval
  • Regularly creating spreadsheets meant for customer information and order tracking purposes
  • Ensuring that customer information is updated in the database
  • Operating and maintaining common equipment such as printers and scanners
  • Offering administrative support or assistance in projects with huge data entry requirements

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Excellent multitasking ability.
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Fast typing speed and high levels of accuracy
  • In-depth understanding of spreadsheet systems such as Excel
  • High levels of confidentiality
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal and Witten communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Collaboration skills

Education and Experience

  • A high school diploma
  • Any additional computer/data entry training or certification
  • Experience performing administrative duties
  • Experience with data programs and MS Office, i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Proven data entry experience, either working as an office clerk or a data entry operator
  • Experience operating different office equipment such as a printer, scanner, and fax machine


Data entry pays relatively well, considering it is a clerical position. Glassdoor estimates that data entry professionals make an average of around $54,000 yearly, brought about by a base pay of roughly $35,000 and an additional payment of close to $20,000. However, senior professionals make up to $65,000 yearly due to added responsibilities and experience.

Data Entry CV Example 1

John Barrack

Physical address: 2712 Silver Sage Rd, Chula Vista, CA, 91876

Email address:

Phone number: (618) 786-4768

Position Description

A data entry specialist with 10+ years of experience working in different industries and settings. A dedicated professional with an in-depth understanding of data management systems and tools. A self-motivated go-getter ready to positively improve the data entry processes and techniques used in the organization

Work Experience

04/2019- 06/2022, Senior Data Entry Specialist, Alex W Inc., Oakland CA

  • Successfully participated in 100+ special projects requiring heavy data entry requirements
  • Implemented a new digital filing system that reduced filing-related errors by 60%
  • Managed and supervised five junior data entry specialists, ensuring that they upheld data entry best practices for a 75% reduction in database update errors
  • Trained new hires on policies, practices, and techniques, reducing data entry-related errors by 70%
  • Carefully reviewed and processed electronic files through software applications such as Adobe Acrobat
  • Corrected and reviewed files from junior data entry specialists to ensure 0 grammatical and other related errors

08/2015- 03/2019, Data Entry Specialist, Thorne Holdings, Los Angeles, CA

  •  Created and maintained customer logs for 200+ regular clients
  • Audited an average of 10 reports and spreadsheets monthly
  • Spent a total of 3 hours daily preparing and organizing documents to be entered into the company’s database
  • Maintained high levels of confidentiality and security when handling data, ensuring 0 leakage incidences
  • Corrected and verified data from 10+ sources before entering them into the company’s databases
  • Carefully entered and reviewed data updated into the company’s systems, maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Keenly followed instructions when filing information into databases and spreadsheets for accurate recording of data
  • Worked closely with three other data entry specialists to review weekly files for outgoing communications
  • Assisted with at least two office projects requiring heavy data entry monthly
  • Trained new hires on data entry processes, procedures, and best practices; reducing related errors by 78%

04/2011- 06/2015, Administrative Assistant, Avenue Logistics, Boston Massachusetts

  • Greeted and welcomed an average of 60 clients daily, ensuring that they were comfortable and well attended to
  • Implemented a new digital filing system that improved overall record-keeping and management by 70%
  • Answered 70+ calls daily, answering queries and redirecting them to the right recipients
  • Ensured that inquiry emails were responded to within 24 hours, improving customer satisfaction by 50%
  • Maintained 100% accuracy through proofreading and counterchecking when preparing different communications such as reports, memos, and invoices
  • Scheduled 20+ appointments daily, ensuring that none of them clashed with the other
  • Mentored five administrative assistants between 2012- 2014, helping them improve their performance by at least 25%
  • Awarded the most productive employee award in 2013 and 2014 for exceeding my productivity targets and working diligently
  • Operated and maintained 15+ different company equipment, including scanners and fax machines


  • 05/2008- 08/2010, Associate Degree in Data Entry, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 03/2006- 11/2007, High School Diploma, Bell Senior High School, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Croatian

Technical Skills

  • Typing
  • Word processing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Ability to perform accurate computer calculations
  • Research
  • Data collection
  • Ability to operate workplace equipment
  • MS Suite proficiency
  • Data verification
  • Data entry

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Ability to thrive in team settings
  • Collaboration
  • Organizational
  • Attentiveness to details
  • Problem-solving


10/2015, Microsoft Office Specialist

Data Entry CV Example 2

Ruth Randy

Physical address: 525 C Ave, Coronado, CA 94356

Email address:

Phone number: (613) 890-7898

Personal Profile

Senior data entry clerk with 10+ years of experience in record keeping and management. A fast and accurate professional with extensive organization and planning skills, ready to meet the data entry and administrative support needs of the organizations. A team worker with excellent stress management skills and an in-depth understanding of different data entry software and techniques.

Work Experience

03/2019- 05/2022, Senior Data Entry Clerk, Rosefield Offices, Los Angeles, CA

  • Created 30+ spreadsheets daily for tracking vital customer information and orders
  • Regularly updated customer information in the customer database, reconfirming with the source to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Used 10+ common office equipment, including scanners and printers, regularly cleaning and maintaining them for enhanced productivity
  • Offered data entry support across five departments, such as sales and marketing
  • Contributed to data security by performing regular database backups 
  • Trained and mentored ten new data entry hires for an overall performance improvement of 30% in the first quarter
  • Entered at least 1,500 records daily
  • Received frequent commendation from departmental heads for maintaining high levels of accuracy
  • Entered invoices and receipts using 10-Key typing and QuickBooks
  • Implemented a new digital online filing system, saving 20 hours a month spent on repetitive manual input
  • Improved the data system in close collaboration with the top executives and managers, resulting in a 27% increase in efficiency
  • Ensured that data entry processes were timely done with utmost accuracy hence solving issues such as delayed charge-backs
  • Awarded the best office employee in 2020 for resolving long-standing data processing issues within the company

01/2016- 02/2019, Data Entry Specialist, Aqua Logistics, Los Angeles, California

  • Updated records for 200+ customers and employees six days a week
  • Implemented a new digital filing system that improved records management by 30%
  • Implemented new customer relationship management (CRM) data fields for better customer insights, leading to a 25% increase in add-on sales
  • Ensured that all data entry processes were done in a timely fashion and with 99.9% accuracy through time management and proofreading
  • Trained seven junior data entry clerks on company practices and data entry best practices, improving their productivity and performance by 40%
  • Processed at least 4000 customer orders per month while making regular updates
  • Received the most diligent employee award in 2018
  • Regularly used and maintained ten office equipment, including fax machines and printers, for increased productivity

05/2011- 11/2015, Retail Associate, EM General Stores, Fresno, CA

  • Welcomed and greeted 100+ customers daily in a polite and approachable manner, optimizing their experience and giving them a reason to come back to the store
  • Ensured that customer queries and issues were resolved under 5 minutes, increasing overall customer satisfaction by 30%
  • Trained five new associates in cashiering and operation procedures as well as company practices
  • Managed three phone lines, ensuring that callers received all the necessary help in a timely fashion
  • Offered extensive product information and recommendations to customers for informed purchases, receiving 98% positive customer feedback in return
  • Maintained, cleaned, and organized the retail environment, receiving 100% positive feedback on the store’s appearance from observant customers
  • Assisted in stock management by ensuring that the store was well-stocked 99% of the time to avoid inconveniencing customers
  • Observed all the company policies when processing returns, exchanges, and refunds
  • Changed shelves and product display arrangement with permission from the store manager, earning positive feedback from 98% of the customers
  • Offered exceptional service to all store customers hence exceeding the store’s customer satisfaction target by 40%


  • 02/2008- 03/2010, Associate Degree in Data Entry, American Career College, Irvine
  • 02/2006- 12/2008, High School Diploma, Phineas Banning Senior High School, Los Angeles CA


  • Languages
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • English

Technical Skills

  • Ability to type fast and accurately
  • Business communication
  • Research
  • Data collection and verification
  • MS Office proficiency
  • Bookkeeping
  • Word processing
  • Ability to operate and maintain workplace equipment
  • Data entry
  • Computer literacy

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Ability to thrive under pressure
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to work well in team settings
  • Organizational
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility


04/14, Microsoft Office Specialist

Data Entry Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Keywords Should I Include in My Data Entry Resume?

As a data entry clerk or operator, we expect you to know the importance of using the right keywords in documents. It makes your work look rich and also captures your audience’s attention. If you want your resume to reach the hiring manager’s desk, ensure that you include the following: QuickBooks, social media, accounting, receptionist duties, office administration, cashiering, customer service, Microsoft Access, data entry, filing, typing, research, typing, database, spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, scheduling, scanning, accuracy, MS Office, invoicing and accuracy.

Note that you can include these keywords in your resume or work experience sections, provided that they are used correctly in your resume.

2. Which Data Entry Certifications Can I Include in My Resume?

As a data entry professional, there are several certifications that you can pursue to improve your skill set and get an advantage over other applicants. Remember, employers are always looking for the most qualified and skilled workers, which you will become with the right certifications. The good news is that you can pursue them online or in person, depending on your schedule.

Here are some of the most recommended: Certified Billing and Coding Specialist(CBCS) offered by National Healthcareer Organization for those in the healthcare sector, Certified Medical Office Manager(CMOM) by the Project Management Institute, and Microsoft Office Specialist for advanced skills in Microsoft Office, Certified Data Management Professional- Data Management (CDP-DM), Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) by the American Institute of Public Accountants, HIPAA Professional(HIPAA), etc.

Note that these certifications are field-specific; therefore, get one related to your field or, better yet, a general one, such as Microsoft Office Specialist.

3. Which Technical Skills Should I Include in My Data Entry Resume?

You should have several technical skills, given that they are role-specific and therefore required for task completion and job execution. Given your roles and responsibilities, get a strong understanding of spreadsheet software and programs such as Excel, in-depth knowledge of word processors such as Microsoft Word, excellent research and data collection skills to find missing pieces of information, and excellent typing skills, which is the main mode of input for data entry professionals.

Other skills and competencies worth having include excellent transcription skills, ability to type fast and accurately, basic software knowledge, ability to operate various office equipment such as printers, copiers, scanners, and dictation machines, and basic knowledge of database structure. Luckily, all these skills are teachable and can be sharpened as time goes by.

4. How Can I Get into Data Entry?

There are different types and levels of data entry given that these professionals are required in different fields. However, you can easily become a normal data entry clerk in five simple steps. First, you need to obtain a high school diploma focusing on electives related to business, finance, accounting, or computers. Remember to improve your typing speed and accuracy when pursuing your high school diploma.

After obtaining your high school diploma, shift your focus to pursuing a data entry certification program to equip yourself with all data entry basics. You will mostly learn business communication, bookkeeping, word processing, and clerical organization.

The third step is to take additional computer courses on database management and then apply for a job to get on-job training. Lastly, please write a good resume (like the ones we’ve included) and apply for whichever positions you want.

5. Should I Include Soft Skills in My Data Entry Resume?

Yes. You must include soft and hard skills in your data entry resume. Soft skills are qualities that make you a good employee, such as excellent time management skills, ability to work in team settings, ability to work well under pressure, time management skills, problem-solving skills, and excellent verbal and written communication skills. Remember to break down the skill section of your resume so that you list soft and hard skills separately.