Critical Tips to Help You Find a Job Right Out of College

Graduating college is an interesting time. While you may have long been looking forward to a life after college, the reality is that you’ll need to quickly find a job or you might not have any real options. Finding a job in today’s economy can no doubt be difficult, but if you’re motivated you’ll have success.

Every career choice has different requirements for job seekers. For example, a recent graduate with a biotechnology degree will go about job hunting differently than a recent graduate with an advertising degree. Even though there are differences for each graduate, a lot of things remain the same. Check out these tips you can use to help find a job in your post graduation life.


You might apply to 100 jobs during your senior year in college and not hear anything back from any of them. But you might meet with one potential employer for coffee, and then get the job. Networking is absolutely critical to finding a job. They say job seeking is not about what you know, but who you know, and that’s the cold hard truth that new job seekers usually realize after the first few weeks of job hunting.

Network early and often. Attend seminars and stay late to ask questions. Use social media to connect with people and companies that you’d want to work for. Every industry has people that you can network with, so do so as much as possible for the best chances to get a raise.

Get as Much Help as Possible

Trying to job search completely on your own can be difficult and discouraging. Under no circumstances should you do this; there’s lots of help available to you through your college, so use it! Your college likely has a large alumni network that you have access to, so use it. Additionally, career counselors can help you prepare for interviews and tailor your resume to best fit any potential job that you’re applying to.

Not only should you get help from your school, but get help from other places too. Ask your friends that are recently employed for advice on what worked for them when job hunting. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless and ask them to recommend you for a job, too. Ask your parent’s friends, and your grandparent’s friends. The more help you get, the better shot you have at finding a job, so make sure you really put yourself out there.

Search for an Internship

One reason that many people fail to find a job right out of college is because they don’t have any internship experience. While an internship may be unpaid, it’s still valuable work experience that will no doubt help you land the perfect job. Even if you graduate with a specialized kinesiology degree, finding an internship before searching for full time employment is a great idea.

If you graduate without one or more internships, you might want to consider an internship before searching for a full time career position. If you’ve been getting denied by different employers and you don’t have one or more internships on your resume, this could be the reason.

Abby Evans is a freelance writer currently seeking a change in careers. You can connect with Abby on Google+.

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