Consultancy Jobs in India: Gearing Up the Corporate World

The field of consultancy has emerged as a fastest growing industry, which is among the most popular career choices for the students who have just completed their MBA.

Consulting stands for a service, which is offered a professional adviser. There is no doubt about the fact that each business or profession has requirements for various types of consultants. In other words, we can also say that consulting is a business, which has been providing assistance and advice to the corporate firms and companies who are undergoing some sort of problem related to their business. The companies facing issues in any aspect of working, consult the consultants for better, faster and cost-effective solutions.

The corporate world seeks some basic qualities in a consultant. Since, the requirements and the priorities of the employers are different; the area of consultation also differs. The industry does not seek very higher level of education, but at least a graduate or sometimes an MBA degree is a minimum requirement. The targeted employers can be contacted to learn about the particular requirements for the available positions. The candidates applying for the consultant positions need to possess following qualities and skill sets, which are valued by recruiters as well:

• Record of academics

• Problem-solving skills

• Logical reasoning

• Business orientation & acumen

• Team building capability

• Writing & Presentation skills

• Ability to nurture healthy relationships

• Fluency with computers

• Active quantitative skills

• Leadership qualities

Besides the above-mentioned qualities, the consultant should always be good with people and have a service-oriented personality. Motivation is a very important factor and the person working as a consultant should be motivated enough to meet all of their client’s needs. Being professional and intelligent is the most required thing in the business of consultancy, as it would be the determining factor, whether the consultant has wasted his well as his client’s time, or has satiated the client with the smart suggestions.

The consulting industry is a lucrative and competitive career option that offers two types of job opportunities:

Generalist consultants: The generalist consultants work for a number of disciplines within a number of sectors. The generalist consulting firms are completely dependent on the knowledge and skill set of their consultants, and this is the reason why their clients are those who can utilize the skills of the generalist consultants. One should bear this in mind that the generalist consulting firms cover almost every discipline and sector. However, being a generalist does not mean that one has the universal knowledge and can offer suggestions in every field. The generalist consultants mainly offer their services to the corporate world. The generalist consulting firms mostly hire experienced MBA candidates for the higher levels, while fresher level vacancies are also available for the newcomers.

Specialist consultants: The specialist consultants provide functional knowledge to clients. The industry mainly prefers generalist consultants to specialist consultants because of the limited domain knowledge of the latter.

The corporate firms mostly hire undergraduates for different posts like research analyst or associates for their knowledge centers. There are functional knowledge centers of companies like McKinsey, Bain and BCG, in India, which have offered continuous support to the corporate world through their research and analysis processes. It has been a general practice that the consulting firms are the biggest employers for MBA and college graduates at fresher levels.

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